Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ring Roasts 2: Terry Funk - DVD Review

Kayfabe Commentaries have done it again. Following on from my recent reviews of New Jack’s You Shoot and Don Muraco’s Timeline: History of WWE 1983, the powers that be asked me to review their latest DVD release, the second in their Ring Roast series, this time honouring a true legend in the form of Terry Funk.
Now you see, we Brits probably wouldn’t get the concept of the “roast”. If we did something like that over here it would probably end up in a fist fight when one of the comedic insults is taken the wrong way, especially if Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross were involved.

Which is why the Americans do this sort of thing so well. This two disc set saw Bill Apter hosting the proceedings, and featured some of the good and the great of the wrestling business, King Kong Bundy, Mike Graham, Kevin Von Erich, Kevin Sullivan, J.J. Dillon, Missy Hyatt, Superstar Billy Graham, New Jack and Mick Foley, (And Dennis Stamp.) Comedians Ryan Maher, Sean Morton and Matt Bridgestone made up the rest of the panel.

This is a really great release. From the opening monologue from Maher as he rips into everyone on stage, right through to Funk’s closing speech, it’s a hell of a show, and while some of those didn’t exactly make some riveting speeches, there were some really tender moments, such as when Stamp tells the story of how he and Funk visited some terminally ill children, and the moment when an emotional Billy Graham presents a painting to the Funker. Also, Foley’s tribute was special, given his relationship with the great man.

The best moment comes from none other than Missy Hyatt. Having spent the evening as the butt of countless jokes, she delivered a speech so full of comedy gold as she ripped into everyone. This had me in stitches, it was that good, and a lot better than the efforts of the comedians involved.

In conclusion - if you’re a fan of Terry Funk and you don’t mind quite a lot of strong language, then you’ll love this DVD. It’s almost three hours of laughs and emotions, and another excellent release from the bods at Kayfabe Commentaries. It’s definitely worth spending your hard earned money on.

With thanks to the powers that be for supplying a copy of this release. Ring Roasts 2: Terry Funk can be purchased online by visiting

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