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Anglo-Force: The Formation & The Return Of Saruman Chapter 16

Dr. Magus and Captain James Watt, the commanding officer of the U.S.S. Valkyrie, the 24th century starship, walked through the corridors of the mighty vessel.
    “How did you know that by saving us, you would not be altering the future?” asked Magus.
    “Because you told me so.” said Captain Watt. “Well, your future self. I was ordered by Starfleet Command to investigate a wormhole in the Serti-Beta system. I was then ordered to send the Valkyrie through the wormhole. Normally, only a shuttle craft would be used. An hour before we were due to go through, I received a priority one call from Starfleet. The call came from our sister ship, the Lohengrin, under the command of Captain Connor McCloud, your Highlander. Your Captain Watt, an ambassador in my time, transmitted a file that you had given to him in the year 2137. It outlined what was on the other side of the wormhole, and what we had to do once we reached the twentieth century.”
    “I see.” said Magus.
    Then, Captain Watt stopped at a door.
    “This is the place.” said Watt. “Sickbay.”
    The two men walked into sickbay. Magus immediately walked over to the main treatment table, where lay a man. An Asian gentleman walked over.
    “Who is this man?” he said. “What is he doing here?”
    “Magus, this is our chief medical officer, Dr. Gourlak Singh.” said Watt.
    “This must be Commander Winthorn, the man the Doctor told me about.” said Magus.
    “Yes.” said Watt. “The file said…”
    Before Captain Watt could finish his sentence, Magus placed his hands on Winthorn’s temples. There was a slight glow around his head. Then, Magus removed his hands.
    “I’ve managed to stabilize him.” he said. “But now I must move fast. I must have Kong and Captain Winthorn…”
    Before Magus could finish, Captain Watt activated his communicator.
    “Watt to bridge.”
    “Bridge. Commander Pendragon here.”
    “Is holodeck three programmed yet?”
    “Yes, Captain. Skull Island, just as Dr. Magus ordered.”
    “Good, number one. Beam Kong to holodeck three and Captain Winthorn to sickbay.”
    Magus allowed himself a slight smiled.
    “You run a tight ship.” he said.
    “So you’ve said, on many occasions.”
    Magus and Captain Watt then left sickbay, and entered the turbo life. They were soon on the bridge.
    The bridge was huge compared to twentieth century navy ships. There were two helm controls. The Captain was seated at one of these, and was being shown it by the helmsman, Lieutenant Mark Tompkins. His descendant smiled at what he saw.
    “Go easy with Granddad, Mr. Tompkins.” he grinned. “Status report, number one.”
    “We are in high Earth orbit, out of radar range. The Predator ship is also still in orbit, all have now returned to the ship.”
    “Maintain yellow alert.” replied Watt.
    “What do we wait for now?” asked Magus.
    “Q.” replied Watt. “Your file said he will arrive in five minutes.”
    The Captain rose from the helm.
    “Lieutenant Amarus said he’d seen me before. What did he mean?”
    “He’s probably seen your picture. You’re well known in my time. Magus, can I see you in private for a minute?”
    They walked into the ready room.
    “He doesn’t know yet?” asked Watt.
    “The time when I tell him that he will age one year in fifty is near, but not yet.”
    A call came through from the bridge.
    “Q is here, Captain.”
    Captain Watt and Magus left the ready room. As they entered the bridge there was a bright light. When the light faded Q was visible, this time dressed in a Starfleet uniform.
    “Greetings, mon Capitan!” he said.
    “Still trying to get into the academy, Q?” said Captain Watt.
    “I still see that you are like the others I have encountered.” said Q. “Are they here Magus?”
    “Kong and Winthorn are aboard. Magus replied.
    “Then let us depart!” said Q. “I haven’t got all day!”
    Q raised his hand, and both of them were gone from the bridge. Kong and Winthorn vanished too. Instantly, they re-appeared inside one of the penthouses at the top of the Empire State Building in the year 1933.
    “Where are Kong and Winthorn?” Magus asked.
    “In limbo, unconscious, of course.” said Q. “But the other hairy mothball will soon be here with us.”
    Magus and Q looked out of the window, to see the giant Kong scaling the building. Then, as if on cue, the aircraft appeared in the sky.
    “Now comes the critical part.” cried Q.
    He raised his hand, as they looked out of the window everything was still.
    “Time itself has been stopped.” said Q. “Now you must act.”
    Magus began to chant the Charm of Making. As Q watched Kong and Winthorn appeared near their other selves. As Magus continued to chant they slowly began to merge. Q restored time. A few moments later the portal appeared. Q snapped his fingers. The portal snapped shut.
    Then, Magus found himself back on the bridge of the Valkyrie. The Captain walked over.
    “Is it done?”
    Magus nodded.
    “There is one more thing I must do.” said Magus.
    He led the Captain into the ready room.
    “There’s one last thing you must know, James.” said Magus. “There is another side effect of the cure which I have not told you about. You will age one year for every fifty that you live.”
    Before Watt could react Magus left the ready room. Saruman had been defeated, but now the Valkyrie was stranded in the twentieth century.

    Magus was the last member of Anglo-Force aboard the Valkyrie. He stood on one of the transporter rooms with Captain Watt.
    “Commander Winthorn should recover in a few days.” said Magus.
    Magus stepped onto the transporter pad.
    “Is there nothing you can do for us at the moment?” asked Captain Watt.
    “Your problem is indeed grave.” said Magus. “I alone do not have the power to transport you back to your own time. I have a few other ideas, but I shall have to discuss them with the others of my order. I will contact you within forty eight hours.”
    Captain Watt took off his communicator. He walked onto the transporter pad, and pinned it onto Magus’ lapel.
    “It will be easier if you use this.” he said. “The signal shouldn’t be detected by anyone.”
    Watt stepped off the transporter pad.
    “I will be as fast as I can.” said Magus.
    “Thank you, Doctor Magus.” said Watt. “And may your gods go with you.”
    Magus turned to the transporter operator.
    “Energize.” Watt ordered.
    Seconds later, Magus was gone.

    To be continued…..

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