Sunday, 10 February 2008

Mark Kerr: Seek & Destroy - DVD Review

Following on from my reviews of the Chuck Lidell and Marco Ruas instructional DVDs, the good people at MMA Universe once again asked me to review another release of this kind. Why, I just couldn’t understand, because despite learning how to properly apply a choke hold and learning which part of my head I need to use when I nut someone, I still have no desire to pursue a career as a no holds barred fighter.

But nevertheless, I lay on my couch, with a massive bag of cheese puffs by my side, and tucked in as I watched Mark Kerr: Seek & Destroy.
Before I watched this, I hadn’t really been impressed with Kerr as a fighter. Sure, I knew of his background, and of his past battles with his demons, but as a fighter I’d only seen him knocking himself out at Pride 27, and a rather lacklustre performance at Cage Rage 20.
But this set, originally released as a series of video tapes ten years ago, is highly impressive. The set begins with a look at fundamental takedown techniques, through to various intermediate techniques, before finally ending with a look at various striking techniques, as well as various conditioning drills and exercises.
Throughout this set, Kerr goes to great pains to emphasise that fact that although his system is a good way of fighting, those watching shouldn’t copy is technique exactly. He points out that it can be integrated into a fighter’s technique, which sounds like good advice to me.
The main thing that struck me about this set was the way that Kerr went about teaching his lessons. Kerr’s delivery, unlike some of those in the previous instructional sets, is perfect. He looks at home and comfortable in front of the camera, perfectly willing to share his skills and his thoughts with everyone who is watching, and immediately puts the viewer at ease.
In conclusion - although I was impressed with the Lidell and Ruas collections, Mark Kerr’s is the best instructional set I’ve seen so far. His instructions are clear, precise, and to the point, making his teachings easy to understand.
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