Sunday, 31 October 2004

25th-31st October 2004

Monday, 25th October, 2004;
It's back. After an extended absence that caused much debate on various forums, Mexican wrestling made it's return to British television on the same day that TWC launched a second channel, TWC Re-Loaded.

First, in the new TWC Spotlight slot, we saw Reto Wrestling. It's often very hard to form an overall opinion on a promotion after just one show, but despite the fact that the match on the show seemed a little overlong, and that it lacked the spark of other Mexican promotions, Reto was okay. Not good, but okay.

Then it was on to CMLL. This show has undergone a major transformation since it was dropped from the schedules. Gone are segments involving on-screen appearances from the announcers, and details of upcoming shows, as well as backstage segments involving the wrestlers. The show is now edited in the same was as the various Japanese shows,
with Mo Chatra providing the voice overs.

It's possible that these changes will see an upturn in viewing figures for CMLL. Mind you, the current BARB viewing figures system says that TWC doesn't have any viewers!

So what was the show like? As good as it was before, although for some strange reason I find myself marking for Super Porky!

Tuesday, 26th October, 2004:
The debut of the FWA Academy show was fraught with technical problems. First, a breakdown knocked out both TWC channels. When the problem was rectified, there was no sound. Many of the forums are already sounding the death knell for the FWA Academy shows.

Wednesday, 27th October, 2004:
Chris Harris and A.J. Styles put on a hell of a match for the NWA title on this week's TNA show. It was while watching this that you realised just how much Jeff Jarrett holds the company back when he's the champion. There were many points where you thought that Harris would win the belt. When watching Jarrett with the title, you kind of know he's going to walk away with the win, if you know what I mean.

Thursday, 28th October, 2004:
The Mexican theme continues with the Juventud Guerrera Shoot Interview. Filmed in 2000, the Juice gave his view on everything and everyone, and the infamous incident in Australia that saw his WCW contract terminated.

His dream is to work for the WWE. Given the fact that he's failed with his tryout matches, and he's not exactly in the Vince McMahon-big man mould, this looks like one dream that will go unfulfilled.

TWC Re-Loaded then gave me a chance to see a recent Supercard show, with another Shot of Southern Comfort from IWA Mid-South. Still no sign of Jerry Lynn against Sabu though..

Friday, 29th October, 2004:
Alex Shane once again proves that he could talk for Britain. For one of the few times since his heel turn last year, the FWA's main man appeared on a special edition of The Bagpipe Report and spoke out of character on a wide variety of subjects. Say what you want about the man, and a lot of people do, but as far as putting himself and the company he works for over, Alex Shane is one of the best in the business right now.

Then it was on to the repeat showing of Raw, where the lunatics were running the asylum, because Uncle Eric was upset with his new haircut. Things didn't quite go to plan as Evolution tried to hijack the show, although Ric Flair did end up stopping Randy Orton from getting a title shot, as long as Triple H was champion. Looks like young Randy won't be getting a shot until about.....2015.

Having been impressed with the end of Taboo Tuesday, I was disappointed with the way this while Evolution thing was portrayed. Ric Flair did a lot of good that night, but all of that good work was undone with what happened in the Raw main event. Mind you, that's typical of the WWE these days.

Saturday, 30th October, 2004:
A little the worse for wear, I caught the late-night showing of Smackdown. Through slightly drunken eyes, I witness another impressive outing from Kurt Angle. A few months ago we were writing off his wrestling career after yet another neck injury, but his match against Rey Mysterio this week shows that there's still life in the old dog yet.

I must make reference to Michael Cole's comments after the Team Angle v Team Guerrero match was announced for the Survivor Series. He said something about not having an elimination match at the Survivor series for a while. The man obviously has a very short memory, as he obviously doesn't recall the two elimination bouts that took place at last year's event. Mind you, the Smackdown match did have Nathan Jones in it. Probably best to forget that one.

Sunday, 31st October, 2004:
Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble. As Halloween is upon us, The Wrestling Channel gives us another Ring of Honor Supercard show, with the Main Event Spectacles show.

Although I had seen the majority of these matches before, it was even better seeing this show in it's entirety. Do I need to try and make my point again? Screw the ROH weekly show, I'm sticking with the Supercard version.

Highlight of the show just had to be A.J. Styles v American Dragon. Need I say more?

Highlight of the week: A.J. Styles and American Dragon putting on a wrestling clinic on Supercard Sunday.

Lowlight of the week: The FWA Academy Show. Hopefully the technical problems will be sorted out next week.

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