Monday, 31 December 2007

Bill Bailey's Cosmic Jam - DVD Review

He’s back. The man called the Klingon nonce, a veritable comedy and musical genius, and the main who turned round an ailing rock/comedy game show is back with his latest DVD release.

Bill Bailey’s Cosmic Jam takes us back in time to 1995, around the time he was nominated for a Perrier Comedy Award, to his first stand-up show. For those of you who have taken a keen interest in the troll’s comedy career, this is an interesting look
back, a chance to see where it all began. With a little more hair, well, not so much of a bald spot, Mr. Bailey shows us the talents that propelled him to the top of the comedy tree.

This two disc set also features a little gem, with the directors cut of Bill’s second stand-up show, Bewilderness. The shorter version of this shown with great regularity on the Paramount Comedy Channel. If you watch these two show back to back, you can see a marked difference between the two performances. While Cosmic Jam is a comedy gem, you can tell that Bill has more confidence in his performance in Bewilderness. It’s certainly a better performance, and probably his best stand-up show to date, even better than his Part Troll concert.

In conclusion, if you like obscure humour with references to insect invasions and cockney influences on classical and rock songs, then this is for you. Bill Bailey may have earned rave reviews for his tenures on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Black Books, but it’s his stand-up show that does it for me every time. But whatever you do, if you go to your local shop to buy a copy of this or any other Bill Bailey DVD, do not offer to pay them in honey!

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