Friday, 15 February 2008

JLA: Rock of Ages - Book Review

Ten years ago it was touted as the Justice League of America’s ultimate adventure. But was it? And how well does the story stand up ten years later? This is what I’m attempting to find out as I look into JLA: Rock of Ages.a

Originally published as a part of the JLA comic book series, Rock of Ages is set just after the death of Wonder Woman. Lex Luthor, Superman’s perennial foe, has gathered together a team of villains, an Injustice Gang, in an attempt to destroy the League, and killing his hated nemesis in the process.
But this isn’t one of those good guys versus bad guys massive beat ‘em up kind of comics, where Luthor sends his buddies to the JLA’s base just to beat the crap out of them. The evil genius deduces that he must use corporate tactics to rid the world of the League, and he has a weapon powerful enough to help him obtain his goals.
And so the story is set in motion. With a massive cast list featuring the likes of the Joker, Plastic Man, and the evil demi-god that is Darkseid, Rock of Ages is a story that takes the reader not just on a trip around the world, but through all of time and space as well.
Rock of Ages is a perfect example of just how far comic book art has come in the past twenty years or so. Some of the battle scenes are jaw dropping, and just seem to leap out of the page at you. As for the writing, Grant Morrison’s work is excellent. As well as the usual battle scenes, we have super-heroes worrying about their place in the world, and in the League in particular. Green Lantern worries about missing deadlines in his job as an artist, while Green Arrow just worries that he’s not as powerful as some of the heavier hitters in the League.
So how does this story end? Well, the point of this review is to make you want to go out and buy this book. And you should. It may only take you a couple of hours to read, but it’s well worth the effort.

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