Sunday, 16 January 2011

YouShoot With The Iron Sheik - DVD Review

He was one of the men who helped launch Hulkamania, but was offered $100,000 by three rival promoters to stop it from happening. Now he’s the subject of the latest offering from Kayfabe Commentaries, YouShoot With The Iron Sheik.

With Sean Oliver once again posing the questions set by you, the fans, the Sheik gives answers on topics ranging from his early life in Iran to his accomplishments as an amateur wrestler, right through to his career in the professional ranks. He is open and honest about everything, particularly about his use of “medicine”.

There’s also the usual games such as The Dick Bag, but unlike other YouShoots we also get to hear from the Sheik’s manager, Eric Simms.

And that’s where this interview goes downhill a little. Up until this point the Sheik came across extremely well, but as soon as Simms gets a microphone the Sheik seems to go into his shell, as if he’s become a helpless old man who can only questions that Simms gives him the answers to, and while it’s obvious that Simms cares deeply about his client and friend he comes across more as an angry care worker than a manager, intent on ranting against people in the business he has no love for.

But thankfully once Simms is dispatched back behind the camera things get back to normal.

For someone who is meant to be one of the most hated heels in the history of professional wrestling you can’t help but like the Iron Sheik. He’s an old school kind of guy who isn’t afraid to speak his mind (when his manager isn’t trying to steal his spotlight), and while some of his views may not go down too well in today’s PC-oriented world he commands respect, and it’s for this reason that this release gets the big thumbs up from me. Also, if I didn’t say I liked it the Sheik would probably come round to my house and make me humble!

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