Sunday, 16 September 2007

UFC: Ortiz v Shamrock 3 - The Final Encounter on Bravo - TV Review

It’s the kind of feud you’d expect to find on a pro wrestling show, but the rivalry between Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock is as real as it gets, as they once again face each other in UFC: Ortiz v Shamrock 3: The Final Chapter, with our hosts for the evening, Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan.

We begin the show with action in the light heavyweight division, as Matt Hamill takes on Seth Petruzelli. The first round was a impressive one for Hamill, as he took Petruzelli down and controlled the majority of the round, doing a lot of damage to his opponent’s right eye. The second round began with Petruzelli catching Hamill. However, he couldn’t keep up his momentum, and although his work-rate wasn’t as good, Hamill continued to dominate, focusing his attack on Petruzelli’s damaged eye with some good looking elbow work. The eye was, in fact so bad that it caused some concern for the doctors, who allowed him to continue for the third and final round. Hamill continued the onslaught, causing even more damage to Petruzelli’s eye, who managed to get in some shots of his own to open up a cut underneath Hammil’s eye, but there was never any doubt about the decision, as Hamill won the bout via unanimous decision.

Next up, action from the middleweight division as Ed Herman faces Jason MacDonald, making his UFC debut here. This proved to be an exciting contest, with both men showing some great grappling skills early on before MacDonald synched in the triangle around Herman’s head, at one point applying a kimura, then unleashing with a few vicious elbows which opened up a cut on Herman’s head, before
MacDonald eventually got the submission win with the triangle choke half-way through the first round.

We stay with the middleweights as Kendall Grove takes on another UFC debutant, Chris Price. Grove looked good in this one, as both fighters grappled early on, before Grove was able to deliver the ground and pound, with the referee stopping the fight towards the end of the first round as Price tapped out during Grove’s onslaught.

Main event time, as Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz go at it again for the third and final time, in a feud that has captured the imagination of mixed martial arts fans around the world. Although Shamrock looked relaxed, Ortiz dominated from the outset, taking Shamrock down, and soon unleashing with a torrent of blows, with the referee stepping in to stop the fight as Shamrock failed to defend himself. Immediately after the fight, Shamrock congratulated Ortiz on his victory, as the two long-time enemies shook hands, ending their years long feud.

In conclusion - was there really going to be any other result in the main event? Ortiz is one of the top fighters in his division right now, and dominated a bonafide legend, with Ken Shamrock making his final appearance inside the octagon, and with three good fights on the undercard, this was a good event,
and a good appetiser for UFC 64.

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