Monday, 31 December 1990

Anglo-Force: The Formation & The Return Of Saruman Chapter 5

The night passed. At his Kensington flat, Watt was getting up. He walked into his living room and drew back the curtains. It was a bright and sunny day. He was about to walk into the kitchen when he heard a familiar beeping noise. He went over to his coffee table and picked up a small object. It was a transmitter given to him by Mr. X, so he could be contacted in an emergency. It contained a small screen. Watt turned it on, to see Chameleon on the screen.
    “Jim! I’m glad you’re up. “ he said. “You’re not going to believe this one. There’s a Messerschmitt bombing the river Thames!”
    “Lewis, if this is some kind of joke, it’s too early in the morning!” said Watt.
    “It’s no joke Jim.” said Chameleon. “Magus and White Knight are already on their way there, but they’ll need help!”
    “White Knight?” queried Watt. “What’s he doing there?”
    “It’ll take a long time to explain.” replied Chameleon. “Just hurry!”
    Watt walked back into his bedroom, and put on his costume. Just as he was about to leave, a half-naked Katrina came out of the bathroom.
    “James!” she said. “Where are you going?”
    “It’s an emergency, Kate.” Watt replied. “No time to explain!”
    “You can explain to me on the way.” said Kate. “I’m coming with you.”
    Quickly, Katrina put on her costume, and then, the Captain and Red Sun left together.

    The likes of a Messerschmitt ME 109-E had not been seen in London for over fifty years. And the sight of one now shocked many. The plane was not dropping bombs onto the bridges, but only into the water, damaging many of the boats. As it continued on it’s journey up the river, Magus started to catch up to it. Not far behind him was White Knight on Galador.
    “What do we do, Doctor?” asked White Knight. “I’m afraid I’m powerless against something like this.”
    Magus held his hand aloft, and it began to glow, a glow of mystical energy. He then pointed his hand at the plane, and directed a blast at the tail section. After a blast like that, any normal plane would have crashed. But this was not a normal plane. It continued on it’s journey.
    “Impossible!” cried White Knight.
    Then, just as the plane was about to dive bomb a cruiser, a gust of wind blew past Magus and White Knight. The plane flew high into the air. It was obvious that Watt was holding it aloft. He then got faster and faster. As he neared mach three, the plane began to break up. Then, it fell apart completely. As the plane broke up the pilot began to fall to the ground. But twenty feet from the ground the pilot just stopped. A cushion of warm air stopped him from hitting the ground, courtesy of Red Sun. Gently, she lowered the pilot to the ground. Magus and White Knight landed next to the pilot.
    “It’s a Gundroid!” said White Knight. “I should have known he’d do something like this! But how did he land on the ground so softly?”
    The answer was soon forthcoming, as the Captain and Red Sun landed.
    “Nice of you to join us, James.” said Magus. “And the answer to your question is here also, White Knight.”
    “This is Red Sun.” said Watt.
    “Red Sun?” queried Magus. “You’re the last person I expected to see here.”
    Then, a laser blast ripped into the ground near them. They all looked up to see four Gundroids pounce on them. Watt quickly picked up one and threw it into the river. White Knight sliced up another, Red Sun blasted the third, and Magus made the final one vanish.
    “What’s going on here?” asked Watt. “Where do all these robots keep coming from?”
    “Heard of Peter Oswald?” asked White Knight. “He’s out on the town again.”
    Then another, more powerful laser blast ripped into the ground. They looked up again to see a figure clad in white hovering above them courtesy of a jet-pac.
    “It’s him!” said White Knight. “It’s Gunner!”
    “Greetings, White Knight!” he boomed. “And this time I see you’ve brought some play-mates with you! A pity I do not recognise any of them, because if I did, it would make more fun killing them!”
    Gunner raised his laser rifle, and fired an even more powerful blast at them. Whilst the Captain, White Knight and Red Sun jumped for cover, Magus just stood there. The blast left a two foot deep crater in the ground, which Magus now stood in the middle of.
    “I don’t believe it!” said Gunner. “No one has ever survived a laser blast of that power before! I did not anticipate this! I must regroup.”
    And with that Gunner turned around and flew away. The Captain and Red Sun flew after him. Gunner looked round, and spotted them.
    “Damn!” he cursed.
    He took out a small device from his belt, and activated it. As the Captain neared Gunner, he pressed a button, and a force-field surrounded the weapons master.
    “Ha!” laughed Gunner. “No one has ever broken into one of my force-fields before!”
    “Not until now!” said Watt.
    Watt flew into the air to gain the momentum he needed. Then, he changed his course, and headed straight toward Gunner. At near mach three speed, Watt burst through Gunner’s force-field, and smashed into his jet pac. There was a small explosion, and Gunner went crashing into the ground.
    Curses!” he said. “I must now definitely retreat!”
    Gunner ducked into an alley. Watt and Red Sun landed nearby. Magus and White Knight were not far behind.
    “Where did he go?” asked White Knight.
    “Dow that alley” said Red Sun.
    White Knight and Galador went down the alley. They saw no one, except for an old tramp.
    “Hey you!” shouted White Knight. “Did you see anyone come down here?”
    “Na guv!” replied the tramp. “’Ave ya got fifty pee for a cuppa?”
    White Knight and Galador left the alley to join the others.
    “Gone!” he said. “I’ve lost him again!”
    “Perhaps not.” said Magus. “I can sense his presence nearby. We may yet catch him!”
    Magus thought for a moment.
    “You three keep an eye on that tramp.” he said. “I’ve got something to check up on.”
    And with that, Magus took to the skies.
    “So what now?” asked Red Sun.
    Then, the tramp left the alley. He stopped, and looked over at the three of them. With a limp, he then continued on his way.
    “Notice his shoes?” said Watt. “A tramp wouldn’t have shoes that clean! It’s Gunner!”
    “But how do we follow him without being seen?” asked White Knight.
    “I can use my speed powers.” said Watt. “I can stay close to him. You two follow from above. Stay high enough so he can’t see you. Understood?”
    White Knight and Red Sun followed Gunner from above, while Watt, vibrating his atoms at super speed, followed him from the ground. As he was having to limp to keep with the character, it took Gunner almost two hours to get to
his destination. He went to an old building that used to be used by Muir Industries, a company which dealt in electronics. They last used the building years ago. It’s layout was perfect for Gunner. It contained some of the technology he required. As soon as he had entered the building, Gunner made his way to the control room. There he sat in front of a large control panel, and he turned on six view screens.
    “The flies are about to enter the spider’s web.” he said.
    Evil laughter filled the room.

    A few minutes later, Watt landed outside the building. He landed near White Knight and Red Sun.
    “This is the only entrance.” said Watt. “And it does not take an idiot to see that this door is made of adamantium.”
    “The strongest metal known to man.” said White Knight. “So how do we get in?”
    Watt took two steps sideways, so he was now facing a wall. With one mighty blow, he smashed a huge man-sized hole in the wall.
    “I said the door was made of adamantium.” said Watt. “Not the wall!”
    Gunner still sat in his control room.
    “Curse you Captain!” he mused. “I’ll have to rely on Muir’s technology now!”
    Gunner grabbed two joysticks on the control panel, and pressed the button on one of them. Watt, Red Sun and White Knight entered a large empty room. The walls were lined with metal.
    “Well.” said White Knight. “No problems so far.”
    “Don’t count your chickens.” said Watt. “Look up there!”
    Watt pointed to the ceiling, where a small hatch opened. From out of the hatch came three, small, hovering droids.
    “I’ve read about these things.” said Watt. “It’s the Muir XS-1 attack droid. They examine your strengths, then try to counter-attack you, so be careful.”
    One of the droids hovered about Red Sun. She raised her hands and fired a sun blast at the droid. The droid immediately covered itself in a force-field. Watt counter attacked, and grabbed the droid and threw it at the wall at high speed.
The second droid moved toward White Knight. He removed Excalibur from it’s sheath. As the droid got closer, it began to fire laser blasts. White Knight blocked each one with Excalibur. As soon as it got closer, he carved up the droid. Then, the final droid flew toward Watt, but he was too quick for it. A quick blow smashed it into a thousand pieces. As the three made their way to the other exit, another two droids appeared. Before Watt could act, they surrounded him and
covered him in a red glow. The glow made him powerless, and it held him in mid-air.
    “It’s cavourite.” said Red Sun. “The only thing that can stop him.
Red Sun raised her hands, but before she could fire a sun blast both droids encased
themselves in a force field. White Knight tried cutting the force field, but even Excalibur was of no use against it.
    “We’ll have to find Gunner.” he called.
    They walked through a long corridor into another room. Before them stood four Gundroids, more powerful than those they had encountered before. They rushed White Knight and Red Sun, holding them to the ground. Red Sun used a blast to free herself, and then took care of her companion’s captors.
    “Come on.” urged White Knight. “There isn’t much time left!”
    But as they rose to leave two more droids encased Red Sun in another force-field, this one being resistant to her powers.
    “So it’s me that he wants.” thought White Knight. “So he can have me!”
    White Knight entered the next room. It was in total darkness. He could not see a thing. Then, he heard a humming sound.
    “At last, White Knight, we are alone!”
    The hum got louder and louder, and then a strip of light appeared. The light covered the whole room. In front of White Knight stood his arch-enemy, Gunner, light-sword in hand.
    “Excalibur is no match for my light-sword!” said Gunner. “Prepare to meet your maker!”
    Gunner leapt toward White Knight, and was about to bring his sword down onto White Knight. He used quick reflexes to bring Excalibur up in time. The battle continued for many minutes. On many occasions, both men nearly ended it. Then, Gunner kicked White Knight in the stomach, knocking him to the ground. Excalibur flew out of his hand. As White Knight lay on his back, Gunner stood over him.
    “Now, White Knight, I will finally destroy you!”
    Gunner raised his sword above his head.
    “You forget one thing!” said White Knight. “Although you have the superior weapon, I am the superior swordsman!”
    Just as Gunner brought his sword down, White Knight rolled out of the way. But before Gunner could go after him again, a blast knocked Gunner against the wall. The impact only shocked Gunner. He looked up to see a little old man standing in front of him, a little old man called Magus.
    “You fool!” said Gunner. “You too will fail!”
    But before he could get up, he found a large sword stuck in his face.
    “Yield, Gunner!” said White Knight. “And no more harm shall befall you!”
    “Never, scum!” sneered Gunner.
    White Knight raised his sword.
    “Then you shall pay the price!” shouted White Knight.
    “No!” cried Magus. “Ours is not the right to hand out such punishment! The law of the land shall deal with him!”
    White Knight lowered his sword. Magus waved his hand, and a bubble enveloped Gunner.
    “This will hold him until we have seen to the others.” said Magus.
    Magus and White Knight walked to where Watt and Red Sun where being held. With another wave of his hand, the droids exploded, setting their captives free. Magus went over to them.
    “They will be weak for a few days.” he said. “But they will make full recoveries.”
    “Thank god!” said White Knight. “But what about Gunner?”
    “There is much evidence here.” said Magus. “Your case against him should be more solid now.”
    “I agree.” said White Knight.
    “After we drop him off we’ll return to the bunker.” said Magus.

    An hour later, Magus and White Knight sat in conference with Mr. X.
    “I understand you are having accommodation problems at the moment.” said White Knight.
    “You’re right there.” said Mr. X. “If we had a cat, we would be able to swing it around. What are you suggesting?”
    “I have a sizeable estate In Surrey.” White Knight replied. I will let you have the run of the place on one condition.”
    “Which is?” asked Mr. X.
    “That is you allow me to join Anglo-Force.” replied White Knight. “After all, we could use each others help.”
    Mr. X extended his hand.
    “Consider yourself hired.” said Mr. X.
    “May I also say.”, said Magus. “That we offer membership to Red Sun. She has great power, and she is also very close to the Captain. Such friendship is useful for an organisation like this.”
    “If she is willing.” said Mr. X. “Now I suggest we all get some rest. It’s been a long day, and we’ve got some house moving to do!”

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