Friday, 31 December 1999

Are We Alone?

Ever since mankind gazed up into the night sky and looked up at the stars, he asked a simple question - are we alone in the universe? My personal belief is that we are not.
But before we go any further, I must state that I am no scientists or astrologer. I am a science fiction fan and writer, and the above question has fascinated me for years, along with the questions about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

We must consider the following. In this vast universe we live in, there are hundreds of thousands of stars, which are orbited by hundreds of thousands of planets. The universe is expanding all the time.

There are many who think that the only life in the universe is right here. I do not think this is so. If there is a higher power who created this universe in which we live, why did he (or she) choose to populate just one world?

I believe that there is intelligent life somewhere in the universe, and I believe that this life, with technology far in advance of our own, has visited our world and somehow made contact with us. But has there been some sort of government cover-up of all this, to stop us from panicking in the streets? Perhaps, or perhaps this way of thinking is just coming from the paranoia in us all.

If this other life does exist, is it like us? Personally, I don't think so, although I may be wrong. Alien life only looks like us on science fiction films and T.V. shows because its cheaper to make them that way.

This question will baffle those interested for decades, until contact with other worlds has been made. I don't think I will see such an event in my lifetime, but I do think that such an event will happen.