Friday, 8 July 2011

WEC 40 Torres vs Mizugaki on Extreme Sports - TV Review

Once again it’s time to take a look at Extreme Sports’ continuing coverage of old World Extreme Cagefighting shows, and this time we’re going back to WEC 40, with Takeya Mizugaki challenging Miguel Angel Torres for the Bantamweight title.

The broadcast began with Raphael Assuncao taking on Jameel Massouh in the featherweight division.

These two debuting fighters were looking to make a big impression with the paymaster in this entertaining three round affair. Sadly, only one of them did as Assuncao took control early on with his superior striking and grappling.

Massouh had a few good moments, particularly when he exchanged leg submission attempts, but he always looked a couple of steps behind his opponent.

To the surprise of no-one all three judges gave everything to Assuncao, and rightfully so.

It was up to lightweight for the next fight as Shane Roller faced Ben Henderson.

This one looked like it was going to end early when Roller knocked Henderson down and went for a guillotine.

Henderson managed to escape though and immediately took control, a big left sending Roller down. Henderson went in for the kill, with the referee stepping in to give Henderson the highly impressive TKO win.

The lightweight action continued in the next fight as Bart Palaszewski took on Anthony Njokuani.

Both guys were looking to get back to winning ways, and when Palaszewski went for an early take down it looked like Njokuani’s lack of ground skills were going to count against him.

But the Nigerian managed to get back to his feet as he began to put on a great striking display.

As the second round began Njokuani went for the finish, a big right sending Palaszewski crashing down to the canvas, and with Njokuani following him down it was all over seconds later as the referee stopped the fight to give Njokuani the TKO win.

The main event saw the debuting Takeya Mizugaki challenging Miguel Angel Torres for the Bantamweight title.

As the fight began announcer Frank Mir intimated that he didn’t think the fight would last that long. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

For five rounds champion and challenger put on an excellent back and forth striking contest. It was great to watch as each man took their shots.

But as the fight progressed it was obvious that Torres was the better fighter as he took control, especially when he began to grind Mizugaki down in the clinch against the cage.

There was a brief foray to the ground but they quickly got back to their feet, both men ending the fight swinging for the fences, looking as fresh as they had nearly thirty minutes before.

So with the fight going the distance it was up to the judges, with all three giving the fight to Torres by various margins.

In conclusion - this may have been the best WEC show I’ve seen so far.

The four fights featured here were full of top notch action, with the main event the best of the bunch, which is why WEC 40 gets the big thumbs up from me.

But don’t worry my fellow Brits if you haven’t seen this one yet, as I’m sure Extreme Sports will show it again soon. As the old saying goes check your local listings for details.

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