Thursday, 21 October 2021

The Madness Returns - Chapter Three

    Magus had lied. He had no intention of staying behind and trying to find a way of tapping into Woodwose’s mind. He knew what was going to happen, and he also knew that the events of today would have a far reaching effect not only on him but on all his friends around him.
    Standing up he left a bemused Chief Jackson alone as he strode off purposefully. I can’t let it happen he began to think to himself. I must stop him. I must stop Woodwose. If I do none of it will happen.
    Magus knew that he had the power to stop the mighty man-beast, and stop him before he caused pain and destruction. He had seen something that told him that he would be saving the lives of many in the years to come by stopping Woodwose now. He knew what he had to do.
    He then launched himself into the sky and headed into the direction his comrades had headed moments earlier. They had no chance of stopping Woodwose, he knew that. Only he could. Only an Istarian could halt him.
    But this Istarian never had the chance to. Just as he was nearing full speed something stopped him, some sort of invisible barrier. Magus crashed into it and plummeted down onto the ground, crashing into the earth, except that he wasn’t on Earth any longer.

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

The Madness Returns - Chapter Two

    Governor Corkindale sat in his office at Dentonville Prison, getting ready the end the long working day that had just finished. Security was now at maximum, several new inmates having arrived in the past few days. However, he was not expecting what was about to happen.
    In the main control room the alarm suddenly sounded. Jackson, the chief of security, looked at the main screen. The infra-red cameras showed something moving towards the perimeter wall, something huge. Jackson called Corkindale, but before he cold get to the control room the image was gone.
    “I tell you sir, it was there!” Jackson said. “The infra-red showed it! It was huge! Like some kind of monster!”
    “Are you sure these things aren’t on the fritz?” asked Corkindale. “Maybe that General Billiar did something to the sensors when he got Theophilus out!”
    Then, as they spoke, the ground began to shake, and once again the alarms sounded. One of the guards raced into the room.
    “Chief! You’re not going to believe this bloody thing! Something’s trying to break into the prison!”
    Jackson and Corkindale ran out of the room as the guard led them to the other side of the compound. The first thing they saw was the guards firing on something, the intruder. Corkindale couldn’t see anything at first, but then he got a clear view, a clear view of the intruder. It was someone he had not expected to see again, let alone someone who would try and break into the prison.
    “It can’t be! Woodwose!”
The man-beast had returned to the place where he was held after his defeat at the hands of James Watt. Now he was tearing up the place like it was nothing more than a piece of paper.
    Then, in the middle of his rampage, Woodwose suddenly stopped and stared at Corkindale, eye to eye. It was as if he knew the governor of this prison. It was as if Woodwose blamed Corkindale for keeping him here. Breaking off from his mindless assault he lunged towards Corkindale and soon had a hold of him. He picked him up like he was a piece of rubbish and placed a huge furred had around his neck. With one gentle bit of pressure he snapped Corkindale’s neck like a twig and then threw him to the ground with such force that the impact carried him six foot into the concrete. Then, feeling that his work was done, Woodwose leapt into the air, not even looking around as the guards continued to fire at him. Seconds later the guards could no longer see him.
    Jackson walked over to the crater that had been created in Woodwose’s attack. He looked down and could tell that Corkindale was dead. Sorrow and sadness filled him for but a moment as he knew what he had to do.
    “Someone contact the Anglo-Force mansion! Get someone out here!”

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

The Madness Returns - Chapter One

    The last thought, the last sentient thought, that had passed through the mind of Woodwose was why? Up until recently he had been a refugee from a distant planet, driven out of his home, off his planet by the tyrant known only as the High Wolfman. Even then, when he had made a home on Earth and found friends in humans was his safety at risk from his own kind. Colonel Chaney had come across the galaxy seeking revenge on his old enemy, driving him insane, causing pain and destruction wherever he went. Still, even after the Q had cured him of his madness all was not right. Freed by the disgraced General Billiar the madness returned after an encounter with one Armand Theophilus.
    Now his every waking thought consisted of one thing, rage. Pure, primal, animal rage. The madness had reverted Woodwose back to his animal instincts. All intelligent thoughts were gone. He lived on animal instincts alone. He had no memories of his previous life. His only memories were those of his last fight against a man who didn’t look like he would have a chance against this mighty man-beast. This man stood more than a chance against the mighty Woodwose. He matched him power for pure raw power. This man had captured Woodwose after an epic battle. Now Woodwose, free, away from the cage he had been kept in after he was captured, now had the chance for revenge, revenge against the human who had beaten him, and revenge against those who had tried to stop him before.

Thursday, 7 October 2021

New Fiction Addition: Anglo-Force - Corporation

As the fallout from the Cyberdine incident continues James Watt recieves an offer from a man who wants to put his company's seedy reputation behind them. Is it a genuine offer? 

Originally written in 1995, the 20th Anglo-Force story, Corporation, is now online for the first time and can be read by clicking on the links below!

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

How Would You Like To Know?

I have a question for you, although this is really aimed at a certain group of people. The question is this: if something happened to me, how would you like to find out about it?

The reason I’m asking this particular question is quite simple. We live in a day and age where social media is king, it’s the premier way of finding out how a person is doing and what’s been happening to them, be it good, bad, or otherwise.

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

The Time Travel Dream: Should We Tell Them?

In the past I’ve shared with you some of the dreams I’ve had, dreams which included strange occurrences such as footballer Frank Lampard burning my house down and professional wrestler Jeff Jarrett painting my shed orange.

The dream I’m about to share with you is actually quite a personal one, and I have to admit that I did have second thoughts about putting pen to paper as it were, and while I have no idea what those other dreams meant it’s pretty obvious that I wouldn’t need a dream interpreter to find out what this one means.

This dream saw me and my brother Michael somehow travelling back in time. We found ourselves standing outside our old four bedroom house on Lynewood Road. We could tell instantly that it was April 1982, and the family were gathering to celebrate my brother Jon’s 21st birthday.

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Rest In Peace Homer

In 2010 after a young black cat was born his mother went crazy and killed all of his siblings not long after they were born. Luckily for him the cat’s owners managed to get to him before his mother did. They cared for him and reared him by hand, nick-naming him “Titch” as he grew into a big bruiser of a thing.

A year or so later they had to find a new home for him, and that’s where I come in. After replying to an online ad my brother went to collect him, and he became a member of our family. The “Titch” moniker was more of a nickname, so I decided to name him after my favourite comedy character, Homer Simpson.

Sunday, 8 August 2021

The Two Sheds Mix Tapes 52-55: The Genesis Effect *UPDATED AUGUST 8TH*

They were considered giants of progressive rock before they morphed into one of the giants of 80’s rock, and along the way their members have forged successful solo careers and seconds bands. They’re also one of my all-time favourites, so it seems fitting that the mighty Genesis gets The Two Sheds Mix Tape treatment.

Friday, 16 July 2021

What Were You Doing When You Were 19?

Can I ask you, what were you were doing when you were 19 years old?

Me? I was washing dishes in a local hotel, enjoying free beer in the hotel bar while getting occasionally drunk, and spending a great deal of my wages on tapes and compact discs in my local branch of Woolworths.

I wasn’t standing in the middle of 60,000 people in a stadium or a television audience of 31 million, about to take a penalty that could send the nation into a rapturous celebration or a deep depression.

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

They'll Still Watch EastEnders

One of the things that covid anti-vaxxers seem to go on about a great deal is their distrust for mainstream media. Since the pandemic began they’ve constantly told us that companies such as the BBC, ITV and Sky have been lying to use about everything, and that their news and current affairs programmes are all a part of some big worldwide conspiracy to control us.

They tell us that we should boycott them, that we shouldn’t watch their news output, but when they tell us this they seem to forget something.