Saturday, 15 September 2007

The Ultimate Gangster 2 - DVD Review

Now you’re probably wondering why a review of a DVD of this kind has found it’s way here, to a source of wrestling news and information. Well, if you read on a little, you’ll see why.

The Ultimate Gangster 2 is the latest DVD release from Liam Galvan and Gangster Video. It focuses, as the title suggests, on some of Britain’s best known modern day gangsters. Still looking for the wrestling connection? Not long to wait now.

The first of the two main segments focuses on Dave Courtney, a former gangster, now on the straight and narrow, and how forging a career as a minor celebrity, appearing on various television shows, at various media events, and making a few films.

We see Courtney attending the Brit Awards party, as well as taking part in a photo shoot with glamour model Jody marsh. But it isn’t all work for our man as he throws a party for his closest friends, one of which is NWA Hammerlock promoter and wrestler Andre Baker, who has worked with Courtney on numerous wrestling-related projects, and holds him in high regard, as does everyone else who knows him.

We also see Courtney taking a doorman’s course, attempting to earn the required qualification so he can work as a night club bouncer, even though he’s been doing this kind of job for over twenty years. However, he is somewhat pessimistic about his chances of getting the qualification because of his criminal record.

While this segment, lasting a shade over forty five minutes, is well put together and enjoyable to watch, those of you not family with Mr. Courtney’s past will be disappointed to know that hardly any detail of that past is mentioned here, probably because it’s been covered in depth in other productions. But Courtney comes across very well as a man who commands loyalty and respect from his friends, and because of this, he is loyal to them.

The second film looks at Ricky Horsley, and is entitled Born to Fight. Horsley tells the story of how he’s been fighting since the age of six, starting off by dealing with a bully, before moving on to become a street fighter, as well as an unlicensed boxer. Watching these segments wasn’t pretty. Horsley may be tough, but his boxing skills left a lot to be desired. The Rumble in the Jungle this wasn’t. The film lasts just over twelve minutes, but it’s not the better one of the two, and it’s basically here to promote another DVD. That’s also the case with the majority of the extras, as most of them seem to be trailers for Galvan’s other film productions.

In conclusion - if you’re someone who is completely obsessed with wrestling, and you want to see Andre Baker’s very brief cameo appearance, then this is a DVD for you. However, this release wasn’t really to my tastes. The main feature was basically Galvan’s crew following Courtney around for a few days. A minor celebrity he may be, but people are probably more interested in his chequered past instead of his present lavish lifestyle. In an era when reality television is the big thing, this will no count appeal to fans of that particular genre. Sadly, I’m not a fan of that genre.

With thanks to Andre Baker of NWA Hammerlock for supplying a copy of this release. The Ultimate Gangster 2 can be purchased from all the usual retail outlets.

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