Monday, 31 December 1990

Anglo-Force: The Alien Chapter 2

    Ultare Amarus lay on one of the beds in the infirmary, resting. Outside the infirmary Magus, Star Man and White Knight discussed what to do with him.

    “Shouldn’t we call the MOD or something?” asked Star Man. He might be carrying some sort of alien disease or something.”
    “Traxxons are very similar to humans in physiology.” said Magus. “I have detected no diseases in his system. The only thing wrong with him is those laser blast wounds. I fear his life is in great danger form the Predator. Predators are normally only drawn by conflict. There is no conflict between Earth and Traxxor, and I’m sure he’s not involved in any of the smaller wars taking place on Earth at the moment.”
    “So what do we do?” asked White Knight.
    “I suggest that you and Star Man take the sky-jet and go to the crash site.” said Magus. “Try to salvage anything you can from his craft. Try to find anything that may tell us why the Predator is after him.”
    “But I have a meeting with Simon Kennedy in three hours.” said White Knight.
    “Postpone it.” said Magus. “This man’s life is in danger. That’s more important than any meeting.”
    Star Man and White Knight went to the hangar. Magus re-entered the infirmary and walked over to the bed Amarus lay on. Amarus was awake.
    “I think it’s about time you told me everything.” said Magus.
    Amarus paused for a moment before he began.
    “I left my home on Traxxor five years ago. I was one of the first to volunteer for our new space exploration program. So our ships could travel as far as possible it was decided to send one man on each vessel. After seven months of travelling through space I came upon this other vessel. I tried to contact it but I received no reply, so I decided to board it.
    “What I found was a scene of grotesque magnitude. All of the crew of this vessel had been killed in the most horrible way imaginable, their throats cut, skinned. What I did not know was that their killer was still on board.
    “My people had heard of the Predators, but none of us had ever seen one in person before. It attacked me, and I managed to return to my ship. The Predator must have mistaken me for one of those on board, and it followed me through countless star systems. I managed to stay ahead of it with my superior stellar drive, but when I entered your galaxy it attacked me. My guidance system, my weapons, drive system, were totally destroyed. I only just managed to limp to your planet.”
    “Are you saying that this Predator attacked you because you were on this ship you found?”
    “Yes, and now as you have helped me he will probably attack you and your friends, because you have helped me. There may be only one way you can stop him and that is by killing him!”

    The Anglo-Force sky-jet flew over the Hertfordshire countryside. It circled high above the ground searching for the remains of the Traxxon spaceship.
    “I’ve got something.” said Star Man “Just where it was before!”
    They landed the sky-jet next to the spaceship. They walked through the burnt-out metal remains until they found the hatchway. Star Man entered first. He soon found the cockpit area again. He saw in what remained of the pilot’s chair and looked around. White Knight then entered.
    “We won’t be able to salvage anything from this!” he said. “Why Magus sent us here I’ll never know!”
    “The only thing I can tell from this computer system is that it’s far more sophisticated than anything I’ve ever seen before. I bet even the best computer brains in the world couldn’t make head nor tail of this mess.”
    Then they heard something outside. Star Man looked out of the cockpit window.
    “Looks like our Predator friend is back again.” he said. “If you don’t want a bloody battle we’d better get out of here.”
    Star Man and White Knight exited the spaceship and were soon back aboard the sky-jet. Just as they were about to take off the Predator left his ship. He saw the sky-jet and aimed a laser blast at it.
    “We’re hit!” cried Star Man.
    “I know.” said White Knight. “Just concentrate on getting us out of here!”
    The sky-jet was soon high in the air and out of range of the Predator’s laser blasts. The Predator went back into his ship, and he was soon in pursuit of the sky-jet.

    About half an hour later the sky-jet arrived back at the mansion. They had just managed to stay ahead of the Predator’s ship, and he had been unable to lock his weapons onto the sky-jet. The sky-jet landed in the hangar, and Star Man and White Knight rushed to the monitor room where Magus and Amarus were seated.
    “The Predator’s not far behind us.” warned Star Man.
    “I know.” said Magus. “We’ve been monitoring your position.”
    “He’s now above us.” said Amarus.
    The Predator landed his ship not far away from the mansion. He got out, and he was again armed to the teeth. He slow approached the building. As he did the front door opened. The Predator could now see his target, Ultare Amarus. The Predator stopped and raised his laser blaster, and aimed at Amarus. But just before he could fire a charge from White Knight knocked him off his feet. The Predator was sent flying. White Knight prepared to attack him with Excalibur, but the Predator brought his arm up above his head and blocked the attack. White Knight was surprised because no flesh, human or otherwise, had been able to withstand an attack from Excalibur. The Predator then took out his own blade, but that attack was blocked by Excalibur. This battle continued for the next few minutes. Blow was met by blow. This Predator had not fought anyone like this before. Then, as it appeared that neither combatants could gain an edge Star Man joined the fray. A nova blast hit the Predator in the back. This forced him to break off his attack on White Knight. He then turned towards Star Man, who was hovering in the air a few feet away form him. One swipe of his huge arm sent him flying. He then turned back to face White Knight, but he was gone. He looked around but the only one he could see was Ultare Amarus. Amarus moved towards him. He showed no signs of his previous wounds given to him by the Predator. The Predator raised his laser blaster and aimed at Amarus. But before he could fire Magus appeared in front of him. The Predator was confused for a few seconds, but this time he was prepared for the wizard. He quickly adjusted the setting on his wrist blaster and aimed at Magus. He fired, but Magus raised his hand and the blast just bounced off his palm. He fired again, and again, the same result. He again adjusted the setting but this time he was too quick for Magus. The blast hit him in the chest and he was knocked to the floor. He was then hit on the base of his skull. He turned round to see White Knight standing before him once again. His attention diverted, Amarus approached him from behind. He raised his hands and let out a huge fire blast. It hit the Predator squarely in the back. White Knight only just managed to avoid the falling Predator. The alien slumped to the ground, just next to White Knight. Amarus walked over to him and stood over him. The Predator looked up at him. Amarus, his hands still smouldering, prepared to deliver the final blow. He raised his hands, but before he could fire another blast he found his hands encased in a form of metal. He turned round and saw Magus standing behind him.
    “You must not kill.” he said. “Everything has a right to life, no matter what crimes they have committed in the past. To kill is wrong.”
    Magus raised his hand and the metal casing was gone from Amarus’ hands. Magus then walked over to the fallen Predator. He was barely conscious.
    “Mr. Pendragon, please contact the proper authorities.” said Magus. “I believe our friend may soon have a room waiting for him at Dentonville Prison.”

    A few hours later Magus and Amarus stood looking at the remains of the Traxxon spaceship. Amarus looked disheartened.
    “Everything aboard was destroyed in the battle.” he said. “I have no way of contacting Traxxor, and there is no equipment on this planet which could help me.”
    “There will be, in time.” said Magus. “Until that time, however, we are willing to offer you a home, food and friends. I will do all I can to try to return you to your home. In return I ask only one thing. Join us. One with abilities such as yours would be a great asset.”
    “As far as I can see I have no other choice.” said Amarus. “I have learned that people on your planet fear what they do not understand. I think that they would not understand me, or where I came from. I will join you, for as long as I remain here.”
    “This may seem an odd question, but on Traxxor did you have any ‘special’ names?” asked Magus. “If you are to join Anglo-Force the government would probably insist on it.”
    “On Traxxor I was considered the most powerful of my clan.” Amarus replied. “I was known as the Fire Master!”

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