Monday, 17 September 2007

A Tribute to Queen: The Essential Collection - CD Review

So I’m walking through my local Woolworths shop, hoping to buy the latest Japanese horror film The Host, a cross between Jaws and Jurassic Park, or so the television advert told me. When I found out that they were out of stock, I thought sod it, and brought The Prestige, a tale of two feuding magicians, instead.
But while waiting in the long line at the entertainments desk to pay for my new DVD, I started to look around at the various cardboard stands around me. One of them had numerous cut-price CDs for sale, and one in particular caught my eye - A Tribute to Queen: The Essential Collection. And it was just two quid!
I quickly grabbed the two disc set, paid for it, and went home. I didn’t put the album on straight away, instead waiting a few days to be mildly disappointed.
Although all the old favourites, such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Don’t Stop Me Now, A Kind of Magic and We Will Rock You are there, there’s no mention as to who actually recorded this album, which is probably for the better, because production-wise it’s not really up to much. The vast majority of the tracks sound like they were recorded in a public toilet, and some of the instruments sound like they were purchased from the same Woolworths store I got this CD from.
Now I’ve got nothing against musical tribute acts. Hell, I’ve even been to see Ga Ga, a Queen tribute act, and I might even go to see the two Queen tributes that are playing on Cromer Pier this year, but as far as tributes go, this one is pretty poor, and I’m not surprised this one is being sold so cheaply.
So if you’re in your local Woolworths or Tescos and you’ve got nothing better to spend a couple of quid on and you want to be somewhat disappointed, then this is the CD for you. But if I were you I’d get the cheap four pack of beer instead.

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