Monday, 31 December 1990

Anglo-Force: The Formation & The Return Of Saruman Chapter 7

A press conference had been called in the House of Parliament. Reporters from newspapers and television from all over the world awaited the official announcement from the British Prime Minister, Simon Harkes. A couple of minutes later Harkes, accompanied by the Home Secretary Sir Angus Campbell-Bannerman, walked into the room, and the seated themselves in the two middle chairs of the table.
    “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.” said Harkes. “Before we start, I would like to introduce the gentlemen either side of me. Of course, you all know Sir Angus Campbell-Bannerman, on my right. Seated next to him is Chief Inspector Paul Solo. To my left is Captain James Watt, representing Anglo-Force, and Arthur Pendragon, solicitor acting for Anglo-Force. Now, if I may begin. Last night the House of Commons voted by unanimous decision to give it’s full backing to Anglo-Force. The means that the government will construct a full headquarters, and give full funding to the project. We think it is in the public’s best interests that the government gives full backing to this project.”
    A reporter raised his hand. “How will the government fund this group of super-heroes? Will there be an increase in taxes?”
    “There will be no increase in taxes.” Harkes replied. “There has been a substantial investment from a private citizen. It is mainly because of that we do not have to raise taxes.”
    The press conference continued for another hour. Afterwards, there was a small gathering at Downing Street. At the gathering were Harkes, Campbell-Bannerman, Solo, Watt and Pendragon. They were later joined by Chief Inspector Jeavons, Simon Kennedy, aka Mr. X, Steven Solo, aka Star Man, Katrina Velichev, aka Red Sun, and Dr. Magus.
    Kennedy raised his glass of champagne into the air.
    “Gentlemen, and lady.” he said. “I would like to propose a toast to Anglo-Force! May she have a long and fruitful existence!”
    The noise of clinking glasses filled the room.
    “Maybe the toast should have been for two groups.” said Jeavons. “For the Warriors as well.”
    “I am just glad I did not have to push another bill like that through parliament!” laughed Harkes. “That took some doing!”
    “Where are the kids, anyway?” asked Pendragon. “As well as Lew and Woody?”
    “They are at the estate, packing.” said Magus. “Lewis is helping them, and Woodwose is not here for obvious reasons.”

    At the estate, Chris Norris, aka Axe Kid, sat in the room that had been his for the past month or so. He had stopped his packing when he found his photo album. Quietly, he turned the pages, looking at the photos of his early childhood in North Carolina, with the Native American Lumbee tribe. A tear came to his eye, as he remembered his parents, who had been brutally murdered by the infamous villain Cowboy. As he turned the pages, he saw photos of himself and Simon Kennedy, Mr. X, his adopted father. There were photos of his training of himself in his Axe Kid costume. And then he wondered, was he doing the right thing by leaving Anglo-Force to join the Warriors, or was it just a natural progression?

    The days passed idyllically on Craigmillar Island. Axe Kid and Lighting Kid, in their civilian identities, set about exploring the island. Charles Borne and Thomas Leacock spent their time in the vast library. Their days were divided between education and the use of their powers.
    Norris and Solo were in the north of the island, when they noticed a small black dog trotting along ahead of them. They had seen this dog around the castle but had never paid much attention to it before. Then, to their surprise, the dog stopped, and turned to look at them.
    “Are you following me?” said a voice.
    Norris looked at Solo. Solo looked at Norris. Both looked at the dog.
    “Yes, it was me. I haven’t spoken to you before, I didn’t know how you could cope with a talking dog.”
    It offered them it’s paw in a very polite fashion. “I’m Teddy.” he said. “I’m just off to fetch Magus. He’s in the dragon cave.”
    The trio walked down onto the beach, and then into a cave.
    “Move slowly.” advised Teddy. “Granamyr doesn’t like sudden movements.”
    They entered the cave, to meet Magus on his way out.
    “There is a telephone call for you.” said Teddy. “Inspector Dubois of the Belgian police.”
    “I take it he has found what I was seeking?” asked Magus.
    The dog nodded.
    “Return to the castle. Send Charles and Thomas to the cave, tell Thomas to bring the rug from the study and the lamp which is upon my desk.” He paused. “And be in costume.”
    A few minutes later all were reassembled upon the beach. Magician, alias Thomas, spread the rug out. Then he seated himself upon it, Axe Kid doing likewise. Then Magus appeared from the cave, astride Granamyr, the biggest dragon the boys had ever seen.
    “Gentlemen, we are going to Belgium. I have to see my old friend, Inspector Dubois.”
    Their arrival in the Belgian capital cause some excitement amongst the Bruxelloius. Firstly, Granamyr landed, his scales glittering in the sun, then two flying teenagers and two more on a rug landed. As Magus climbed down from Granamyr a fat man in a raincoat hurried over, keeping a wary eye on the dragon.
    “Phineas, mon ami, c’est res belle a vu tu encore.” he said.
    “Vous sussi, Jacques.” replied the wizard. “Where is this student you have for me?”
    A slim youth stepped forward.
    “I am Jean-Claude Duvall. I am a mutant changeling.”
    “Show me.” said Magus.
    As they watched, Duvall became a tiger, a cow, and then Magus.
    “I think I can help you. You may join us if you so wish.”
    Then, as they spoke, a bolt of cosmic energy struck the ground. All scattered. Axe Kid hurled his boomerang axe, only to see it melt. A blast from Lighting Kid was easily repelled by the attacked. He easily evaded Magician and Duvall. Then, the attacker found himself frozen in mid-air. Magus levitated up to him.
    “If you wish to join my academy, Cosmic Kid, you only have to ask.”
    He unfroze the youngster, and then joined Duvall.
    “You shall be called the Changer.” he smiled. “Now we must return to Scotland.”

    A tie had been chosen for the new headquarters, not too far from Pendragon’s estate. Mr. X and Watt flew over the site watching the foundations being laid. They landed near Jock Muir, head of Muir Industries, who was also inspecting the work done so far.
    “Ach, laddies.” he grinned. “It fair takes me back, building a new base for ye.”
    “What do you mean?” asked Mr. X.
    “Why, back in the fifties I was involved with the original Anglo-Force.”
    “Chameleon is the one you should speak to. He’s been studying all the old records, to find out something about Magus to start with.”
    Muir smiled again. “Tell the lad he’ll no find a thing out about Magus unless the wee feller himself wants him tae.”
    “We can’t find out why they disbanded though.” said Watt. “Although I read somewhere that their leader, the Highlander, murdered someone.”
    “Aye, that’s true.” replied Muir sadly. “He was a fine man!”
    “He was a murderer.” snorted Mr. X.
    Muir rounded on him angrily. “Ye know nothing.” he snarled. “Perhaps ye’d think before speaking if ye asked Magus what he knows.”
    With that, he marched off.
    “What’s wrong with him?” asked Mr. X.
    “Beats me!” said Watt. “We’d better be shooting off now. Katrina’s cooking dinner tonight. Some Russian dish!”
    “Romantic dinner for two, eh?” said Mr. X. “I just wish I had something in my life like that at the moment!”

    The afternoon passed quickly for Watt. After dropping Mr. X off at Pendragon’s mansion, he quickly flew back to his Kensington flat. By the time he got back it was the early evening. He entered his flat via the sky light. He walked into the living room to find it dimly lighted.
    “Kate!” he called.
    He heard footsteps coming from the kitchen. Then, his jaw dropped as Katrina stood there in the doorway, wearing a low-cut, figure-hugging dress.
    “Hello darling!” she said. “Busy day at the office?”
    Watt walked over to her, and they embraced passionately. Katrina handed Watt a bottle of wine.
    “Open this please, James.” she said. “Our meal is almost ready.”
    Katrina walked back into the kitchen, as Watt searched for a corkscrew. He quickly found one in his cocktail cabinet, and quickly opened the bottle and poured out two glasses. As he poured out the wine, Katrina walked into the room carrying a large dish. As she approached the dinner table, she suddenly stopped. A horrified look appeared on her face, as she dropped the dish she was carrying. She stared out of the window.
    “Nyet!” she whispered. “Not now!”
    Watt stood up. “Kate?” he asked. “What’s wrong?”
    Before she could answer, a huge blast ripped into the wall of the flat. Bricks and mortar went flying everywhere. It was as if a huge fireball had hit the side of the building. When the smoke cleared, two men stood where the wall used to be, one clad in black, one in white, both with huge wings on their backs.
    “Katrina Velichev.” cried the one in black. “Where are you, you traitor?”
    “No!” cried Katrina.
    Watt, blown back by the explosion, went toward the two strangers.
    “White Bat!” he said again. “Deal with the fair-haired man!”
    The man, White Bat, charged toward Watt. The Russian was surprised when Watt did not budge.
    “Nobody was withstood one of my attacks before!” he said.
    The other man, Death Angel, leapt toward Watt.
    “Deal with Red Sun!” he cried. “This one is mine!”
    White Bat moved toward Red Sun. Death Angel leapt toward Watt, and when he was close, he managed to wrap his huge, feathery wings around him.
    “The strongest wings in the world.” said Death Angel. “You will suffocate in two minutes!”
    Death Angel was wrong. His wings were almost ripped off as Watt escaped from his clutches.
    “Forget him!” cried White Bat. “Red Sun is our target!”
    Death Angel turned away from Watt, and threw a small object at Red Sun. The object hit her legs, and smoke then filled what was left of the room. It was some form of sleeping gas, and Red Sun was soon out of it.
    White Bat then activated a small transmitter.
    “Captain Shield!” he said. “We have Red Sun. You can bring the aircraft.”
    They were surprised when Watt grabbed at Death Angel. They thought the gas had also knocked him out. Realising they could not match strength with Watt, they hurled a larger, more powerful gas bomb at him. This made Watt groggy for a minute or so. A few seconds later, a sleek, black aircraft appeared outside the building. A doorway opened on the aircraft, and a man clad in blue and black leaned out.
    “Leave the other!” he cried. “It is Red Sun we want!”
    Death Angel picked up Red Sun, and he and White Bat then flew out onto the aircraft. A second later, they were gone.
    As they left, Watt, still groggy, began to get to his feet. He had just seen the aircraft leave, and took off, after it. He quickly caught up with it, and grabbed the tail fin. With all of his remaining strength, he managed to hold the aircraft in mid-air. The engines of the aircraft were powerful, and Watt’s strength was receding fast, due to the effects of the gas bomb. Just as the tail began to crack under the mighty strain, the last ounce of strength went from Watt’s body. Watt loosened his grip, and the aircraft went shooting off. As it left, Watt fell to the ground. A two hundred feet fall would have killed a normal man, but Watt was not a normal man. Watt smashed into the ground, causing a three-foot deep crater. As he lay unconscious, a double-decker bus ploughed into the crater. The passers-by were shocked. Luckily, no one on the bus was badly hurt. Watt regained a small portion of his strength and pushed the bus back out of the crater. He then stumbled to his feet, shaking his head, trying to get rid of the cobwebs. Groggily, he looked up to the sky. He then took off. It was quite evident that he as still the worse for wear, judging by his erratic flying pattern.
    Twenty minutes later, Watt arrived at his destination, Pendragon’s mansion. Watt landed, and staggered into the building. As he walked through the hallways, his senses began to go. As he neared the library, Steven Solo walked out.
    “Jim!” said Solo.
    “Katrina!” Watt gasped. “The Nightmares!”
    “Simon! Lew!” Solo shouted.

    An hour or so later, Watt came to. He had been taken to one of the many bedrooms in Pendragon’s mansion. As soon as he woke, he tried to get out of bed, but Solo stopped him.
    “Easy, Jim.” he said. “You’re in pretty  bad shape, you took quite a beating!”
    “But Kate!” Watt said. “They’ve got Kate!”
    “We know.” said Solo. “Arthur and Lewis are in Kensington now. Paul’s down there as well. We know just who we are looking for.”
    “The Nightmares?” said Watt. “You know of the Nightmares?”
    “It was the last thing you said before you passed out.” said Solo. “All we know is that the huge aircraft you were seen fighting was last seen in Canada. We’ve contacted UNIT and they’ve sent all they have on Captain Shield and his gang, and also some interesting stuff on Katrina.”
    Watt leapt up. “What do you mean?” he asked.
    “The info was somewhat patchy.” Solo replied. She’s had dealings with them in the past.”
    “Dealings? What dealings?” asked Watt.
    “Let’s just say for the moment that she wasn’t on their most hated enemies list.” Solo replied. “Until recently, that is.”
    Watt quickly leapt out of bed and put on his costume.
    “Come on.” said Watt.
    “Wait, Jim!” Solo shouted. “You’re in no condition to go anywhere!”
    “I’ll be the judge of that!” said Watt. “If you want to hold my hand get your glad-rags on!”
    Watt then flew out of the window. Quickly, Solo put on his Star Man costume. Within twenty minutes, they were in Kensington. There were many police officers present, and the area had been sealed off. Watt and Star Man landed just as White Knight and Chameleon were about to leave.
    “What the bloody hell are you doing here, Jim?” Chameleon shouted. “You’re in no condition to…..”
    “Where Kate’s concerned, I’m in a condition to do anything.” said Watt. “What’s the story?”
    “You know as much as we do.” said White Knight. “The Nightmares would like the Cold War to start all over again.”
    Then, a man wearing a rain coat and hat walked over to them.
    “Good evening gentlemen. I am Oleg Steatovsky. I am here representing the Russian Embassy.”
    “This doesn’t concern you.” said Watt.
    “On the contrary.” said Steatovsky. “Katrina Velichev is currently employed by the Russian government, and she is a Russian citizen.”
    “She’s also a member of Anglo-Force.” said Star Man. “We don’t need help from you to find her.”
    “I am not offering help, Star Man.” Steatovsky said. “I am ordering you to leave this matter alone. If I have to, I will go to your superiors. This is a matter for the Russian government. It is of no concern to you.”
    A look of anger appeared on Watt’s face. He clenched his fist, and lunged toward Steatovsky. Star Man and Chameleon held him back.
    “Easy Jim.” said Star Man. “We don’t want an international crisis on our hands.”
    “It would be prudent for you to listen to your friends, Captain.” said Steatovsky. “Now, I will leave you, gentlemen.”
    Steatovsky walked away into the night.
    “So what do we do now?” asked Chameleon.
    “I’ve got a few friends up in the Foreign Office.” said White Knight. “They’re probably all asleep, but it wouldn’t hurt them to be woken up. At least I can find out what’s going on.”
    “As far as I can see, that’s the only thing we can do!” said Star Man.
    “Well, I’m not sitting around while red tape is cut.” said Watt.
    Watt then took off, and flew away at high speed. Chameleon went to go after him.
    “There’s no point, Lewis.” said White Knight. “There’s no way any of us could catch him up! I just hope he doesn’t get himself into any trouble he can’t get out of!”

    The night became morning. There had been no sign of Red Sun, the Nightmares or Watt. White Knight had been up all night, trying to find out what had been going on. Together with the information he had gathered from UNIT, he had quite a bit to go on. When he was finished, he returned to the mansion. Mr. X greeted him. He called a meeting. They were joined by Chameleon, Star Man and Woodwose.
    “The Russian government is denying all connections with the Nightmares.” said White Knight. “Apparently, they’ve been trying to silence them ever since the break-up of the Soviet Union. All the other states bar one have been co-operating with them. That one is Sylvania.”
    “Sylvania?” said Star Man. “I’ve never heard of the place.”
    “That’s not surprising.” said White Knight. “Nothing has been heard from Sylvania since the late nineteenth century. All that is known that it is a small country with a small population, and that it is self-sufficient. There was a small conflict with Latvia near the end of the last century, but since then, no one has ever left Sylvania, and no one has ever entered until a few months ago.”
    “The Nightmares?” queried Woodwose.
    “Exactly.” said White Knight. “Ever since their little escapade in Canada, they’ve been hunted all over the world! Only one country has offered them safe haven; Sylvania!”
    “Sure the UN could have done something.” said Star Man.
    “Sylvania is not even a member of the UN.” said White Knight. “Like I said, they’ve been isolated for over a hundred years. No one know what’s been going on.”
    “Where does Red Sun come into this?” asked Mr. X.
    “That’s the bad news.” said White Knight. “Up until a year ago, she was a member of the Nightmares. She’s wanted for countless crimes in Russia, dating back ten years.”
    “When did Jim say he first met her?” asked Mr. X.
    “Eleven years ago.” replied White Knight. “It appears, gentlemen, that we have been harbouring a criminal!”
    “So who’s going to tell Jim?” asked Woodwose. “I suppose you know he was going to ask her to marry him?”

    Watt had been searching for Red Sun all night. He was very tired, but he knew he could not give up the search. Using his incredible speed, he had flown all over the country, but he could find no trace of the large black aircraft. As he flew over Dover, he knew that he had to rest. So he landed on the famed white cliffs. He had landed near the edge, and looked out to sea. He wondered what had happened to the woman he loved. Then, as he stood there in silence, he noticed a craft on the sea. It was too far out for him to get a good look at, so he took to the air again, and soon he saw what he thought he had seen from the cliff. It was the same black aircraft that had appeared in Kensington, the aircraft of the Nightmares.
    Without another thought, he went shooting toward the craft. But he did not think that he would be monitored, which he was. As he neared the aircraft, the hatchway opened, and in the hatchway stood the huge Smasher, his strength having been enhanced by a nuclear explosion a few years previously. In his right hand he held a laser pistol. He aimed it at Watt and fired. Watt was not manoeuvring in any way, so the blast hit him head on. Smasher was shocked to see Watt fly straight through the laser blast. It had no effect on him, even in his he weakened state. Watt flew straight into Smasher, and the two plunged into the sea. Two minutes later, Smasher came flying out of the sea, courtesy of the Captain. It looked like that for once, Smasher had someone who could match power with him. But before Watt could fly after him, he found himself struck down by a mighty shield. The shield dealt him a mighty blow, and another blast from Death Angel rendered him unconscious.
    “Bring him onto the aircraft.” Shield ordered. “We have Red Sun, we might as well have her lover captive as well.”

    Two hours passed. Nothing had been heard at Pendragon’s mansion, until now. Chameleon took the news to Mr. X.
    “The pilot of a Harrier jet reported seeing a disturbance off the Dover coast.” he said.
    “What sort of disturbance?” asked Mr. X.
    “Three men attacking on other in the sea.” Chameleon replied. “And a certain black aircraft was nearby. Looks like Jim found our boys!”
    “Call the others.” said Mr. X. “You, Star Man and White Knight go on ahead. Woodwose and I will follow later.”

    The Nightmare’s aircraft left the sea and took to the sky once again. Once it had taken to the sky it headed due east. As soon as the aircraft re-entered British air space, it was picked up by radar. Four jet fighters were scrambled, but as soon as they got near the huge black craft, it started to shimmer, and then it just vanished. The pilots were most puzzled. Inside the aircraft, there were some celebrations.
    “Congratulations, Captain Shield.” said White Bat. “The cloaking device worked!”
    “It is none of my doing, boy.” said Shield. “It is Sylvanian technology which won here. Technology far superior to that of Mother Russia!”
    Whilst they were celebrating their small triumph, they did not notice that Watt was beginning to regain his senses. Not knowing the full capabilities of his powers, Smasher had just chained up Watt’s wrists and ankles. Slowly, without drawing attention to himself, Watt slowly broke the chains on his wrists. When he was sure he was not being watched, he snapped the chains around his ankles. He looked around, and he could see Red Sun chained up. Slowly, he walked over to her to see how she was. She was unaware of his presence, as she had been heavily sedated. Then, he heard a noise. Quickly, he turned round to see Death Angel.
    “It seems our comrade is awake, Captain Shield.” he said.
    But before Death Angel could say or do anything, Watt charged him. The force of the blow was so hard that it sent both Watt and Death Angel crashing out of the side of the aircraft. The aircraft had been flying over the Netherlands, and the two plummeted toward the earth. The air pressure of the aircraft dropped dramatically, due to the large, gaping hole. As the aircraft fell to the earth, Captain Shield used his huge shield to cover the hole.
    “Quickly!” he shouted. “We must land! I can’t hold my shield in place forever!”
    Watt and Death Angel continued to plummet. They were falling too quickly for either of them to use their powers. Watt knew that a fall from twenty thousand feet would not kill him, but it would kill Death Angel. Then, when they were about fifty feet from the ground, both of them found themselves in two, giant, hairy arms, the arms of Woodwose.
    “Easy, James.” he said. “The landing won’t be the same as the aircraft, but it’ll be safer!”
    But before Woodwose could land, Death Angel regained his senses, pulled out his laser pistol, and hit Woodwose with a laser blast. Woodwose howled out in pain, and dropped Watt and Death Angel. As both had now regained their senses, both took to the air. It was Woodwose who now plummeted toward the earth. Watt raced after him, and grabbed him by his huge arm, and safely guided him to the ground. Death Angel did not follow them, instead following his aircraft, which had landed in a field about half a mile away.
    After Watt had put Woodwose on the ground, he himself landed. As he did, his legs began to feel shaky. Just before Watt slumped to the ground, Woodwose grabbed him.
    “Easy, fella.” he said. “You’re in no condition to do anything!”
    “Got to save Kate!” Watt gasped.
    Then, the rest of Anglo-Force arrived. Star Man and Chameleon under their own steam, White Knight and Mr. X riding Galador. White Knight dropped Mr. X off, whilst he and the others flew off to the aircraft.
    “How is he?” Mr. X asked.
    “Not good.” Woodwose replied. “He’s taken one hell of a beating!”
    “You stay here with him.” said Mr. X. “I’m going to join the others!”
    Star Man and Chameleon soon approached the stricken aircraft. When they neared the aircraft, they saw Captain Shield removing his weapon from the gaping hole.
    “Quickly!” he ordered. “We must find Death Angel! We must stay together!”
    “Look, Captain!” said White Bat, pointing to the sky.
    “You know what to do!” said Shield.
    White Bat took out his laser pistol, and aimed at Chameleon. But before he knew it, Chameleon used his powers to camouflage himself. The laser blast just flew into empty sky. Star Man followed that up with a nova blast that hit the tail section of the aircraft. Mr. X was soon into the battle. Shield tried to lunge at him, but Mr. X was too quick for the Russian. Then Smasher entered the fray. As he went to protect his leader, Chameleon attacked him from behind. His blows had no effect on the huge Russian. Smasher turned round and tossed Chameleon away as if he was a piece of rubbish. He knew that if he wanted to withstand another attack, he had to camouflage himself again, which he did. He only just avoided another mighty blow from Smasher.
    Whilst the battle took place, White Knight approached the aircraft from it’s blind side. Taking Excalibur in his hand, he sliced a hole in the side of the aircraft. Quickly, he entered, and soon found what he was looking for, Red Sun. He picked her up, and exited the aircraft. As he ran back toward Galador, he suddenly found Red Sun drifting away from his arms. He wondered how this could happen because Red Sun was still unconscious. Then in front of him he saw Death Angel, pointing a small object at Red Sun’s body.
    “I will take the traitor from you!” said Death Angel.
    The limp body of Red Sun floated into Death Angel’s arm. He then took to the air, and flew over the battle site.
    “Captain Shield!” he cried. “I have her!”
    But before Shield could say anything, a giant gust of wind blew past Death Angel. Suddenly, he found that Red Sun had vanished from his arms. Only one man could have done that, the Captain!
    Watt travelled for about two miles before he set Red Sun onto the ground. Then, he returned to the battle site.
    The fight raged on. Shield seemed to have the measure of Mr. X. White Bat and Star Man continued firing blasts at each other. Chameleon was being pummelled by Smasher, and Death Angel’s aerial abilities were no match for White Knight and Galador.
    Just as Smasher was about to end Chameleon’s existence, a huge arm grabbed him from behind, and swung him around. He was surprised to see Woodwose towering over him. Not many people towered over Smasher like Woodwose did. He aimed a blow at Woodwose, which knocked him to the ground. White Knight Cried out in pain as a laser blast from Death Angel hit him in the shoulder. Shield had now defeated Mr. X.
    Woodwose picked up Smasher, and threw him to the ground. The burly Russian quickly got to his feet, and charged Woodwose, knocking the wind out of him.
    Watt attacked Shield as he stood over Mr. X. Watt took the Russian totally by surprise, and picked him up by the throat.
    “You Russian bastard!” he said. “I ought to snap your neck for what you did to Kate!”
    Watt drove Shield into the ground, and followed that up with a blow to his mid-section. The blow had no effect on him, as he moved his shield into the way to protect himself.
    “You fool!” said Shield. “She fooled you the same way she fooled us!”
    Shield sprang to his feet, and battered Watt with his shield. Watt fought frantically, trying to defend himself. Had he been fully fit, he would have been able to defeat Shield, but not on this day. Once again, Watt was losing his senses.
    The battle between Woodwose and Smasher continued. Realising he could not over power Woodwose in any way, he pointed his laser pistol at him, and fired Woodwose into the middle of next week.
    Watt was close to death. Shield began to taunt him.
    “Has not the love of your life told you her secret?” said Shield. “She was once like us, she was a member of the Nightmares! But she disapproved of my proposed Canadian operation! So she went to the Russian authorities, but she forgot she was on the KGB’s top priority list, so she fled Russia. When she found out that you were a neo-mutant, and that you joined a group of super-powered beings, she knew she have protection from both us and the KGB! But she did not count on Sylvanian technology!”
    “Why you…..!” gasped Watt. “You liar!”
    “She is the liar, Englishman.” said Shield. “And now, you will die!”
    Shield raised his weapon above Watt’s head/ Then, something happened.
    “Captain!” cried White Bat. “In the sky, more of them!”
    White Bat was right. Reinforcements had arrived, in the shape of Magician, who was carrying Axe Kid, Lighting Kid, Cosmic Kid, and Marvel Boy, the Warriors.
    The Nightmares were taken completely off-guard. Marvel Boy fired a telekinetic blast at Death Angel, sending him flying through the air. A blast from Cosmic Kid onto Captain Shield knocked him away from Watt. Axe Kid’s axe went flying into Smasher’s left arm. Changer then transformed into a huge ape, and knocked the burly Russian off his feet. Lightning Kid threw one of his bolts at White Bat, and Magician followed up with a mystic bolt.
    The battle raged on for many minutes, and the Nightmares seemed near defeat. Then, just as the Warriors were about to deliver their final blow, something strange occurred. A portal appeared in the sky. Captain Shield, Death Angel, White Bat and Smasher looked skywards toward the portal. Then, a huge voice boomed out.
    “You have failed, Captain Shield! Return to Sylvania now!”
    “No!” cried Shield. “We can defeat them!”
    “You are heavily outnumbered. I have kept my side of our agreement, now you must keep yours!”
    The portal quickly got nearer the ground, and then enveloped the Nightmares. Before anyone could do anything, the portal disappeared.
    “We’ve passed out first test.” said Magician. “Now I will revive our fallen comrades!”
    Magician raised his hands, and began chanting. Within a few seconds, Anglo-Force were fully revived. Magician walked over to Mr. X.
    “Are you okay, sir?” he asked.
    “Fine, kid.” Mr. X replied. “How did you find us?”
    “Dr. Magus has been monitoring your progress, sir.” Magician replied.
    “Where is he?” asked Mr. X.
    “He’s back at Craigmillar.” said Magician. “He said we could handle this one on our own.”
    Axe Kid attended to Watt.
    “Are you okay Jim?” he asked.
    Watt shook his head in an attempt to get rid of the cobwebs.
    “Kate?” he said. “Kate!”
    Watt leapt to his feet and flew into the sky. He returned to the site where he had left Red Sun. He was soon there. The sedative was just starting to wear off, so Watt picked her up, and flew back to the battle site. He placed her gently on the ground.
    “Kate? Are you okay?” he asked.
    “I guess you know everything now.” she said.
    “Shield is a liar!” said Watt. “He must be!”
    Then, the noise of helicopter rotor blades filled the air. It was the police helicopter that belonged to Inspector Solo. But he had brought with him an unwanted visitor, Oleg Steatovsky. Two other helicopters followed them. They landed in the next field. Solo and Steatovsky rushed over. Star Man held them back.
    “Wait, Paul!” he said. “At least let them have a few minutes alone!”
    “There is no time!” said Steatovsky, pushing past Star Man.
    “Katrina Velichev!” he said. “I arrest you for crimes against the Russian state.”
    “No!” cried Watt. “It’s a lie! It can’t be true!”
    “It is true, James!” said Red Sun. “Captain Shield did not lie to you!”
    Steatovsky grabbed her by the arm.
    “Come.” he said. “We must go now.”
    Steatovsky pulled Red Sun away, and walked toward the helicopter. He stopped when he came to Mr. X.
    “I will be making an official complaint to your government.” he said. “You will hear from me shortly.”
    They continued toward the helicopter. Red Sun gazed back toward Watt. She was now in tears.
    “I love you.” she whispered.
    Watt whispered the same. Soon, they were apart, and both wondered, would they ever see each other again?

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