Saturday, 28 August 2010

YouShoot Live With Dixie Carter - DVD Review

Kayfabe Commentaries have done it again. This past May Sean Oliver sat down in front of a live audience to chat with the second most powerful person in the professional wrestling business - TNA President Dixie Carter for the latest in the YouShoot series.

With Oliver once again posing the questions set by the fans, as well as those in attendance, Dixie answered the questions that most of us wanted the answers to.

As an interview subject she came across extremely well, although it was interesting to see her reactions to some of the videos. There’s a question from a guy sitting on a toilet wearing a mash, and another when a half-asleep man on a sofa is suddenly woken just so he can insult her and her company.

But the best moment of the entire interview came with a rather unexpected video question from a former employee. It was interesting to see Dixie squirm a little when Jim Cornette appeared on the screen in front of her and asked he why his mortal enemy Vince Russo still had a job with TNA. Dixie later goes on to address the “fire Russo” chants that frequented the Impact Zone whenever certain events happened.

It isn’t just Russo she talks about though. She reveals just what Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff do for the company, and makes some comments about Scott Hall which seem rather ironic when viewed now, especially when you consider that he’s just gone into rehab. There’s also quite a bit about the television and pay-per-markets of today, and how much they’ve changed since the heady days of the Monday Night Wars way back when.

Overall this is a very entertaining release, mainly because this is something you’re unlikely to see again anytime soon. As Oliver himself said Vince McMahon wouldn’t have the balls to do anything like this, so getting his counterpart to is both a coup for Kayfabe Commentaries and for TNA. So once again one of their releases gets the big thumbs up from this writer, and I recommend that you get a copy of this as soon as you can.

With thanks to the powers-that-be for supplying of this release. “YouShoot Live with Dixie Carter” can be purchased online at

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