Friday, 31 December 1999

Rubbish Bags Piling Up Again

I'm hoping that your readers can help me with a problem that seems to arise in Cromer every so often. I seem to remember receiving something through the post, some time before Christmas, telling me that there would be no refuse collection between December 23 and January 6. I also recall seeing this notice in various shops and notice-boards in and around Cromer, in clear view for all to see.

Yet why is it that now, as we seem to have after almost every other bank holiday, people do not pay heed to this notice and continues to put their rubbish out on the Thursdays after bank holidays? This problem is worse this time around because of the long break between collections.

Around Cromer I have seen piles of black bags in the streets, one near my house about five feet high, with several bags that have been ripped open by various animals. Surely this is a health hazard, especially to children. Yet this situation could easily be avoided if people just paid attention to things.

I look forward to April and May of this year, when the Easter weekend is followed straight afterwards by the first May bank holiday weekend. By then, with summer on the way, a pungent aroma should be finding it's way around Cromer, due to people not reading the leaflets that the council sends to them.