Monday, 31 December 1990

The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Search for Magus Chapter 2

    Commander Sutek and Professor Watt continued to make their way through the land of Valhalla. They were no in the Antarctic sector. Watt held his tri-corder in front of him.

    “The signal is getting stronger.” he said. “It’s now only about twenty metres ahead.”
    They made they way slowly through the snow. Soon they saw what they were looking for. They saw what appeared to be a young boy, his bottom half buried in the snow. They approached the boy. He was shivering a lot because he was naked. Sutek held out his tri-corder.
    “He is alive, but just barely.”
    Sutek then placed his hands around the boy’s head. The boy raised his head slightly and looked at Sutek.
    “If I was capable of emotion the one I would be showing at the moment would be surprise. I would have though this impossible, but this seems to be a young Magus!”
    “How can that be?” said Watt. “Magus is dead!”
    “Perhaps the regeneration of Valhalla is regenerating his cells.”
    Watt took the cape he was still carrying and placed it around the boy’s shoulders. Sutek then activated his communicator.
    “Sutek to Einstein.”
    “Matthews here.”
    “We have found something rather interesting. We have found the life form, and as remarkable as it may sound it is an infant Ambassador Magus.”
    Matthews paused. He did not know what to do.
    “Are you sure about that Commander?”
    “It appears that the Valhalla regeneration process is also regenerating Ambassador Magus. We found his funeral boat on the shore.”
    Matthews again paused.
    “Is he in any immediate danger?”
    “Unknown at this time.”
    “You’d better stay there for a while while I contact Starfleet Command. Einstein out.”
    The communication channel fell silent.
    “So what do we do now?” asked Watt.
    “We can do nothing but wait.” Sutek replied.

    Unknown to those on the planet or on board the Einstein was that every communication was being monitored. A Monstron Satan class vessel, the Nosferatu, under the command of Colonel Lugosi, was in the same sector, but cloaked so the Einstein could not detect it. Colonel Lugosi was listening carefully.
    “Imagine.” he said. “The power of Phineas Magus, working for the Monstron Empire! He would indeed be a mighty weapon!”
    The first officer, Lt. Colonel Strange, approached him.
    “But did you not hear, sir? He is but a boy!”
    “A boy we could train to serve us! Set a course for the Time of Legends helmsman, ahead warp five!”

    On board the Valkyrie Amarus was picking up a signal.
    “It’s from the Monstron vessel Nosferatu.” he said. “To their High Command. All I can make out is that they have found something on the Time of Legends, some sort of new weapon which they could use.”
    “Keep scanning for sub-space anomalies.” Watt ordered. “If they are near the Time I want to know the instance we enter that sector.”

    It was not long before the Nosferatu was in orbit around the Time. The Einstein had no chance. Before they could raise shields and put out a distress call phasers and photo torpedoes ripped into the ship. On the planet’s surface Watt tried to put a call through to the ship.
    “Not a peep.“ he said. “How’s Magus?”
    Sutek looked at Watt.
    “Up to puberty. It seems that the changes going through him are connected to the regeneration of Valhalla. It is occurring in surges.”
    “What about his mind?”
    “He has his powers, but no intelligence.”
    Then, as Sutek made a scanner sweep.
    “We have company. Monstron life signs heading this way.”
    “We had better move on.” replied Watt.

    The Valkyrie was entering orbit.
    “Captain, I’ve received a message from Starfleet, to the Einstein, warning of our approach.”
    “Any reply?” asked Captain Watt.
    “None sir.”
    “See if you can contact anyone on the Einstein. Find out what is going on. All frequencies.”
    Tompkins set to work. Soon he had Sutek and Paul Watt on an open channel. Captain Watt soon knew of their exact location. So did Lugosi. Seeking the advantage he beamed down to the coordinates with two other Monstrons. Before Watt or Sutek could act they had grabbed the young Magus.
    Then it happened.
    Instinctively Magus brought his hands together, creating a mighty clap of thunder. The Monstrons were disoriented. Watt leapt to the attack, struggling with Lugosi, but the Monstron’s superior strength told. Soon Paul Watt lay dad, his life snuffed out by a Monstron blade.
    James Watt had been listening to this with great anxiety. Lugosi put Sutek in touch with Watt.
    “Captain, I am afraid your brother is dead.”
    “You murdering Monstron bastard!” yelled Watt.
    “That is beside the point, Watt.” said Lugosi. “You will surrender your ship to me. You will beam down to the Time yourself and hand over all security access codes. You will then follow me to the Monstron home world where you and your crew shall remain as prisoners.”
    Watt turned to Singh.
    “Any suggestions?”
    “If we can get down there and somehow get Sutek to link my consciousness to Magus’ we may have a chance, but we need to get down there.”
    “Very well.” said Watt. “Lom, two to beam down, directly from the bridge.”
    They materialised in the clearing with the others. Lugosi scowled at them in triumph.
    “The great James Watt, defeated at last. We have the greatest prize ever owned by the Federation, Ambassador Magus.”
    “You have nothing.” replied Singh. “He is but a brainless shell.”
    “I will examine him.” said Sutek.
    The Vulcan and the doctor both bent low over Magus. Brief words were exchanged. Then they went to help the wizard, not almost returned to his old looks, to his feet. To Lugosi’s surprise Sutek and Singh held Magus’ hands together, chanting in unison. A burst of energy knocked Lugosi flying. On a command from Watt they were all returned to the Valkyrie. They headed out of orbit as quickly as possible.
    “Captain, a message from Thomas Leacock.”
    “On screen.”
    The face of Magus’ former pupil and adopted son appeared up on the screen.”
    “You have Magus with you?” he asked anxiously/
    Watt nodded.
    “I know the price you have paid. It was written thus. You must return to Earth.”
    “We cannot.” replied Watt. “We have stolen a starship, flouted every Federation regulation.”
    “There is a precedent. The case of Admiral James Kirk, eighty years ago. I am not without influence. It helps to be Sorcerer Supreme you know. Return to Earth, bring Magus to me at Stonehenge. You will have to fail trial for you actions, but not until Magus is himself once more.”

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