Thursday, 29 November 2012

Breaking Kayfabe with Jerome Young - DVD Review

If I were to mention the name New Jack to you you’d probably think of the ultra-violent former ECW star who beat the hell out of an old man and stabbed a fat kid in the head with a scalpel. If I mentioned shoot interviews you’d probably say something along the lines of “he’s a good talker, but do we really need another shoot from him?”

As good a talker as he is, I’d probably agree with you. But given that New Jack has retired it’s time for the man behind the heavily-scarred forehead to step forward and give his view.

Jerome Young has done just that, with the help of Kayfabe Commentaries and their “Breaking Kayfabe” series.

With the ever reliable Sean Oliver as the question master Young once again proves to be a more than able interview subject, and while there’s plenty of discussion about his in-ring activities this interview places a great deal of focus on Young’s life outside of the squared circle.

Young talks openly about everything, as he always does. From his trouble family life with a father he adored who passed away when he was just five years old to his mother who saw him as an inconvenience, Young spills the beans on every aspect of his life.

Given what we already know about him some of it doesn’t really come as a surprise. He may look like a guy who’d beat the hell out of you if you crossed him but he comes across as a passionate and emotional guy.

There isn’t a thing that’s off limits in this interview. From his problems with his family, his problems with substance abuse, his brushes with the law, the infamous Mass Transit incident, his WWE tryout, right through to his new career as a stand up comic, it’s all there.

But perhaps the most surprising moment comes when Young talks about the most important thing in his life. I’m not going to provide a spoiler for you here, but all I will say is that it brought a tear to his eye. Yep, the tough old so and so proved that he has a heart.

In conclusion - they’ve gone and done it again. While the shoot interview concept hasn’t really changed that much over the past few years this new tweaking from Kayfabe Commentaries certainly hit’s the spot.

It’s refreshing to see someone connected with the wrestling business talk so openly about their personal lives. New Jack may have been one of the most controversial characters he wrestling world has seen in the past 20 years, but it took a part of Jerome Young’s personal life to make him the character that he was.

I think you can guess how I’m going to end this thing. Yep, that’s right. This thing’s going to get the big thumbs up.

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