Saturday, 18 June 2011

WEC 39 Brown vs Garcia on Extreme Sports - TV Review

With old World Extreme Cagefighting shows getting more repeats on British television than Top Gear I thought it would be an idea to continue my little series, taking a look WEC 39: Brown vs. Garcia.

The broadcast began in the lightweight division as Rob McCullough faced Marcus Hicks.

This three round affair featured a lot of feeling out, and I mean a lot.

The only action of note came in the second round. Hicks dropped McCullough with a left, going in for the kill with a guillotine. McCullough managed to escape though, putting on a great striking display as he upped his game.

That was it really. The referee threatened to rule the bout a no contest at one point in the third, but they managed to make it to the end, with McCullough taking the majority decision, with one judge scoring it as a draw.

Then it was down to featherweight as Jose Aldo took on Chris Mickle.

Now this was more like it. Once again Aldo put in an excellent display of lightning fast striking. Mickle looked slightly messy as he tried to keep up, but a high right kick to the head and a barrage of blows was enough to give Aldo the quick TKO win.

Bantamweight action followed as Marcos Galvao faced Damacio Page.

The quickie of the night saw Page connecting with a big right straight away. It wasn’t long before Galvao had slumped to the ground. A brief period of ground and pound followed, with the referee quickly stepping in to give Page the 18 second knockout win.

It was back up to lightweight for the next fight as Bart Palaszewski went up against Ricardo Lamas.

Unlike that earlier fight this was a highly entertaining three rounder. The debuting Lamas did an excellent job of controlling Palaszewski, especially on the deck with his well placed ground and pound.

Palaszewski managed a couple of submission attempts, but it wasn’t enough as Lamas quickly re-established control.

No surprise with the decision, all three judges giving the fight to Lamas.

The main event saw Leonard Garcia challenging Mike Brown for the Featherweight title.

Within 20 seconds of the start Brown connected with a big right that sent Garcia crashing to the mat.

Garcia had no chance after that. Brown followed Garcia down to the mat as he took control, first with the ground and pound and then with grappling, taking Garcia’s back and going for a rear naked choke before getting the submission win with an arm triangle choke.

In conclusion - apart from the McCullough/Hicks opener this was a pretty decent show. There was a ton of solid work from the licks of Ricardo Lamas, Damacio Page, and particular Mike Brown, showing that his win against Urijah Faber was certainly no fluke.

So in all WEC 39 gets the thumbs up, and once again British fans don’t worry if you haven’t seen this show yet, because it will probably be repeated again next week!

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