Monday, 31 December 1990

Anglo-Force: The Woodwose Incident Chapter 2

On board the orbiting vessel chaos and confusion reigned.
    “What do you mean the device has been destroyed?” boomed Chaney. “Nothing on this planet could destroy that device!”
    “It is the only reason why we have lost contact with is, Colonel. There is no way we can tell what is happening on the surface, whether or not the Wose is still in the grip of the madness.”
    “Then we will have to look for ourselves. Prepare the shuttle craft. Set a course for the last known whereabouts of the device.”
    A few minutes later the shuttle craft was headed for London.

    Woodwose stood, staring at Watt. For a second or two Woodwose seemed to recognise his friend. Then, for a moment, the giant seemed to get dizzy and staggered slightly. Then he regained his footing and stared back at Watt. The look of confusion in his eyes was replaced by one of sheer anger and hatred. Woodwose was once again in the grip of the madness. He then leapt toward Watt. He connected with a flying tackle, and both of them went flying into the surrounding police cars, sending most of the officers fleeing. A few of the officers raised their rifles and prepared to fire again. Solo signalled for them not to.
    Woodwose began to pummel Watt, various blows connecting with Watt’s head and body. Woodwose then picked him up and threw him hard into the ground. He then picked up one of the police cars and threw it on top of Watt. A slight smirk appeared on Woodwose’s face. It appeared he had finished his foe, so he began to walk away. As he did there was a slight rumble, and the car flew up into the air again. Woodwose turned round to see Watt dusting himself of5f. In his current mental state this confused Woodwose greatly. The other three had fallen easily to him, why not this one?
    Woodwose walked toward Watt and prepared to unleash another of his mighty blows. He swung his huge arm, but suddenly Watt was gone. Woodwose swung round and saw Watt standing behind him. Woodwose swung again, but again Watt was gone. He now stood to Woodwose’s left. Then, Watt approached Woodwose and prepared to unleash with a blow of his own. At the same time Woodwose did the same. There was a mighty clash, and to quote sporting analogy it was the irresistible force meeting the immovable object. When the dust cleared both combatants were standing. Woodwose was now hurting, but he was more confused than hurt. Quickly, Watt capitalized on the situation. He used the old boxing tactic of jab and move, only his movement was at two hundred miles per hour. Woodwose did not know what was hitting him. He stood for a moment completely dazed, but then he managed to hit Watt with a huge clubbing left hand, which caught Watt off guard. Woodwose connected with several more blows, and Watt was stunned. Woodwose was now gaining the upper hand, and he continued with his primal, savage assault. Watt was near unconsciousness, and near defeat.
    While this battle was going on nobody noticed the small Monstron shuttle craft landing nearby, and nobody noticed Colonel Chaney step out of the craft, laser rifle in hand. What he saw was not a happy sight for him. His original target, Woodwose, was near victory. Chaney raised the laser rifle and aimed at Woodwose’s head.
    “Now die, Woodwose! Die like the enemy of the Monstron Empire you are!”
    Chaney prepared to squeeze the trigger, but suddenly a bullet ripped through his arm. Chaney let out a cry of pain and dropped the rifle. He looked up to see Inspector Solo pointing a pistol at him.
    “I don’t know who the hell you are, but if you move you’re a dead man!”
    Woodwose was preparing to finish off Watt. He stood, dazed, and watched as Woodwose raised his huge right arm, and just as Woodwose was about to bring it down in him he heard a voice, a strangely familiar voice in his head.
    “Think immovable force! You will not be moved! You will not be beaten! You must defeat Woodwose!”
    Watt had no idea what was going on. Then, the thought entered his head. “Immovable force! Immovable force!” Woodwose unleashed his mighty finishing blow. There was a huge cloud of dust. The dust cleared, and Watt was still standing, but not standing in a two foot deep crater. He did not know how but he had made himself an “immovable force”. His strength returning quickly Watt unloaded with a barrage of blows. Woodwose was groggy, and Watt summoned up his last ounce of strength, and Woodwose, for the first time in his life was sent flying. Watt walked over and stood over his fallen foe. Solo soon joined him.
    “So what sent Woodwose on this rampage?” asked Watt.
    “No idea.” Solo replied.
    Watt then noticed the strange Monstron device lying on the ground a few yards away. He walked over to it and picked it up. He handed it to Solo.
    “Maybe your boys should check this out.” Watt said.
    “Perhaps that strange cook we picked up has something to do with this!”
    Woodwose was removed from the scene. A medical examination showed extensive brain damage, most notably to the areas that governed speech, rationality and intelligent thought. The doctors, unfamiliar with the Wose brain, had no hope in finding a cure. He was taken to the new Dentonville detention facility in the south west. Anglo-Force, and Chameleon in particular, could count themselves very lucky indeed. James Watt had once again save their skins, but now trouble was approaching them from another plain, in the form of a Commons all-party committee on law and order.

    New Years Eve, 11:59 PM. The final few seconds of 1999 ticked away. The gathering in Trafalgar Square was much bigger than normal. They had gathered to celebrate the start of the new century, the start of the new millennium. James Watt stood atop one of the buildings overlooking the Square, and he watched the celebrations below. Then, Big Ben started his chimes, and the celebrating crowd fell silent. Then, the huge clock struck once, and the crowd roared in celebration. The year 2000 had arrived. After Big Ben chimed for the twelfth time the gathered crowd broke out in a verse of “Auld Langsyne”. The sound of the song could be heard for miles around. The same song was probably being sung the world over. The celebrations would go on for days. But James Watt was not in the mood for celebrating. He prepared to take off into the sky and head toward his Kensington flat. But then something stopped him. He again heard that familiar voice in his head.
    “Do not worry James. All is not lost. It will be alright again. We will return soon.”
    For a split second Watt could have sworn he saw Magus standing in front of him. For the first time in ages Magus had contacted someone, but Watt did not know what Magus meant by “we”. But as Watt took to the skies the line “should old acquaintance be forgot” rang out around London. There would definitely be some old friends that Watt could not forget, especially the old friend who save his life.

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