Friday, 26 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Twenty-Eight

    The Liberator moved to within sensor range of Saurian Major. Blake had asked Zen to take them there, but he had not given any reason to the others. This annoyed them, but annoyed Avon more.
    “We have achieved a standard orbit around Saurian Major.” Zen announced.
    “Well perhaps now you will tell us why we are here.” said Avon.
    “I said I intended to fight back against the Federation.” Blake said. “This will be out first target.”
    Blake pointed to the planet on the view-screen.
    “Saurian Major was formerly a Federation colony which gained independence over a hundred years ago. It was subsequently annexed forty years ago. On the surface is one of their main relay stations. Nearly all of their transmissions from their rim ships are beamed into this station, boosted, and sent on to Starfleet Command. Destroy this station and it will be like cutting off one of their limbs.”
    “If it is as important as you say then surely it will be heavily guarded.” said Jenna. “If we teleport in we’ll be detected, and the guards will stop us from entering.”
    “We can get help from the surface.” said Blake. “Ever since the Federation annexed them they have had a problem with the Resistance here. They’ve tried everything to get rid of them but have had only marginal success.”
    “So your job is simple then.” said Vila. “Get in, plant the bombs, and get out. I don’t fancy your chances!”
    “Our chances Vila.” Blake said. “You and Avon are coming with me.”
    Vila sighed.
    “I’m going to need someone who can help us get past their security systems.” Blake continued. “You’re the perfect man for the job. Avon, you’re also coming.”
    “I would just like to go on record saying that I am against this ‘mission’ of yours.” Avon announced. “I believe it is futile.”
    “Your view is noted.” said Blake. “Now let’s get ready.”
    Ten minutes later Blake, Avon and Vila stood in the Teleport Room, kitted out for their mission. Gan and Jenna sat at the teleport controls.
    “I’ll put you down three miles from the station.” Jenna said. “You should arouse suspicion that far away.”
    “But we’ll get blisters walking to the station.” complained Vila.
    Blake pushed Vila onto the teleport pad. Avon joined a few seconds later.
    “Okay, put us down.”
    Jenna energized the teleport beam. Seconds later they were gone from the Liberator.

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Twenty-Seven

    After a brief stop at Deep Space Nine the Lohengrin neared the planet Onara in the de-militarized zone along the Federation/Cardassian border. Just the thought of being this close to Cardassian territory kept most of the crew on edge, so much so that Sinclair placed the ship on yellow alert.
    “We have achieved a standard orbit.” Riker reported from the Ops position.
    “Captain, we are being hailed.” Tarses reported.
    “On screen.” Shelby ordered.
    The image of a slightly-greying man appeared on the screen. Sinclair could tell he was of the Native American race on Earth.
    “Greetings Captain. My name is Chakotay. I am the liaison officer here. I was not informed of any Federation starships entering the zone.”
    “I am Captain Jeffrey Sinclair, commanding officer of the Lohengrin. Our mission is rather a delicate one Mister Chakotay. I’m trying to get in touch with a former Starfleet commander, Calvin Hudson. His last known whereabouts where in this system.”
    “I know of Calvin Hudson, but  I’ve never met him. I heard he was working with the Maquis.”
    “That is why I want to talk to him. I want to get to the bottom of this situation.”
    “Perhaps we had better talk in person Captain. I know someone who may be able to put you in touch with Hudson. I’ll give you the transporter co-ordinates.”
    Tarses looked at his panel as the signal came in.
    “Thank you Mister Chakotay. I’ll be seeing you shortly. Lohengrin out.”
    The transmission was ended. Sinclair stood up and walked towards the turbo-lift.
    “Riker, Tarses, Counsellor, you’re with me.”
    “With all due respect.” said Shelby. “I don not think you should lead the away team. Regulations state…”
    “This situation requires some diplomacy Commander.” said Sinclair. “And working on Babylon 5 has given me quite a bit of experience. I’m sure nothing can go wrong down there.”

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Twenty-Six

    The day of Ro Laren’s preliminary hearing had arrived. As she sat in her cell, dressed in her Starfleet U uniform, the force field lowered and Commander Sleer entered.
    “To what do I owe this pleasure?” Ro said sarcastically. “I suppose Servalan wants to make sure I get a fair hearing!”
    “You will soon pay for your insolence!” Sleer sneered. “Plotting the death of the Federation President is a very serious offence. You could be sentenced to death.”
    “We both know I had nothing to do with the explosion.”
    “Enough of this. Get to your feet.”
    Sleer motioned to the two guards that were standing outside the door. They came inside and put restraints on Ro’s wrists. Then they lead her out of the building, with Sleet following behind them.
    They were soon in the open air, and once they were outside Ro put her plan into action, a plan she had been formulating for the past four days. Raising her arms slight she elbowed one of the guards in the stomach, and while he was doubled over brought her knee up so it connected with his nose. The guard fell to the ground, and Ro rolled over and picked up the phaser the guard had dropped. She then fired at the other guard, rendering him unconscious. Sleer, meanwhile, had drawn his phaser, but he could not aim at Ro. She was too quick for him. Ro, however, managed to fire at Sleer, catching him with a blast to his shoulder. She then ran away as fast as she could before ducking into an alcove not far away. She then managed to aim the phaser at her restraints, breaking them so she could move her arms more freely. She then continued on her journey.
    Sleet did not want his wound treated. He insisted on supervising the search for Ro himself. Twenty security teams scoured the surrounding streets of London, but not one of them could find her. Before finally giving in to the pain from his wound Sleer silently cursed Starfleet’s advanced tactical training program, because it was Ro’s knowledge of those methods which gave her an edge in evading her captors.

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Twenty-Five

    It was the proudest moment of Jeffery Sinclair’s life. Ever since he was a young boy he dreamed of commanding a starship, he knew that would be his destiny, and after a long and distinguished career in Starfleet, most notably as the first commanding officer of Babylon 5, his dream was about to be fulfilled.
    In the shuttle craft designated ‘Turandot’ Captain Sinclair sat in the main control section next to the man who was to be his science officer, the twenty-one year old Vulcan, Lieutenant Xon. Xon was considered a bright young man, even by Vulcan standards. Indeed, the Vulcan Science Academy would have been upset when Xon declared his intent to enter Starfleet Academy, had Vulcans shown that emotion.
    The shuttle was heading towards the Utopia Planitia Yards in orbit around Mars, and towards the U.S.S. Lohengrin-B, the third starship to carry that name.
    “Turandot to Lohengrin.” said Xon. “Request permission to land.”
    A woman’s voice gave the reply.
    “Turandot, you are cleared for landing in Shuttle Bay Three.”
    The tractor beam was soon operated, guiding the shuttle into the bay. Upon landing Sinclair turned to Xon.
    “That was a pleasant journey Lieutenant. I hope it is the first of many.”
    “As do I, Captain.”
    The two men then got to their feet and left the shuttle. Upon entering the bay area they saw that many officers had gathered to greet them.
    “Stand to attention!” Xon boomed. “Captain on deck.”
    Sinclair walked forward and took his place at a podium that had been erected.
    “Under the authority of Starfleet Command, I, Jeffrey Sinclair, take command of the U.SS. Lohengrin. Orders signed, Admiral Duncan McCloud, Commander-In-Chief, Starfleet.”
    Sinclair then stepped down from the podium.
    “Ladies and gentlemen, some of you I know, some I do not, but I would like to say I hope it is a pleasure serving with you.”

Monday, 22 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Twenty-Four

    The Liberator moved through space at the equivalent of warp five. There was still some time before they would arrive at Cygnus Alpha so they decided to explore the ship even further.
    Avon led them down a corridor to a discovery he had made. He led them into an alcove room. On one side of the room there appeared to be some sort of transporter pad, with an operating panel facing it on the opposite side of the room.
    “What is this?” asked Jenna.
    “This is a teleport system.” Avon replied.
    “You mean a transporter?” said Blake.
    “No, a teleporter. From what I can tell it works on the same principles of the sub-space transporter, dubbed the teleporter.
    “You mean we could teleport across great distances?”
    “No. It works like this. If we were to orbit a planet on one side we could teleport to the far distant side of that planet.”
    “That will come in useful.”
    Then a call came through from the Bridge. It was from Zen.
    “We have arrived in a stationary orbit around Cygnus Alpha.”
    Blake turned to Avon.
    “How does this teleporter work?”
    “You have to wear one of these bracelets.”
    Avon handed Blake one of the bracelets, which he put on.
    “The bracelet also contains a communicator.” Avon continued. “You can only be brought back up while you wear the bracelet. Lose it and we lose you.”
    Blake then took hold of two of the other bracelets. He then picked up the weapon he had taken from the Bridge.
    “Set co-ordinates for half a mile from the main camp.” he said, stepping onto the teleporter pad. “I will contact you once every hour.”
    “I’m not entirely sure how these controls work.” said Avon.
    “You’ve spent the last hour studying them.” said Blake. “So I’ll just have to trust you.”
    Blake took the weapon out of it’s holster.
    “Okay. Put me down.”
    With a flick of a switch Blake began to shimmer, his molecules being converted into energy. Seconds later he was gone. Jenna then checked the scanner.
    “He’s down, and he’s safe.”
    “Let’s just hope he’s not a fool.”

Sunday, 21 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Twenty-Three

    The squadron had no idea what hit them.
    The patrol of Narn fighters had travelled along the rim of unexplored space at regular intervals for a few days now, hoping that they would see something, something that could tell them what or who had attacked their outpost in Quadrant Thirty-Seven. The reports had been of a strange ship that was there and was then not there.
    This patrol, however, carried a ‘special’ pilot. Ever since he had left Babylon 5 G’Kar had hardly been seen. The attack on the outpost had upset him greatly. He had learned upon arrival on the Narn Homeworld that his nephew had been killed in the attack. Now he wanted to find out who or what had killed his nephew.
    He did not have much longer to wait.

Saturday, 20 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Twenty-Two

    O’Rourke stood in front of the sensor panel, waiting to give her report to Watt.
    “They’ve arrived, Captain.” she reported. “They are thirty metres away from the main bridge area.”
    On board the alien vessel Blake, Avon and Jenna looked around at the unfamiliar alien surroundings. Blake took out the tri-corder he had been given and began to scan the area.
    “The bridge is thirty metres in front of us.” he said. “The life signs of the away team are getting weaker and weaker.”
    “Then let’s get this over with.” said Avon. “I have no desire to remain Watt’s pawn for long.”
    Avon pushed past Blake and took the lead. With Jenna in the middle Blake brought up the rear.
    They soon found the entrance to the Bridge. Wanting to get it over with as soon as possible Avon marched onto the Bridge. He was closely followed by Jenna.
    “Wait!” Blake called. “The energy reading is coming from in there! It may be…”
    Before he finished speaking Blake could hear Avon and Jenna cry out in pain. Rushing in Blake saw what was causing the energy reading. There was a massive energy cloud hovering some ten feet above the floor, and it seemed to have some sort of mental grip on Avon and Jenna, causing them great pain. Then Blake dropped his tri-corder as he grabbed his head in pain. Before his eyes he could see images, images of his past, images he did not want to remember. But then he started to talk to himself.
    “It’s not real!” he said. “The image is not real! It was planted into my mind!”

Friday, 19 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Twenty-One

    Captain Picard sat in his Ready Room aboard the Enterprise. He was not best pleased that Servalan had imposed Travis upon him. The man was nothing more than a thug. As he sat brooding a message came through from the Bridge. It was Data.
    “We have received a rather strange transmission Captain.”
    Picard stood and entered the Bridge. Data was seated at the science station.
    “What does the transmission say Mr. Data?” asked Picard.
    A quizzical look passed over the android’s face.
    “It merely says ‘Speak, friend, and read on.’”
    Picard looked at the strange script on the screen.
    “What language is that?” he asked.
    “The computer has identified it was Dwarfish Captain.” replied Data. “A language spoken by the Dwarf races on the Time of Legends. I believe that Ambassador Magus is fluent in the language.”
    Picard smiled thinly.
    “Data, Magus is fluent in every language. Are you trying to tell me the transmission is from him?”
    “It is a possibility sir.” replied Data.
    Picard looked pensive.
    “Very well. I want no word of this to get to Commander Travis. Data, use the computer to analyse the message. If it is from Magus it must mean something, but what?”

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Twenty

    The next few days were spent planning how they should take over the Valkyrie’s computer. They were planning their attempt so well that the guards had no idea they were hatching any kind of plot.
    It was during one night, when security was at it’s minimum, that Avon set to work. Moving over to the replicator he looked around to see that no one was watching. He was lucky because no one was. He then began to slowly moved the wall panel, revealing the circuits underneath. To an expert like Avon the system looked relatively easy. He then began to study the circuits, imprinting the circuit layouts to his memory.

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Nineteen

    In Transporter Room Three aboard the U.S.S. Valkyrie a call was received from the transporter station in Cromer, telling them to energise the beam. A minute later Captain James Watt arrived back from his leave of absence, having been granted that leave after the death of the man he was named after.
    With bag draped over his shoulder Watt left the transporter room and started to make his way to his quarters when he bumped into Doctor Gourlak Singh. The Indian was pleased to see him.
    “Jim! It’s good to see you again! How’s your boy?”
    “Simon? He gave me some good news. He’s about to take the Academy entrance exam. Hopefully he’ll be there at the next intake.”
    “And what about Diane?”
    A smile appeared on Watt’s face.
    “We talked a lot. We managed to get a few things straightened out, and….”
    Once again Watt smiled.
    “And?” urged Singh.
    “And we agreed to meet on Rycea next time I get shore leave.”
    Singh slapped Watt on the back.
    “You old devil! I told you before your divorce you should try to patch things up!”
    “Maybe now I’ll always follow my doctor’s advice!”
    They then entered the turbo-lift.
    “Deck eight.” Watt said.
    There was then a silence in the turbo-lift, a silence that was broken by the sound of Watt’s communicator.
    “Watt here.”
    “Commander Sutek here sir. We are receiving a transmission from Admiral McCloud at Starfleet Command, priority one.”
    Watt let out a slight sigh.
    “Understood Commander. I’ll take it in my quarters.”