Thursday, 12 July 2007

Nora Greenwald: Shooting The Crap - DVD Review

Perhaps the best American female wrestler of her generation. Nora Greenwald, the woman behind the Molly Holly gimmick, shocked the wrestling world by leaving the WWE earlier this year. With tons of rumours flying around as to just why she left, Nora attempted to set the record straight with her Shooting’ The Crap shoot interview DVD.
So does she do what she set out to do? In an answer, yes. With contributions from her friends and family, Nora tells us the story of how she broke into the business, how she became a member of Team Madness in WCW, and how she also helped train some of the girls Vince Russo hired before being let go by the company. It wasn’t long before the WWF came calling, and Molly Holly was born.

But while things started off well for Nora, as he character began to change, going from a Holly cousin to a superhero to a prude with a lot of junk in her trunk, she began to question just where her wrestling career was headed, when more personal issues led to her parting, on good terms, from the WWE.

Nora Greenwald is, for want of a better term, retired from the wrestling business, although she has left the door open for her return one day. Nora is one of the few wrestlers that you seldom hear an unkind word about, except for those rumours after her WWE departure, and the women’s division is a poorer place without her presence.

DVD extras include one of Nora’s early matches, some more comments and stories from her friends and family, as well as a Cribs-style tour around her home. I highly recommend this DVD, and some of Nora’s comments may make some of you realise that there’s far more to life than what goes on in a wrestling arena.

With thanks to Nora Greenwald for supplying a copy of this DVD, and for her kind letter. For more information, including purchasing information, log onto

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