Saturday, 31 May 2008

Ricky Hatton: From Manchester to Vegas - DVD Review

A few weeks ago, in the run-up to Ricky Hatton’s homecoming fight against Juan Lazcarno, I was browsing through the DVD cheap chart in Woolworths (always a good place to look for a bargain, as I’ve recently got two Hardy Boys and one C.M. Punk DVDs), and I came across the DVD I’m about to review.

Ricky Hatton: From Manchester to Vegas is the shortened version of the previously released Ricky Hatton: A Life Story, and was obviously released to cash in during the run-up to the Lazcarno fight. It tells the story of how one of Britain’s most popular sportsmen got to where he is today. Beginning his sporting life as a kick boxer who didn’t actually throw many kicks, Hatton decided to try his hand at boxing, and the rest, as the old saying goes, is history.
Of course, there’s the usual glowing references from friends and family, and while watching these you really get to feel how proud they are of Hatton and his achievements. We also hear from his many fans, who travel thousands of miles across oceans and continents to support their hero.
We also get to see Hatton in action, and there’s some great footage of some of his best fights, including his encounter with the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Floyd Mayweather Jr.
If you’re a Hatton fan, or a fan of boxing in general, then you’ll like this release, although I was a little disappointed that it only last for 46 minutes. Mind you, at a few pennies under a fiver, I suppose you get what you pay for, and now I’ve seen the shortened version, maybe I’ll get the full version the next time I see it in the shops.
“Ricky Hatton: From Manchester to Vegas” is currently available to buy from all good DVD stores, or online. Visit and click on the Cheap DVD Chart on the side menu.

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