Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Can Someone Please Tell Their Right Hand What Their Left Hand Is Doing?

Today I had a letter from Seetec’s head office in Essex. It told me that my next appointment with my advisor in Norwich had been booked for Wednesday, March 27th at 2pm.

This confused me a little, mainly because my next appointment wasn’t meant to be until Thursday, April 4th at 1pm. It would have been the week before, but a little thing called Good Friday meant that it had to be put back a few days.

I rang Maggie, my advisor, at her office in Norwich.  Basically here’s what’s happened. Because my monthly appointment with Maggie was put back a few days because of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend Seetec’s computer went into overdrive, convinced that I wasn’t attending my appointments, my last one with Maggie being back on March 7th.

So their head office sent me a letter telling me of this new appointment next Wednesday where, so I’m told, I’ll be given a letter “reminding me of my responsibilities while on the Work Programme.”

Even though Maggie told me it’s nothing to worry about because of my appointment with her on April 4th what it boils down to is that their head office is going to tell me off via letter form, even though I’ve done nothing wrong. It’s annoying because I’ve got to travel to Norwich just to pick up a letter.

So to cut a long story short, Seetec’s right hand doesn’t know what they’re left hand is doing. It’s a situation that seems very familiar to me.

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