Saturday, 27 July 2013

Which Way to Cromer?

So I'm walking into Cromer today when I see a group of holiday makers wanting to know how to get to the town centre. They stopped on the junction at Mill Road, Cromwell Road and Overstrand Road.

One bloke pointed to the blue sign that points down Overstrand Road, past the cricket club, although from where he was standing it looked like it was pointing in the opposite direction, towards Overstrand. "Cromer's that way!" he said in a loud voice.

"No it isn't!" said another bloke, pointing to the sign that has diverted traffic up Cromwell Road and onto Norwich Road. "Cromer's that way! Look!"

As I passed them I gestured toward Overstrand Road toward the cricket club and said: "If you carry on down this road and follow it round it will take you directly into town."

The second bloke gave me a rather dirty look. "What do you know?" he said. "Why should I listen to you?"

"I should know my way round mate, I've lived here all my life!"

The second bloke gave me another dirty look before going up Cromwell Road, closely followed by his companions. I never saw him again, which means that given the sense of direction he shares with his friends he's probably somewhere in Norwich by now!

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