Friday, 25 November 1994

The New Age - Chapter Nineteen

    After he was originally summoned Johangas Khan had returned to Craigmillar Castle at the request of Magus. The genie had been given a specific task by his former master, and he was close to finishing that task. So it was then that Magus returned to his home. When he did, arriving in his usual custom, he found Khan in the study.
    “Welcome back, O Magus!” he said, bowing low.
    Magus returned the bow.
    “How are you getting along?”
    “You said that over fifty years ago Darkmagus established a base on this world. It has taken much power to find this base, but I believe I have found it’s location.”
    Khan walked over to one of the bookshelves and took out an atlas. He then found the page that contained the map of Scotland, and he then pointed to a specific spot.
    “There.” her said.
    “Near Loch Ness!” said Magus. “Come my friend. We must prepare ourselves.”
    “Am I to believe we are going to this place?”
    “We are indeed!”

    Over a million miles away on Mars, in the hidden citadel of Darkmagus, Rhiannon struggled, her hands bound behind her as she stood in an energy depletion chamber. One thing was on her mind, pain, the pain as the chamber slowly drained away her power. Despite the pain she continued to struggle, but she could find no way out. Then she stopped when she heard footsteps. She looked up and saw Darkmagus enter.
    “There is no point in struggling my dear woman.” he said. “For the more you struggle the more power you will lose. Soon you will become a mere mortal again.”
    Darkmagus went to leave the room but stopped. He then turned round to face Rhiannon again.
    “By the way, I never did thank you for the information you gave us. It has kept the heroes very busy.”
    “Someone will come to rescue me.” said Rhiannon.
    “I hardly think so, because you kept yourself a secret all of these years. Perhaps if you had made yourself known you would have been missed.”
    “Merlin and Gandalf know I am here. They will send someone.”
    “Of course they know you are here, dear woman. But they are very busy preparing the Acolytes. They will do nothing. And as all of this happens we still direct our operations on Earth.”
    As Darkmagus spoke Rhiannon noticed something fall from his pocket. To her it looked like some sort of key, perhaps the key to her freedom. Darkmagus then turned to walk away again.
    “We will destroy the Acolytes, and then we will turn to you!”
    Laughing out loudly Darkmagus left the chamber. As he left Rhiannon stared at the key that lay on the floor. Slowly, using every ounce of power she had stored in her body, she used her foot in an attempt to get hold of the key. It took some time, but soon afterwards she was free, or so she thought. She was soon outside in the corridor, and as her power began to return she moved down the corridor, trying to find an exit. She failed to notice however one of the androids standing behind her. Turning around she got the fright of her life. He path was blocked, so she began to run off in the opposite direction. She soon found a ventilation shaft. After removing the hatch she soon entered. She walked down air duct after air duct until she came to another vent. At least she thought she had made her escape. She opened the vent, only to find Darkmagus standing in front of her.
    “You are a fool woman. Do you think you would be able to escape me?”
    Darkmagus pulled Rhiannon out of the duct and marched her off down the corridor. He failed to notice however that someone was watching him, a young alien garbed in a blue mask and costume.

    Merlin and Gandalf had finished talking with the Acolytes for the day. One of them, Mother Nature, began to make her way towards the woods that surrounded the Anglo-Force mansion. She did not seem happy.
    “Talk!” she said to herself. “All they do is talk! The time for talk will soon pass!”
    As she walked through the woods a small dwarf suddenly popped up out of nowhere. He was carrying a sword. The dwarf in question was Kon.
    “All hail Darkmagus!” said Kon.
    “Darkmagus shall rule!” Mother Nature replied.
    “It seems your indoctrination was as thorough as I was told.” said Kon.
    “Because we both want the same thing.” said Mother Nature. “The Istari can give me power to fulfil my goals!”
    “Yes, but not yet.” said Kon. “You must contain yourself among the Acolytes until we are ready to make maximum use of your infiltration. Then you can strike at will!”

    Paul Solo stood near the shoreline of Loch Ness in Scotland, a local fisherman standing with him. The fisherman was scratching his head.
    “Aye lad, they were here. Pulled up in a van. They were an odd looking bunch. One of them was big and hairy, another looked like a dog. One was as tallow as the sun, and the most normal-looking one was wearing some sort of costume.”
    “And you say they took a boat to the far side of the loch?” asked Solo. “And that they were on their own?”
    “Aye, just the four of them. Are you really a member of Anglo-Force?”
    Solo reached into his pocket and took out his ID card. He showed it to the fisherman. He looked at it for a few seconds.
    “I must be leaving. Thank you, again, for the use of your boat.”
    Solo then leapt into the boat and sped away, his thoughts on his upcoming encounter. But Solo did not realise that he was not the only one heading towards the secret installation. At that time, the group of Doctor Theophilus, Celsius, Woodwose and Colonel Chaney were almost there. Mighty Man, also, was flying in the sky above, and Magus and Khan were also making their way there.

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