Thursday, 12 July 2007

Classic Shoot Interview: Jake "The Snake" Roberts - DVD Review

He is regarded as the greatest psychologist in the history of professional wrestling, and he’s the subject of Red Church Production’s latest DVD release.
The first of Red Church’s Classic Shoot Interview series delves in the massive RF Video library and back to the year 2000, as Rob Feinstein sat down with the one and only Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Starting with the beginning of his career, Roberts takes us on a journey through his life, and his encounters with some of the most notable names in the business.

Roberts pulls no punches with regards to certain people in the business, most notably Bill Watts. He also talks about his dislike of the current (well, current back in 2000) of the wrestling business, and how, in his opinion, there are only half a dozen people who he thinks can work. In hindsight, it’s interesting to see him criticise people like Chris Jericho,  considering he was more than willing to work with him a few months ago on Monday Night Raw.

Beyond The Mat director Barry Blaustein is also discussed at length. Roberts tells us how Blaustein lied and took  advantage of him and his family, and how he was taking the director to court. Well, it’s now some six years or so since  Beyond The Mat hit the cinemas, and I’ve heard nothing about any lawsuit against Blaustein.

Of course, Roberts’ alcohol and drug abuse problems are also discussed. Roberts tells of his constant battle with his personal demons. He also talks about his website project, saying how he’ll be reviewing editions of Raw and Nitro. As far as I know this never happened.

In conclusion - while Jake Roberts, when he isn’t confronting his demons, is a joy to talk and listen to. But my problem is that to me it seems that almost every interviews he gives is the same. He basically criticises Barry Blaustein, criticises today’s product, and then goes on about his substance abuse problems, and how it’s a difficult battle to win. But you have to wonder if it’s a battle that Roberts actually wants to win.

So my advice to you is to buy either this one or the more recent Behind Closed Doors DVD, and don’t bother to read or watch any other interview, because although Jake can still deliver a better promo than anyone else in the business, he only seems able to give one kind of interview.

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