Tuesday, 1 October 2002


One of the things about suffering from depression is that there are times when you feel utterly alone, like you are the only person left in the world. It feels like your friends and your family have deserted you, and that is probably the worst feeling you can have when you are suffering from such an illness.

    One thing you must learn in the early stages of depression is that you are never alone. Sure, you may not hear from some of the people close to you in a while, but they are always with you. They may not be there with you physically, or on the end of a telephone, but they are always with you in spirit. You must never forget that.

    At times, the feelings of isolation, for me anyway, can be so bad that it just makes you want to cry. They key here is to always try and find something to do, to always keep yourself occupied. Read a book or a magazine, surf the Internet, perhaps build yourself a website! If you have a dog or two, take them for a long walk or something, or perhaps do exactly what I've done here, and write down your thoughts.

    Remember - there may be times when it feels you are really alone, but you never will be. There will always be someone in this world who has a place for you in their heart.