Monday, 6 December 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Thirty-Four

    On  the bridge of the Lohengrin Travis paced up and down in front of the main viewer as Sinclair sat calmly in the command chair.
    “We can’t just sit here and do nothing.” he said. “We must arm all of the weapons and attack both of them!”
    “We have no idea what the alien ship is capable of.” Sinclair replied. “As far as we know that ship could outgun us ten-to-one.”
    “I agree.” said Shelby. “We talk first.”
    “Are you crazy?” Travis shouted. “There are six wanted criminals on that alien ship, and who knows how many on that other ship. We must arm the weapons and attack them now!”
    This outburst brought Sinclair to his feet.
    “May I remind you, Commander, that I outrank you, and that you are here mainly in an advisory role.”
    Travis stared long and hard at Sinclair and then backed down, taking the chair normally occupied by Counsellor Alexander. Sinclair then turned his attention back to the image on the view screen, to the image of the alien vessel and the Oberth-class starship, with a nagging feeling that he knew who the old science ship belonged to.

Friday, 3 December 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Thirty-Three

    Captain Sheridan arrived in the Operations Centre of Babylon 5 when news reached him that a vessel was coming through the jump-gate. The vessel had been expected for a number of days, for it marked a first in the history of the Babylon stations.
    Sheridan joined Ivanova on the observation platform. They watched as a Klingon Bird of Prey came through the jump-gate.
    “They are hailing us Captain.” Ivanova reported.
    “On screen.”
    The image of an aged greying Klingon warrior appeared on the screen before Sheridan. At first sight Sheridan could tell that the Klingon was slightly the worse for wear.
    “I am Kor, your new Klingon ambassador. But why anyone would want to serve on this giant bucket of bolts only Feklar would know!”
    “I am Captain John Sheridan, commanding officer of the station. Welcome to…”
    “Cut the nonsense Captain. Just tell me where I can dock my ship, and let me find some Aldebran whisky!”
    A short time later Sheridan arrived at the customs entrance and waited for a number of minutes before he saw Kor walking onto the station. Sheridan approached Kor, extending his hand as a token of friendship. Kor did not do likewise.
    “First tell me one thing Sheridan!” said Kor. “I was told that Magus was here. Where is he now?”
    “He was here, but that was weeks ago. Why do you want him?”
    “Because eighty years ago we took a blood oath. The time has come for him to honour that oath!”
    Kor then pushed past Sheridan and made his way not to his quarters but to the bar. He then began to mutter to himself.
    “A pity that Watt is dead! As one of the strongest he would have killed the Albino with his bare hands!”

Thursday, 2 December 2021

Renegades - Civl War Chapter Thirty-Two

    After making the repairs that had been caused by the escape of Blake and his comrades the Valkyrie finally met up with it’s saucer section, and once again the ship was whole. The main crew arrived back on the main Bridge where Watt relieved Tompkins.
    “I trust your journey passed uneventfully Commander.” said Watt.
    “Not as eventful as yours from what I hear Captain.”
    “Very well Commander Tompkins. You are relieved.”
    Tompkins then took up his usual post as operations manager. At the same time Amarus re-took the tactical station, and almost immediately his sensor panel began to flash.
    “Captain, I’m picking up a distress signal from a one man craft.” he reported.
    “On screen.”
    “I am unable to comply. It appears to be some sort of repeating message, giving the current state of the ship and it’s coordinates.”
    “I’m getting the coordinates now Captain.” said Tompkins. “Shall I lay in an intercept course?”
    “Certainly Commander. Ahead warp five.”
    “At warp five we will reach the vessel in six minutes.” O’Rourke reported.
    Six minutes later the Valkyrie arrived at the given coordinates and found the small ship. Tompkins conducted a sensor scan.
    “I’m picking up life readings, but I haven’t seen their kind before.”
    “Is the pilot injured?” asked Sutek.
    “From what I can tell, yes.” Tompkins replied.
    “Then beam him directly to Sickbay.” ordered Watt. “Commander Sutek, you have the Bridge.”
    A short time later Watt arrived in Sickbay to see Singh treating the patient. A rye smile appeared on his face when he saw who he was. Singh, however, was confused.
    “I’ve never seen anything like it before!” he said. “His total anatomy is a mixture between that of a human and that of a snake!”
    “Doctor, you have no idea who your patient is.” said Watt. “Your patient is none other than the Snake, a notorious criminal wanted in half of the quadrant.”
    Watt then activated his communicator.
    “Watt to Bridge. Commander Sutek, how long would it take us to reach Altor?”
    “At warp five, thirty-six hours.”
    “Then set a course for Altor Mister Sutek, and contact Captain Podley of the Demeter City Police Department. Let him know we have apprehended the Snake and are more than willing to ‘hand him over’, so to speak.”
    “Understood, Captain.”
    Watt turned to Singh.
    “When you’ve finished treating our ‘guest’ contact Mister Amarus and have him transported to the Brig.”
    Watt left Singh to his work and began to think that there may be something good coming out of this mission after all.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Thirty-One

    For the first time in weeks Michael Garibaldi was sitting upright, for the first time since the shooting. Still slightly dazed and very confused he was nonetheless pleased to see Sheridan, Ivanova and Winters enter MedLab. Sheridan was the first to shake his hand.
    “How are you doing Chief?” he asked.
    “I’m still a little woozy, and confused about several things. The Doc told me that some strange guy brought me back? Who was he?”
    “That we are still trying to find out.” replied Ivanova.
    “What about the shooting?” asked Winters. “Do you remember anything about that?”
    “No. That’s why I asked you here. I want you to scan me, to try and unearth some memory, something that can tell me who did this to me.”
    “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” asked Sheridan. “You might still be too weak.”
    “I want this done Captain.” said Garibaldi. “I have to know who did this to me.”
    Sheridan looked at Winters. He could tell that she was feeling uneasy about the whole situation.
    “Alright, I’ll do it.” she said. “Now lie back.”
    Doing as he was told Garibaldi lay back on the bed and tried to relax. Winters removed one of her black leather gloves and placed her hand on Garibaldi’s forehead.
    The next thing she saw was an event that seemed to happen a lifetime ago, during the reign of President James Watt, just after Jeffrey Sinclair had transferred to the Lohengrin as their new C.O.
    It was in one of the cargo holds, and Garibaldi had just found out that the man named Deveraux was planning to kill the President. Garibaldi ran down the corridor until he saw the man he was looking for. He stopped in his tracks. Garibaldi called out a warning but Winters could not hear this. Then she saw Garibaldi turn around and saw the face of the man who had tried to kill Garibaldi. She felt shock when she saw the man’s face, and the mind link was stopped when Garibaldi suddenly leapt up.
    “I don’t believe it!” Garibaldi said. “It was Burton! It was Burton!”
    “Your second?” Sheridan queried. “Are you sure?”
    “It was Burton.” said Winters. “I saw his face.”
    “I’ll have him picked up straight away.” said Sheridan.
    A plan was conceived and quickly put into operation. One of the other security guards ran into the main office, where Burton was seated eating a snack. The guard seemed excited about something.
    “Hey! You should come and see this!”
    “Not now!” Burton snapped. “I’m too busy for your games!”
    “But you’ve got to see it to believe it! Come on!”
    Putting his plate down on the desk Burton reluctantly followed him out of the room. As soon as he stepped into the corridor he found a phaser pointed to his head. He knew instantly what was happening.
    “Burton, you’re under arrest. And please try to resist because it will make it all the more enjoyable!”
    A short time later Garibaldi, with the aid of a walking stick, and Sheridan walked into the main security office. Sheridan tried to stop Garibaldi entering the cell area.
    “You’re not up to this!” he said.
    “I need to do this!” said Garibaldi. “I need to know who gave him his orders!”
    “Michael, you’ve just come out of a coma and you’re still very weak! Let me handle this!”
    “This is something I’ve got to do Captain!”
    Garibaldi was soon in a darkened cell walking around the seated Burton. Suddenly he leapt forward and slammed his fist into the table.
    “Why did you do this?” Garibaldi snapped. “I’ve know you for years, but I never thought you were capable of anything like this!”
    Burton looked up at his former superior officer and just stared at him.
    “You were getting in too deep! Something had to be done! I’m just sad I didn’t get to finish the job!”
    Garibaldi blew his top. Only Sheridan’s intervention stopped him from ripping Burton’s head off.
    “Michael! Stop this!”
    Sheridan pulled his security chief away. Burton smiled at both of them.
    “You don’t know what you’re letting yourself in for. This is too big for you, for all of you! I’ll be out of this cell and off this station quicker than you can say jack rabbit!”
    This time Sheridan was the one who snapped.
    “Who gave you the order?” Sheridan shouted, slamming into the table. “Who is your superior?”
    Once again Burton smiled.
    “I believe I have the right to remain silent, so I choose that right! No matter what you do I will not talk!”
    Sheridan knew he was fighting a lost cause. He knew he could get nothing more.

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Thirty

    It had been a long day for Lieutenant-Commander Ivanova. She was having a pretty easy time ‘breaking in’ Captain Sheridan, but the worries about Garibaldi’s condition were still in her mind, especially as she made her way to MedLab.
    It was 14:45 hours, and each day since the shooting Ivanova visited Garibaldi to check on his condition. There had been some hope in the past week however when a stranger had ‘visited’ Garibaldi’s bedside and had somehow improved his condition. But his condition had remained the same after that dramatic improvement - he hadn’t gotten worse, or better.
    Ivanova soon entered MedLab to find it surprisingly empty. MedLab was normally a hive of activity, but not today. Slowly Ivanova walked over to the main isolation chamber where Garibaldi had been for weeks. This time, however, something was different. There was someone in the chamber with him.
    From the description of the report she had read the man in the chamber matched the description of the intrude. This time the strange energy, the strange glow, surrounded both Garibaldi and the stranger.
    Ivanova banged on the transparent screen.
    “Stop! What are you doing?”
    Her Federation training took over. She activated her communicator.
    “Ivanova to Security! We have an intruder in MedLab!”
    The stranger looked around and stared at Ivanova. There was a look of complete concentration in his eyes. Then, dismissing her with a single look, he turned and continued with his business.
    The security team came racing in, Doctor Franklin not far behind them. Franklin released the seal on the chamber, and he followed two of the guards into the chamber.
    But it was too late. The glow subsided, and just as they came through the door the man vanished, to where they did not know.
    Again Ivanova activated her communicator.
    “Ivanova to Ops! I want a full internal sensor scan, and a log of that energy reading!”
    A second later Sheridan came racing into MedLab. He had heard Ivanova’s communication.
    “I already checked the energy reading.” he said. “It was mystical!”
    “Mystical?” Ivanova queried. “You mean he was a wizard?”
    Sheridan did not answer. He was about to when he heard a groan from inside the chamber. Franklin came charging out.
    “What’s wrong?” Sheridan asked.
    “I don’t know what that guy did!” Franklin replied. “But he cured him! Garibaldi’s coming to!”

Monday, 29 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Twenty-Nine

    Lohengrin shuttlecraft Clarke moved towards the Cardassian side of the de-militarized zone. Aboard were Sinclair, Riker, Tarses and Hudson. The former Starfleet commander had wanted Chakotay along for the ride but Sinclair had decided against it.
    “We are approaching Cardassian territory now.” Riker reported.
    “I’m surprised we haven’t encountered any sort of resistance yet.” said Sinclair.
    Suddenly Tarses’ sensor panel came to life.
    “Cardassian cruiser one million kilometres off the port bow.” he reported.
    “On my screen Lieutenant.” Sinclair ordered.
    The imposing image of the alien warship appeared before Sinclair.
    “We are being hailed.” said Tarses.
    The image of Gul Dukat appeared on Sinclair’s monitor.
    “Commander Sinclair! I am surprised to see you here in the zone.”
    “It’s Captain Sinclair now, Gul Dukat. Commanding officer of the Lohengrin.”
    A look of annoyance appeared on Dukat’s face when he saw Hudson sitting next to him.
    “Are Starfleet taking in criminals now?” he asked sarcastically. “I had heard you just got rid of one at Command itself!”
    “This isn’t a time for games, Dukat.” said Sinclair. “Commander Hudson has launched some very disturbing allegations against the Cardassian colonies here in the zone.”
    “I wasn’t aware of any allegations, Captain!”
    “They are not allegations!” Hudson snapped. “You’re colonies are making mutagenic weapons for use on our colonies!”
    Dukat huffed.
    “I know of no such thing!”
    “Then you wouldn’t mind if we went to one of your colonies, in case we find something!” said Sinclair.
    “You’re not on Babylon 5 anymore Captain. You can’t just demand to search something now!”
    “If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear Gul Dukat!” Sinclair replied.
    Sinclair could see that Dukat knew he was getting the better of him.
    “Very well Captain. Follow my ship, and then beam down to the co-ordinates I will give you.”

Friday, 26 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Twenty-Eight

    The Liberator moved to within sensor range of Saurian Major. Blake had asked Zen to take them there, but he had not given any reason to the others. This annoyed them, but annoyed Avon more.
    “We have achieved a standard orbit around Saurian Major.” Zen announced.
    “Well perhaps now you will tell us why we are here.” said Avon.
    “I said I intended to fight back against the Federation.” Blake said. “This will be out first target.”
    Blake pointed to the planet on the view-screen.
    “Saurian Major was formerly a Federation colony which gained independence over a hundred years ago. It was subsequently annexed forty years ago. On the surface is one of their main relay stations. Nearly all of their transmissions from their rim ships are beamed into this station, boosted, and sent on to Starfleet Command. Destroy this station and it will be like cutting off one of their limbs.”
    “If it is as important as you say then surely it will be heavily guarded.” said Jenna. “If we teleport in we’ll be detected, and the guards will stop us from entering.”
    “We can get help from the surface.” said Blake. “Ever since the Federation annexed them they have had a problem with the Resistance here. They’ve tried everything to get rid of them but have had only marginal success.”
    “So your job is simple then.” said Vila. “Get in, plant the bombs, and get out. I don’t fancy your chances!”
    “Our chances Vila.” Blake said. “You and Avon are coming with me.”
    Vila sighed.
    “I’m going to need someone who can help us get past their security systems.” Blake continued. “You’re the perfect man for the job. Avon, you’re also coming.”
    “I would just like to go on record saying that I am against this ‘mission’ of yours.” Avon announced. “I believe it is futile.”
    “Your view is noted.” said Blake. “Now let’s get ready.”
    Ten minutes later Blake, Avon and Vila stood in the Teleport Room, kitted out for their mission. Gan and Jenna sat at the teleport controls.
    “I’ll put you down three miles from the station.” Jenna said. “You should arouse suspicion that far away.”
    “But we’ll get blisters walking to the station.” complained Vila.
    Blake pushed Vila onto the teleport pad. Avon joined a few seconds later.
    “Okay, put us down.”
    Jenna energized the teleport beam. Seconds later they were gone from the Liberator.

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Twenty-Seven

    After a brief stop at Deep Space Nine the Lohengrin neared the planet Onara in the de-militarized zone along the Federation/Cardassian border. Just the thought of being this close to Cardassian territory kept most of the crew on edge, so much so that Sinclair placed the ship on yellow alert.
    “We have achieved a standard orbit.” Riker reported from the Ops position.
    “Captain, we are being hailed.” Tarses reported.
    “On screen.” Shelby ordered.
    The image of a slightly-greying man appeared on the screen. Sinclair could tell he was of the Native American race on Earth.
    “Greetings Captain. My name is Chakotay. I am the liaison officer here. I was not informed of any Federation starships entering the zone.”
    “I am Captain Jeffrey Sinclair, commanding officer of the Lohengrin. Our mission is rather a delicate one Mister Chakotay. I’m trying to get in touch with a former Starfleet commander, Calvin Hudson. His last known whereabouts where in this system.”
    “I know of Calvin Hudson, but  I’ve never met him. I heard he was working with the Maquis.”
    “That is why I want to talk to him. I want to get to the bottom of this situation.”
    “Perhaps we had better talk in person Captain. I know someone who may be able to put you in touch with Hudson. I’ll give you the transporter co-ordinates.”
    Tarses looked at his panel as the signal came in.
    “Thank you Mister Chakotay. I’ll be seeing you shortly. Lohengrin out.”
    The transmission was ended. Sinclair stood up and walked towards the turbo-lift.
    “Riker, Tarses, Counsellor, you’re with me.”
    “With all due respect.” said Shelby. “I don not think you should lead the away team. Regulations state…”
    “This situation requires some diplomacy Commander.” said Sinclair. “And working on Babylon 5 has given me quite a bit of experience. I’m sure nothing can go wrong down there.”

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Twenty-Six

    The day of Ro Laren’s preliminary hearing had arrived. As she sat in her cell, dressed in her Starfleet U uniform, the force field lowered and Commander Sleer entered.
    “To what do I owe this pleasure?” Ro said sarcastically. “I suppose Servalan wants to make sure I get a fair hearing!”
    “You will soon pay for your insolence!” Sleer sneered. “Plotting the death of the Federation President is a very serious offence. You could be sentenced to death.”
    “We both know I had nothing to do with the explosion.”
    “Enough of this. Get to your feet.”
    Sleer motioned to the two guards that were standing outside the door. They came inside and put restraints on Ro’s wrists. Then they lead her out of the building, with Sleet following behind them.
    They were soon in the open air, and once they were outside Ro put her plan into action, a plan she had been formulating for the past four days. Raising her arms slight she elbowed one of the guards in the stomach, and while he was doubled over brought her knee up so it connected with his nose. The guard fell to the ground, and Ro rolled over and picked up the phaser the guard had dropped. She then fired at the other guard, rendering him unconscious. Sleer, meanwhile, had drawn his phaser, but he could not aim at Ro. She was too quick for him. Ro, however, managed to fire at Sleer, catching him with a blast to his shoulder. She then ran away as fast as she could before ducking into an alcove not far away. She then managed to aim the phaser at her restraints, breaking them so she could move her arms more freely. She then continued on her journey.
    Sleet did not want his wound treated. He insisted on supervising the search for Ro himself. Twenty security teams scoured the surrounding streets of London, but not one of them could find her. Before finally giving in to the pain from his wound Sleer silently cursed Starfleet’s advanced tactical training program, because it was Ro’s knowledge of those methods which gave her an edge in evading her captors.

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Twenty-Five

    It was the proudest moment of Jeffery Sinclair’s life. Ever since he was a young boy he dreamed of commanding a starship, he knew that would be his destiny, and after a long and distinguished career in Starfleet, most notably as the first commanding officer of Babylon 5, his dream was about to be fulfilled.
    In the shuttle craft designated ‘Turandot’ Captain Sinclair sat in the main control section next to the man who was to be his science officer, the twenty-one year old Vulcan, Lieutenant Xon. Xon was considered a bright young man, even by Vulcan standards. Indeed, the Vulcan Science Academy would have been upset when Xon declared his intent to enter Starfleet Academy, had Vulcans shown that emotion.
    The shuttle was heading towards the Utopia Planitia Yards in orbit around Mars, and towards the U.S.S. Lohengrin-B, the third starship to carry that name.
    “Turandot to Lohengrin.” said Xon. “Request permission to land.”
    A woman’s voice gave the reply.
    “Turandot, you are cleared for landing in Shuttle Bay Three.”
    The tractor beam was soon operated, guiding the shuttle into the bay. Upon landing Sinclair turned to Xon.
    “That was a pleasant journey Lieutenant. I hope it is the first of many.”
    “As do I, Captain.”
    The two men then got to their feet and left the shuttle. Upon entering the bay area they saw that many officers had gathered to greet them.
    “Stand to attention!” Xon boomed. “Captain on deck.”
    Sinclair walked forward and took his place at a podium that had been erected.
    “Under the authority of Starfleet Command, I, Jeffrey Sinclair, take command of the U.SS. Lohengrin. Orders signed, Admiral Duncan McCloud, Commander-In-Chief, Starfleet.”
    Sinclair then stepped down from the podium.
    “Ladies and gentlemen, some of you I know, some I do not, but I would like to say I hope it is a pleasure serving with you.”