Monday, 31 December 1990

Anglo-Force: The Alien Chapter 1

    The wreck lay smouldering in the Hertfordshire countryside. For some unexplained reason this aircraft had crashed, and it’s pilot had just barely escaped with his life intact. What was different about this aircraft was that it was not of this planet. This space-craft, or UFO as others would call it, had suffered major instrument malfunction, and it was taken way off-course. The main hatchway blew, and from inside the crashed aircraft what appeared to be a man staggered out. The man looked human in appearance. He looked around. It was bitterly cold. The first snow storm of the winter had fallen two days earlier. It reminded him of his home, except his home was much colder. Then, a red glow appeared around the alien. It was his way of keeping warm, a natural ability that all of his race had developed. It was the only way to keep warm on an ice planet. He looked out into the distance, and he could see some lights, the lights of the nearest town. He decided to journey to that town. Maybe he would find someone who could help him. His ship was a total write off. Only a few things could be salvaged. His radio was shot. He had no was of contacting his own world. He was on this planet, alone, and had no way of returning home.

    Steven Solo sat in the monitor room at the Anglo-Force mansion. He was busy checking the instruments. Arthur Pendragon sat next to him, trying to rub the sleep from his eyes. He did not enjoy being woken at two in the morning.
    “I tell you, Arthur, there was something there. This radar system is far more powerful than the one used by the RAF. There was a UFO flying over Hertfordshire!”
    “But can’t this wait until the morning? I’ve got an important meeting with the new Home Secretary at ten. I’ve got a lot of preparation to see to.”
    “But this may be our only chance to contact alien life!”
    “Then you go alone. I’m going back to bed!”
    Pendragon walked slowly out of the monitor room. Solo got up from his chair and picked up a small tracking device. After linking it to the main computer he went upstairs to his quarters. A few seconds later he flew out of the window, now in the guise of Star Man. As he flew off towards Hertfordshire Dr. Magus stood in the grounds of the mansion, watching Star Man fly off into the distance. He too had sensed something, but his senses were far more powerful than the ones in the monitor room. He knew exactly what had crashed in the countryside, a visitor from another world!

    The alien had walked for an hour before he reached the small town. He walked down the high street, constantly looking around at the surroundings, taking in this world that was alien to him. He saw two youths in the distance. They saw him too. Each had a can of beer in their hand. The alien stopped when the youths approached him. They were obviously very drunk. The alien looked confused when the youths burst out laughing and started pointing at him.
    “Cor, look Pete!” Looks like some reject from a sixties space show!”
    “You ought to get with the present mate! You look like some bloody alien in that get up!”
    The youths pushed past him and continued laughing. The alien looked at his clothes, and then looked at the ones worn by the youths. He then walked after the youths. He soon caught up to them. He placed his hands on their shoulders and spun them round. They were shocked to see who had stopped them.
    “Your clothes. I want them.”
    The youths looked confused. The beer had obviously got to them. But a few seconds later they were in no position to object. The beer had definitely got to them. The alien had decided to keep his own clothes on and took the coats and trousers of one of the youths and put them on. He then made sure that the youth did not freeze in the snow. He picked up a small rock, and using his power he heated it and placed it in the hand of the youth. He then continued on his way.

    Star Man had arrived at the crash site. The wreckage was still smouldering from the fire. He got nearer to the wreckage. He could easily tell it wasn’t your average type of aircraft. He then saw the blown hatchway and decided to look inside. Carefully he stepped inside. It was almost completely burnt out. He went further inside. He saw only the one seat and the one bed. Obviously a one man craft. He checked further but could find no sign of life. He then went back outside and looked around the immediate area. No sigh of life anywhere. Then he saw the lights of the town in the distance. If there was any alien aboard that craft it would have obviously headed for the nearest sign of life. He then took to the air and headed toward the town. As he did he saw another aircraft in the distance heading toward the town. He recognised the aircraft instantly. It, too, was from another planet, but it was not carrying a friendly passenger. It carried one that would mean big trouble for anyone in this area.

    The alien had now made his way to the edge of town. He was now happy because he looked like any normal human, but he was still a bit cold. Then the red glow appeared around him again. Again, he was warm. He now stood and once again took in his surroundings. It was obvious he was not going to find help in this place. It was too small. It would have no equipment, nothing which he could use. So as he was now strong enough he decided to take to the skies. The red glow appeared around him, and slowly he began to rise from the ground. Slowly he got higher and higher until he could see the entire town from the sky. Then a look of shock horror appeared on his face as he saw the aircraft Star Man had seen a few minutes earlier. He, too, recognised it as a Predator ship, the Predator ship that had been hunting him all over the galaxy, the ship that had caused him to crash on the Earth. It now meant that he would have to defend himself against this threat once more. So he flew back towards the ground and took cover. The Predator ship landed not far away from him. The hatchway opened and a single, lone Predator departed from the ship. He looked around, searching for his prey. The Predator was armed to the teeth. He continued to scan the area. He looked toward the bushes. He adjusted his sensors. He had found his target. He raised his arm and a laser blast shot out from the device on his arm. The blast ripped into the nearby tree. There was a huge explosion, and the tree tumbled toward the ground. The alien barely had enough time to get out of the way. He flew through the air and landed on his back. The Predator moved towards him. He raised his other hand, which was holding a whirring blade. He raised his arm and prepared to bring it down on the alien, but the alien managed to get out of the way. He then got to his feet, pointed his hand at the Predator, and fired a burst of flame, which hit the Predator in the stomach. The Predator let out a huge cry of pain. It began to slump to the ground. He then extended his arm and fired another laser blast. The blast ripped through the alien’s shoulder. Another blast ripped through his leg. It seemed as if the alien was helpless. The Predator got to his feet and walked toward the alien, who was in a tremendous amount of pain. The Predator again raised his blade, and again began to bring it down towards the alien, but just as he was about to make contact a blast of energy hit him from behind. The Predator was stunned. He turned round and saw the small figure of Dr. Magus standing in front of him. Mystical energy surrounded the wizard’s hands. The Predator stared at Magus. He recognised the wizard. He also recognised the fact that he was only prepared to battle the alien and not a wizard. He knew that at this moment in time he would stand no chance against Magus. So he leapt into the sky, ignited his rocket pack and flew back towards his ship. He soon took off, but it was obvious he would return. Then, Magus walked over to the alien. He kneeled down and began to examine his wounds. The alien looked at him.
    “Who are you?” he asked.
    “Perhaps I should ask you the same question.” Magus replied. “It is obvious you are not of this planet. What is your name?”
    “Amarus. Ultare Amarus.”
    “Amarus? You’re a Traxxon?”
    “How do you know of Traxxor? Mine is the first ship to leave our sector. It is the first time a Traxxon craft has entered your sector of the galaxy.”
    “I have met a Traxxon before, but now is not the time to explain how. We must get away from here. I can’t heal your injuries here.”
    Magus raised his hand, and Amarus began to rise from the ground. Just as they were about to leave Star Man arrived. A smile appeared on his face.
    “You found the alien then.” he said. “I never thought he would look so….human!”
    “Now is not the time Mr. Solo.” said Magus. “Our friend here is injured, and the Predator could return at any moment. We must return to the mansion.”
    “Where are you taking me?” Amarus asked.
    “Somewhere safe.” Magus replied. “I will treat your injuries, then you can tell me how you came to crash on Earth, and why a Predator is chasing you.”

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