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NCW Full Blast March 5th 2011 - DVD Review

It’s time to take a second look at one of Canada’s longest running wrestling promotions, Northern Championship Wrestling. This time around we’re going back in time to March 5th, 2011 for another episode of Full Blast.

The shown began with four way action featuring Alex Miller, Jagger, Urban Miles and Derrek Banes, with the winner getting a shot at the Triple Crown title.

We had lots of stalling at the beginning of this one, with Miles and his Agency buddies playing for time. When the action eventually started it was okay. Some of the moves seemed a little force early on, but overall it wasn’t too bad.

Miles emerged victorious in this one, taking Miller out with a Lung Blower during the mass brawl to get the winning pin.

Title action followed as Pat Guenette defended the aforementioned Trip Crown title against Leon Saver.

This one was quite entertaining. Although Guenette controlled the early going Saver was able to take control with a little help from his Agency friends, including the aforementioned Urban Miles.

Saver looked like he was going to get the win after a moonsault from the top rope, but when Miles accidentally clobbered his buddy Guenette came back into the match to take Saver down with his PG-Rated finisher for the pin, and as Guenette celebrated his win Saver and Miles had to be pulled apart in the ring.

Another Agency boy, Gorgeous Mike, was up next, taking on Alex Silva.

Mike obviously wasn’t being paid by the hour here. He attacked Silva as he entered the ring, and he only seemed able to maintain or re-take control by either running for cover or with help from his buddies.

When Mike did the work himself he looked pretty good, but as Silva made his comeback the Agency boys, including the aforementioned Leon Saver and Urban Miles, tried to interfere.

It didn’t work though, and after the Agency’s attempts failed Silva took Mike down with a lariat for the winning pin.

Mixed tag team action followed as Max Boyer and Kalamity, accompanied by Joey Soprano, a man who doesn’t appear to own shirt, faced Don Paysan and Femmes Fatales Champion LuFisto.

This was one of those mixed tag affairs where there were no restrictions as far as who could compete against who, and I swear that the women in this one were hitting a whole harder than the men, especially when they were hitting the men.

The action was pretty good here. All four involved put in good performances, and I was particularly impressed with LuFisto, especially when went in against Boyer.

It was LuFisto who took the brunt of the punishment as Boyer and Kalamity worked over her arm, until she managed to get the hot tag to Paysan.

Our babyfaces proceeded to take control, and as Kalamity’s manager Soprano argued with Boyer at ringside LuFisto took Kalamity out with a back splash from Paysan’s shoulders as he sat on the top rope for the winning pin.

Then it was back to singles action as Zack Sparrow took on another of Joey Soprano’s charges, Kruger. Oh, and before you ask Sparrow is doing the pirate gimmick here.

This was actually quite a short encounter that only lasted a few minutes. It began with a few near falls before both men pulled off some nice moves. Sparrow then took the pin after he took Kruger down with Sliced Bread #2.

More tag team action followed as Spiky and Prince Kiol faced Pure Talent, accompanied here by their manager Oz.

Kiol had been roped in to replace Spiky’s regular partner, and he actually spent all of the match on the ring apron. Spiky controlled the early going before taking the punching bag treatment, but when he went for the tag Kiol jumped off the apron.

Spiky looked like he was in a no-win situation against the Talent boys, but just when they were about to put him away the lights dimmed. When they came back on a guy by the name of Lucky appeared.

The now-distracted Talent boys were easy prey as Spiky rolled one of them up for the three count.

The penultimate match saw Marvellous Jeff defending his Inter-Cities title against Handsome JF, accompanied by Miss Daisy.

Jeff got a little bit of unwanted attention early on when the Agency boys attacked him as he made his entrance, targeting his previously injured left knee before throwing him to JF in the ring.

JF went on to control the majority of the match. Jeff was clearly hampered by his bad wheel, although he did get in a few fleeting moments of offence.

But in the end it was all too much for the champion. When he climbed onto JF’s shoulders and tried to go for a Victory Roll JF reversed the positions and pinned Jeff to win the title.

The main event saw James Stone defending the Quebec title against Mark Andrews.

This was another one that fits into the pretty enjoyable category. Andrews took the champion to the proverbial woodshed early on, but it wasn’t long before Stone took control.

The action moved along nicely as both men began to pull out their big moves, and it looked all over when Andrews took his man down with a double under hook DDT for the title winning pin.

Or so we thought. As Andrews celebrated a second referee came out to tell the first official that Stone’s foot had been on the bottom rope.

So the result was declared void and the match restarted. Andrews quickly shook off Stone’s low blow, but just when he was about to take Stone down with another DDT Stone’s valet ran interference, distracting Andrews. Stone then lifted him onto his shoulders and took him down with a Death Valley Driver for the winning pin.

In conclusion - you know what? This wasn’t too bad.

Match-wise the action was quite enjoyable. The majority of the matches may not have lasted that long but I really can’t fault any of the performances here.

The production standards were the same as the last NCW DVD I reviewed, only one camera, no commentary and no on-screen graphics, and with the majority of the ring introductions cut it made it a little difficult to tell who was who at times. Thankfully my powers of deduction and the notes I’d printed off from the NCW helped a little.

As for my match of the night no-prize I’m going to give it to the James Stone/Mark Andrews main event. It was a nice piece of storytelling, and the false finish at the end was well played out.

So with all of that out of the way there’s only one thing left to do, and that’s to give this episode of NCW Full Blast the thumbs up. It was a little rough around the edges but overall it wasn’t too bad.

With thanks to the powers that be for supplying a copy of this release. For more information on how to purchase this DVD visit

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