Monday, 31 December 1990

The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Search for Magus Chapter 3

    Leacock stood anxiously in the centre of Stonehenge, awaiting the arrival of Watt and Sutek with Magus and Singh. The conditions for their passage to the ancient site were severe. They were only allowed to attend under armed guard for the crimes they had committed. The remaining crew members of the Valkyrie were held I confinement. Leacock had pleaded in vain for a pardon but had at least obtained the permission of Starfleet for the attempt to restore Magus’ mind to his body.

    Only four other living creatures watched. The companions of Magus for many a long year, Teddy, Toby, Jimmy and Tabby. They stood, just beyond the stone circle, watching anxiously.
    Then came the rumbling of engines in the distance. A Federation personnel carrier appeared, parking at the outer circle. Two armed guards climbed down first, followed by Lethbridge-Stewart, Watt and Sutek. Singh came along last. Then came two medical orderlies, bringing the shell of Magus.
    “I hope this is no clever trick to aid Captain Watt, Mr. Leacock.” said the Admiral haughtily. “They are facing serious charges. There is no current evidence to show that this being here actually is Ambassador Magus, not that Dr. Singh is currently in possession of the intellect of the same. All our scans reveal nothing in either case.
    Leacock smiled.
    “My dear sir, I did not think that your scans would. As Sutek will tell you it is not logical for a man to return from the dead, but were there not two cases before, one which had significant consequences for the world?”
    The Admiral shuffled uneasily. It was upon his report that the future of Captain Watt rested. If, as Leacock had said, the being now laid upon the rock was Magus then, because the mission to restore him to life could be justified as beneficial to Federation security all charges were to be dropped. If this were not so then Watt faced a long time on a prison asteroid.
    The Admiral looked around seeking Teddy. He had never been used to animals at the best of times, but to have to talk to a dog with an IQ higher than his own was not a pleasant task.
    “Are you sure that is Magus?” he asked.
    Teddy gazed up at him.
    “The scent matches up.”
    Lethbridge-Stewart took out his communicator.
    “Send Dr. Pulaski in.”
    Another vehicle arrived. Dr. Katherine Pulaski, former chief medical officer of the Enterprise, stepped out and went to join the Admiral.
    “You have the medical records for Magus?” asked the Admiral.
    Pulaski nodded.
    “And all the equipment I need to prove if that man there is the Ambassador or not.”
    Leacock stepped aside impatiently. Pulaski set to work.
    “Overall general scans show that the subject is male, humanoid, approximately one and one half thousand years old.”
    She shone an instrument upon the fingers, then took a sample of blood. The blood flowed with a luminous golden quality as Pulaski poured it into another device which she set to one side. Then she shone a light into the eyes.
    “Retinal scans match.”
    Then she picked up the blood analyser.
    “Admiral, for all intents and purposes this man is Phineas Magus.”
    The Admiral scowled.
    “Well Mr. Leacock. You had better get on with it.”
    Leacock bowed. He motioned Singh to stand next to the slab where the form of Magus lay. Leacock placed one hand on Singh’s head, the other upon Magus’ He began to chant in Latin, then the chant became Eldarin, the ancient language of the Elves, and only known by a few outside the race.
    It seemed that nothing was happening. Pulaski and Lethbridge-Stewart looked around them. Then it really began. The sky grew darker as clouds swept across the face of the moon. An unearthly glow began to sweep across the great stone circle. As Leacock continued to chant Magus’ eyes slowly began to open.
    Leacock ceased to chant. He reached into his pocket and handed Magus his spectacles. The he handed him his cane and helped him to his feet. Together they walked unsteadily to the edge of the stone circle. Magus seemed confused. Then as they reached the edge of the circle they met his companions. Recognition dawned on the face of Magus. They greeted each other. Then Magus turned to Watt.
    “I knew you would not let me down.” he said.
    Then, followed by his companions, he left the stone circle. Lethbridge-Stewart walked to Watt.
    “My report will recommend all charges are dropped, Captain.”
    Then he left.
    “Well Gourlak, it looks like we’re back in business

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