Monday, 31 December 1990

Anglo-Force: The Formation & The Return Of Saruman Chapter 12

A meeting of the United Nations Security Council had been called to discuss the global situation. As was customary, the Iraqi delegation disagreed with every idea the Americans came up with. Many ideas were toyed with. The idea that most of the council agreed with was that forces would be gathered near the Sylvanian-Latvian border. The council voted on this motion. Apart from Iraq, all were in favour of this motion.
    One particular observer of this meeting was horrified when he had heard the result of the vote. The observer was Prince T’Chuka of Voltania. He leapt up from his chair in the press room, and ran into the chamber.
    “You can’t do this!” he cried. “It’s slaughter!”
    “Throw him out of here!” shouted the U.S. ambassador.
    “Wait!” said the British representative. “Let him speak.”
    “I know Voltania has no place on the Security Council.” said T’Chuka. “But sending a multi-national military force to Sylvania would be futile, and result in their deaths.”
    “What do you mean?” asked the Englishman.
    “As you know, a super-powered force, which includes myself, has been assembled.” said T’Chuka. “Let us take care of this situation.”
    “There’s only about twenty of you.” said the American. “How can you make a difference?”
    “We can.” T’Chuka replied. “And we’ll prove it. Give us four weeks. If we can’t do anything by that time, then send in your forces.”
    The council took a vote.
    “You have your four weeks.” said the Englishman. “I just hope that you and your allies will be able to do something.”
    As T’Chuka left the chamber Magus met him outside.
    “They have given us our month.” said T’Chuka.
    “I hope that’s enough.” said Magus. “It must be.”
    He broke into a smile.
    “Of course, the task will be easier now. Saruman does not have his staff! His shield will be weaker!”
    “What do you mean?” asked T’Chuka.
    As they left the building Magus explained.
    “Wizards rely on their staves to conduct their powers. I destroyed Saruman’s when he tried to recruit Dracula. Do you realise the ramifications?”
    “I must admit, I don’t.”
    “It means that in addition to using his powers to control the shield he also had to measure it’s flow. This impairs his efficiency.”
    “Can’t he just cut another?” asked T’Chuka.
    They climbed into Magus’ waiting Rolls Royce. Igor moved the car smoothly into traffic as Magus continued.
    “It is not easy. Each wizards’ staff is cut by Odin himself from Ygdrasil, the tree of knowledge. My cane is cut from there too. Saruman cannot steal one from another wizard as it will not be able to channel his energies. He has spread his net too far! Gradually control will slip away from him. We must hasten the process. A small group may be able to do it.”

    Around the waters of Atlantis, all was calm. The inhabitants of the underwater city had no idea what was about to happen to them. The north of Atlantis swam the huge lobster, Ebirah, and to the sough, the mighty Loch Ness Monster, readying themselves to attack the underwater citadel. One citizen of Atlantis saw one of the mighty creatures, and quickly swam back to the city to warn the others. The men and women looked on in horror as the Loch Ness Monster rammed the dome. The sea bed shook each time. The monster continued it’s attack, and each time, it seemed to have some success. Then, Ebirah began to do likewise, attacking from the other side. When this began, rubble from the buildings inside the dome began to fall to the ground. As this happened. Prince Poseidon ran into the city square. He was soon joined by Aldair.
    “It is as I said.” said Aldair. “Saruman is attacking us!”
    “Quickly.” said Poseidon. “We must try to hold off their attack.”
    The two of them ran to a special airlock, and soon departed the city, and swam toward the two monsters, who were now focusing on the same point. Aldair was the first to get near Ebirah. He reared back, and unleashed a mighty blow. It had no effect on the giant lobster. Aldair tried again, and again, no effect.
    “It’s useless.” cried Poseidon. “One man will have no effect.”
    Aldair knew what his leader meant. The two of them reared back, and struck Ebirah again. This time, they got his attention. The monster looked around, and swung his mighty claw at the two Atlanteans, sending them ‘flying’ through the water. When he regained his senses, Poseidon placed his hands on his temples. He tried to establish a mental link with Ebirah. For a few minutes, he tried, but nothing happened. It was as if a strange force were protecting him. It seemed that all would be lost.
    While this had been going on, Aldair had called in reinforcements. He swam toward Poseidon, a huge shark not far behind him. The shark swam nearer Ebirah. Then, a glow enveloped the shark, and within a matter of seconds, the shark had changed, into what seemed like Godzilla. It was, in fact, Changer.
    Changer brought up his huge ‘paw’ and smashed it against Ebirah’s back. The giant lobster was confused. He thought Godzilla had been captured. He swung his mighty claw at Changer, but the young mutant managed to avoid the blow. Changer retaliated with another blow, this time to Ebirah’s head. He then grabbed hold of the lobster’s claw, and got another hand to Ebirah’s head. He then tossed Ebirah away from the dome. Changer then found himself attacked from behind by the Loch Ness Monster. This attack surprised Changer. Then, Poseidon and Aldair went to join the battle. Just as they were going to aid Changer against the Loch Ness Monster, an axe went flying past them, and embedded itself in the monster’s back. The monster let out a huge cry of pain. Poseidon looked behind to see a wet suit wearing Axe Kid coming up from behind. The attack on the monster allowed Changer to throw him off. Then, he changed back into a shark and swam after Ebirah and the monster. He was closely followed by Poseidon and Aldair.
    As the two monsters fled a huge net appeared before them. Poseidon, Axe Kid and the others arrived just in time to see Magician and Johangas Khan transporting the monsters back to their homes in a mystic net.

    For the first time since Saruman had gathered his forces they could see light at the end of the tunnel. Harkes called a meeting with the alliance leaders. Soon Harkes was aware of the position.
    “Well, we can expect you to finish this matter in the four weeks specified by Prince T’Chuka.”
    Magus smiled quietly. White Knight was more voluble.
    “We’ve received reports that Saruman has taken a prisoner.” he said. “Someone who tried to stop him from taking the Loch Ness Monster.”
    “Who is this man?” asked Harkes.
    “I have only a surname.” said White Knight. “McCloud!”
    “Better known as the Highlander.” said Magus. “The leader of the original Anglo-Force.”
    Then, Magus leaned toward Harkes, fixing him with a firm gaze.
    “I want Russell Nash pardoned for an alleged crime. You have the influence, Harkes. Do it.”
    Harkes spluttered.
    “What has Russell Nash got to do with anything?”
    “Russell Nash and Connor McCloud are one and the same.” said Magus. “There is a file at G.C.H.Q., Q7491, which will clear him. It was sealed in 1955. Do it.”
    Harkes was strangely surprised to find that he agreed with Magus.
    “What about Kong and the pilot?” asked Harkes.
    The telephone rang. A secretary answered.
    “It’s for you, Dr. Magus. Another Doctor, I believe!”
    Magus spoke for less than a minute. Then he put the phone down.
    “I must leave. Other matters call for my attention.”
    Before anyone could stop him, Magus vanished. He reappeared upon Craigmillar, before the castle. By the main door stood a blue police box. The door opened and a man, seemingly of the same age as Magus, stepped out.
    “Dr. Magus.” the figure cried.
    “Dr. Who.” replied Magus. “What have you discovered?”
    “I have discovered several instances throughout time of Winthorns just vanishing. My last port of call was a starship, the Valkyrie, in the 24th century.”
    “There was a Winthorn aboard?”
    “Correct. He was vanishing by the day.” Dr. Who paused. “There is no trace of his bloodline after that time.”
    “We must assume that that is the cut off point.” mused Magus.
    “It is indeed serious.” replied his companion. “For in the 30th century a war will be fought which rages across the universe.”
    “And I take it that one of Winthorn’s descendants averted this war?”
    Dr. Who nodded.
    “You must find a way to return Winthorn, and Kong too, to their correct time zone. To leave them where they are now could prove to be dangerous.”
    “Then we must act quickly. Winthorn’s body is due to be cremated. We must reclaim it.”
    They entered the Tardis, which took them to the London crematorium.
    “We are looking for the body of Winthorn.” said Magus.
    “I’m sorry, sir. But it’s been cremated. His niece, Miss Le Fey, made the arrangements.”
    “That is it, then.” said Dr. Who. “All is lost.”
    “Not yet.” said Magus. “I can restore him if I can get his ashes. It will be risky, but it may work.”

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