Friday, 5 June 2009

Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain - CPC Movies DVD Review

It was about twenty years ago, on a Monday afternoon wrestling show on Screensport here in Britain, when I first saw a young, good looking wrestler with long blonde hair. I immediately saw how talented he was, and I began to wonder how he’d fair in the big leagues of the NWA and the WWF. The answer was pretty bloody well. But I never had any idea that he would go on to found a wrestling promotion that would, within the space of just a few years, go on to become the second biggest wrestling promotion in the United States. That man was Jeff Jarrett, and the company, Total Non-Stop Action.

Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain takes a look back at his career. Jarrett talks openly about everything, beginning with how he got his start, to his initial training, through to his early career, and, of course, his time in WCW and the WWF, and how TNA was born.

Jarrett talks candidly about everything, and comes over really well. There’s some great stories on this DVD, but the most emotional one surrounds the death of his wife Jill, and how it affected not just his family, but TNA as well.

As with other TNA releases of this kind, the interviews are spliced in with matches from Jeff’s TNA career. They begin with two segments that feature Jarrett in the Gauntlet for the Gold on the very first TNA show, and of how he caused havoc on the next few shows as he demanded a shot at the NWA title, which had been won by Ken Shamrock, before moving on to the matches, beginning with an encounter with Scott Hall, going through his various NWA title matches, two Lethal Lockdowns, two King of the Mountains, and ending with his classic return bout with Kurt Angle.

But the action doesn’t end there, as there’s also a section dedicated to his early career, including his first television appearance as a referee, and some old matches against the likes of Jerry Lawler and a certain Cactus Jack.

Some of the matches, although some of them were ludicrously overbooked, they’re a good showcase of Jarrett’s talents as a professional wrestler. He may not get the same amount of plaudits as some of the other stars, but this DVD proves that he is one of the best wrestlers of the past twenty years, capable of having a good match with anybody.

So does this four disc set get the recommendation? It sure does. If you’re a fan of Jeff Jarrett, or of TNA in general, then you’ll enjoy this immensely, of that I have no doubt.

Rating: 4.5 stars
Extras: N/A

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