Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Passing the Time With Championship Manager *Updated March 31st*

So as Boris has told me to stay at home I'm passing the time by playing as Norwich City on old Championship Manager games. I tried the first one but quickly gave up because of the made-up players.

Quickly moving on to CM93, and ten games in Norwich have achieved mid-table respectability. Efan Ekoku is the top scorer in the Premier League, and I signed a young Italian by the name of Christian Vieri.

Saturday, 28 March 2020

New Fiction Addition: The New Age *March 28th*

Those of you who follow me on social media may have seen that I've been adding a few old chapters to the blog in recent times. The New
Age was by far the biggest Anglo-Force story I'd written at the time,coming in at over 25 chapters. Hopefully you've already read the prequel, set during World War II, and there will also be a sequel of sorts, set during the time of The Valkyrie Chronicles.

The first few chapters have already been posted, and you can read them by clicking on the links below. More links will be added when the chapters go online. Enjoy!
Chapter One

Monday, 23 March 2020

Fuck You, and the Cars You Drove In On #coronavirus #Cromer

To all you fuckwits and cockwombles who came into my hometown of Cromer this past weekend, despite the government and the medical types advising you to stay at home.

To all of those who lined up outside our takeaways and crowded into our gift shops, treating what is a national emergency as a nice day trip to the seaside.

Fuck you.

I was prepared to put my health at risk for the likes of you. I really wanted to work for companies like Morrisons and Tesco, companies that are crying out for employees because people like you have treated this whole coronavirus thing like a great big fucking joke.

Well fuck you.

I'm glad I didn't get that job at Morrisons, and if Tesco come calling offering me a job I'll turn them down. I really don't want to serve people like you, because years of experience in the retail and customer service industry would go out of the window if you complained to me about not being able to get items that we always take for granted.

So to all of your fuckwits and cockwombles who came into my hometown this past weekend, enjoying a nice day out a treating this whole situation as one big joke.....

Fuck you, and the cars your drove in on.

Friday, 20 March 2020

The Strange World of Coronavirus and Job Hunting

The past few days have been quite strange with regards to job searching. It went from almost nothing to most of the big local supermarkets looking for staff to cope with the demand caused by the coronavirus panic buying.

This also conincided with the news that the Department for Work & Pensions have cancelled all face-to-face appointments, with all benefit payments made automatically for at least the next three months.

I have to admit that this has left me in two minds. On one hand I've applied for a lot of these new jobs, simply because I want to work and I want to help.

But on the other hand I have a heart condition and I may be one of those who is at risk. I've not only heard all of the horror stories about panic buying, I've also seen some pretty nasty things myself. When I see what's happening, when I hear about some of the abuse retail workers are getting at the moment I think to myself thank fuck I'm not working at the moment.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Should I Even Bother Looking for a Job Right Now? #coronavirus

Here's an example of how things have changed over the past day or so:

Normally I average about ten to fifteen job applications per day. In the past three weeks I've had seven interviews.

Today's job search yielded just 1 possible application. Just 1. And I'm not even sure if I should bother applying because of the current situation.

Makes me wonder if I should even bother looking at the moment.

Monday, 16 March 2020

It's Not The End of the F**king World! #coronavirus

If you're looking for basic painkillers such as paracetomol and ibuprofen in Cromer you'll be lucky to get any.

I take them twice a day for three long-term injuries, plantar fasciitis (soft tissue damage) in my left foot, frayed cartilage in my right knee, and tendonitis in my right shoulder. Because you're only allowed to buy one pack of each from a shop I normally do the rounds in town once a week or so. I normally buy the cheap stuff because I'm on JSA.

But today was an almost fruitless exercise. Superdrug, Boots and Lloyds had nothing. Iceland only had ibuprofen. Co-Op in the town centre, QD and Morrisons had nothing, although I was able to get some well-known brand name cold capsules in Morrisons, which are quite a bit more expensive than the cheaper Morrisons ones.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

The World Needs a Good Slap #coronavirus

You know, there's a big part of me what would like to grab the world by it's shoulders, give it a good shake, and then slap it around the face and tell it to stop acting like a bloody idiot.

Monday, 2 March 2020

Finding a New NHS Dentist is a Pain in the Arse

So I thought that now as the old ticker is more or less sorted l'll get the nashers done, but finding a new NHS dentist who'll take me on is a pain in the arse.

Sheringham won't take me back because I didn't make an appointment to see them last year, and they won't bend their rules a little even after I told them that the reason I couldn't see them last year was because I was ill.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

When Mr. Jolly Lived Next Door

When people of a certain age think of Nicholas Parsons, they probably think of Sale of the Century. The phrase “live from Norwich, it’s the quiz of the week!” was made all the more special if you lived from Norwich, even though we found out years later that the show wasn’t actually live. Although to be honest with you the sight of Nicholas Parsons trying to convince people to buy mink coats, rickety-looking caravans and brown and beige family saloon cars for knockdown prices didn’t exactly appeal to me at the time.

Mr. Parsons’ appeal to me changed a great deal on the night of March 5th, 1988, when we found out that a certain Mr. Jolly lived next door.