Saturday, 21 September 2002

The Biggest Day of my Life

 Friday, the 20th of September, 2002, could be termed the biggest day of my life, because it was on that day I took my first steps towards doing something I love for a living.

    At 2pm, I walked into Prospect House, in Norwich, headquarters of the Archant media group, owners of the Eastern Daily Press and Eastern Evening News. My reason for being there was to take their aptitude test, to see if I was good enough to become a print journalist.

    Two hours later, I sat on the steps outside Prospect House slightly dejected, and somewhat confused about what had happened. You see, the reason for my confusion came about because of some of the aspects of the test.

    Whenever I had approached wrestling fanzines, e-zines or websites in the past, about writing for them, I had always been judged on my writing ability. Now, in an attempt to enter the world of print journalism, I was being asked some very odd questions indeed; what is the square root of 27? What is the connection between Buffy and Dracula? And so forth.

    I could understand why I was being tested on things like vocabulary and sentence structure, but why maths, and my knowledge of so-called cult television? This really confused me, and if truth be told, knocked me for six a little.

    I'm going to be completely honest with you - if I was being tested on my writing ability alone, I would have walked through this test. Instead, having faced several maths questions, and some on ancient Roman history, something which I've never been an expert at, I now have doubts. I have a feeling that despite all of my efforts, I've failed this test, and won't be making it to stage two of the process - the interview.

    But then again, I could be wrong. I hope I am, because nothing would please me more than to prove a certain troglodyte from Diss wrong, and to prove dozens of other people right.