Thursday, 18 April 2019

Ten Signs That You Watch Too Much Parliament

Let’s face it, as much as some of us might detest the world of politics it’s a part of our everyday lives, and every thing we do is affected by those who we elect. But the events of the past few months may have caused us to may even more attention to what goes in the Westminster as we wonder what the hell is going on as the U.K. tries to leave the European Union.

So if you’ve found yourself watching quite a lot of political coverage lately here’s ten signs that you might be watching too much parliament:

10) You no longer have a best friend. You now have a right honourable friend.

9) Whenever your wife gives you a shopping list you insist on debating the amendments you’ve made to it.

8) You think the woman standing at the bus stop outside your house is Laura Kuenssberg.

7) Your daily family meal is now called “Father’s Question Time.”

6) You complain when your wife talks to you from a “sedentary position”.

5) You have a photo of Andrew Neil on your mantle piece.

4) You refer to Bill next door as “the right honourable member for number 22”.

3) You try to break up an argument in the street by shouting “Order! Order!”

2) You hold a series of indicative votes to decide where to go on holiday this year.

1) When you’re about to break wind you shout “Division! Clear the lobby!”

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