Monday, 13 June 2011

Wrestling's Most Controversial Moment - DVD Review

When I heard that Kayfabe Commentaries were getting into the list show business I had this great feeling of anticipation, a feeling that grew when their latest DVD release, Wrestling’s Most Controversial Moment, came through my letterbox.

By now you should know about this kind of format. Basically you get a host, a list, and a bunch of well known people to talk about the various things on that list. It’s a tried and tested formula that has gone down a storm over the years.

But sadly the Kayfabe Commentaries version of this formula doesn’t quite work.

First there’s the actual list. Now I’ve got nothing against any of the events on this list or the way the events were chosen (by vote on the Kayfabe Commentaries website). It’s the size of the list.

Let me put it this way. Most of the list shows I’ve seen have had a top 100 or top 50. This DVD has a top 5. Yep, there’s just five, taken from the original list of 17. Even having a top 10 would have made for better viewing.

Then there’s the second major problem. For obvious reasons there’s no footage of the incidents discussed. Clips are a vital part of any list show, so the viewer can get an idea of what actually happened. It doesn’t really help that some of the talking heads involved here witnessed those events.

On the subject of the talking heads I really can’t fault any of them. The likes of J.J. Dillon, Road Warrior Animal, Tammy Sytch, Maria Kanellis and the Honkytonk Man come across very well, even though some of them aren’t that up on some of the topics covered.

Overall this release is quite disappointing, and for that reason I can’t give this the thumbs up, and for a Kayfabe Commentaries release that’s saying something.

With thanks to the powers that be for supplying a copy of this release. Wrestling’s Most Controversial Moment is available to buy online at

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