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Anglo-Force: The Formation & The Return Of Saruman Chapter 11

Dakota, U.S.A. In a secret bunker an unprecedented meeting was taking place. On one side of the table sat Hector McQueen, President of the U.S.A., Julius Schwarz, his Defence Secretary, and Oliver Schmidt, the Secretary of State. Opposite sat His Holiness the Nosferatu, leader of the planet Monstron. McQueen could not believe what he had been told.
    “You are telling me that you want the Frankenstein creature?”
    The Nosferatu nodded.
    “What you must consider, Mr. President, is that not all intelligent life follows your pattern.”
    At this McQueen gave a grim chuckle.
    “On my homeworld the creature is revered as a god!”
    “And you mean to tell me.” replied McQueen. “That the body of the creature was stolen from you.”
    “It was not stolen, sir.” replied the Nosferatu. “Your history was altered so we never took it.
    Schwartz leaned forward.
    “Do you mean that your history was altered too?”
    The Nosferatu nodded.
    “The actions of Saruman, taken unwisely, have created a momentary paradox in the universe. History and the future have been altered. The present will not remain long as it is. Once the two waves of time alteration meet he will have won!”
    Taking their leave of the Nosferatu, the three Americans went into a side room.
    “Do you believe this guy?” asked Schwartz.
    McQueen nodded.
    “Our agencies vouch for him. Get me Simon Harkes on the hot line.”
    Simon Harkes had been told what was going on. He made an urgent call to Pendragon’s mansion. Burns answered.
    “Get me Magus!”
    “Not possible, sir.” said Burns. “Things are moving very gently. Magus is trying to contain an outbreak of vampirism.”
    An angry looked crossed Harkes’ face.
    “Damn it, why am I not told of these things?”
    Then, as he calmed down.
    “We’ve news from the U.S. Saruman the White has been causing problems with his portals. He has disrupted the time flow.”
    “I’m only a zoologist sir, so I don’t fully understand everything to do with time. What is the main problem?”
    Harkes relayed the information to Burns.
    Burns decided to act. With him at the time were Woodwose, Changer and White Knight. Swiftly, he outlined his plans.
    “You’re mad!” cried Changer. “Use Dr. Morbius’ time machine?”
    “Think of it as an experiment. If we can return Kong to New York, circa 1932, then there’s nothing to stop us!”

    The mid-Atlantic Ocean. Far beneath the lashing waves of the Earth’s ocean lay the domed city of Atlantis. A city that had remained mainly unchanged over the past hundred years.
    A meeting of the High Council of Atlantis was taking place. At the head of the huge table sat the leader of the Atlantean people, Prince Poseidon. Leaders of the various regions sat around the table.
    “The world is in grave danger.” said Poseidon. “The threat of Saruman the White is too great for us to ignore.”
    “What can we do?” said Jugar, leader of the Northern Province. “Saruman is only attacking the air breathers. He is not bothering us.”
    “But he will.” said Aldair, the Southern leader. “Saruman wants to take the world for his own. He will not stop at the continents. He will seek out all resistance, no matter how small, and destroy it.”
    “Saruman will not attack us if we do not provoke him.” said Jugar.
    “The decision is not ours to make, Jugar.” said Aldair. “We can only advise. I advise that we seek contact with Dr. Magus. He has gathered a mighty force above. With our assistance, we may be able to change the balance of power.”
    “I say we make no move.” said Jugar. “Most of the world does not know of our existence. The other parts do not care. Maybe Saruman does not know of us!”
    Poseidon sprang to his feet, and thumped the table.
    “You are a blind fool, Jugar.” he said. “Saruman is very powerful. I have not seen the likes of his forces since the last war. The Nazis knew of us then, and I assisted Magus in his efforts against the Third Reich. I assisted Anglo-Force through the fifties. If we stand by and do nothing, we invite destruction. As Aldair pointed out, the decision is mine. We assist Magus and his allies.”

    Whitby, Yorkshire. Hugo Van Helsing and Dr. Magus stood before Carfax Abbey. It was a cold, moonless night. Van Helsing looked up the building.
    “I never thought to see this place myself.”
    Magus managed a grim smile.
    “Come, we must enter.”
    He raised his cane, illuminating the scene with a red, cavourite glow. They moved down into the crypt below.
    “They have gone.” said Magus. “And I fear that they have taken the Frankenstein monster with him.”
    He gestured at an empty case.
    “Do we have any idea where?” asked Van Helsing.
    At that moment, Magician materialized.
    “We have further information, Doctor.” he said. “The Monstrons have come to claim the creature.”
    Swiftly, Magician relayed the information from McQueen to his mentor.
    “This may be the information we need. Return to Craigmillar, Thomas. Make arrangements with the Monstrons to meet us at York Minster.”
    As the apprentice left Van Helsing looked at Magus.
    “York Minster is holy ground. He cannot walk there.”
    “I beg to differ, Hugo.” said Magus. “Today is Lammas Day, is it not? On this night the forces of darkness are exalted, and as Dracula is above most of his kind he will dare to trespass there, for in York Minster is concealed one of the three holy artefacts that can slay Saruman. I believe that is where the three creatures who were here have gone.”
    Granamyr stood outside, waiting. Then, as the two climbed aboard he leapt into the air.
    York Minster was soon in view. In the cathedral precincts stood a small Monstron shuttle. A young pilot walked over to them.
    “I am Commander Karloff, Doctor. We have agreed with your masters that the creature be handed over to us.”
    If all goes well I will be able to give you three guests!” replied Magus.
    Closely followed by Van Helsing they strode into the cathedral. A gruesome snarl broke through the darkness.
    “I sense they are all here.” said Magus. “Hugo, go out and inform the Monstrons.”
    Van Helsing left. Once he had gone Magus sealed the door from within.
    “You may come out now, Count.” he called.
    From the shadows stepped Count Dracula. They made a strange sight; the tall, thin elegant Count and the short, ancient wizard.
    “We meet again, Magus.” sneered the vampire. “You have followed me, dogged me. Tonight it shall end.”
    As Magus stood two strong hands gripped him by the shoulders. Looking over his shoulder he could see the creature behind him. Returning his gaze to the vampire a slow smile stole over his face. Then, to the creature’s amazement Magus was no longer there.
    “You surprise me, Vladimir!” he cried from his new position in front of the alter. “You profess a dislike of my kind, and yet I find you in league with Saruman.”
    “He promised me your death!” snarled Dracula.
    He advanced upon Magus. The wizard moved to one side revealing the cross on the alter. Dracula reeled back. Then the Wolf man leapt to the attack. Magus froze him in mid-air. Then his voice boomed out, echoing around York Minster.
    “Listen to me, Dracula. For centuries you and your companions her have been feared and reviled by mankind. Now you are being used by Saruman. I can end all this.”
    “What do you mean?” asked Dracula.
    “On Earth you are feared. On another world you are revered.”
    As Dracula stepped forwards Magus could see a change in his attitude.
    “What must I do?”
    “I must reverse the process which brought you here. I have already sent the Monstrons to meet you there.”
    “Then do it!” cried the vampire.
    Magus created a portal. He sent his three adversaries through.

    Late nineteenth century, Vasaria. As the Frankenstein creature stood on the burning church two portals appeared. Through one Commander Karloff led the creature to it’s new life. The second portal took nothing.

    Transylvania. A portal opened. Dracula stepped out. For a few seconds he and his past self stood, staring at each other. They merged. Then once more Karloff appeared and led the vampire to a new life. The same happened with Lawrence Talbot.

    Magus stood alone in York Minster. Then a thought occurred to him. He opened a portal and stepped through.
    He reappeared in the crypt of Castle Dracula. Then another portal appeared. Saruman stepped out. Magus reached out and blasted his foe back through the portal. As he fell back through he dropped his staff. Magus seized it and smashed it.
    “Our first real success!” he smiled, as he returned

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