Wednesday, 31 December 1997

The Evils of Satellite Television

Before I go any further, I would like to go on record as saying that I was NOT paid to do this by Rupert Murdoch.

A lot of people who have never seen satellite television say it's rubbish, because of the mainly American content or the subscription fee, but first, please read the following.

We got satellite television in 1989. We were one of the first families in Cromer to do so, and I have to admit, at first, most of it was rubbish. Sky Channel's (later to become Sky One) evening line-up consisted of an awful talent show, an awful Derek Jameson chat show, and American shows from the 70's. The only thing that saved it was the World Wrestling Federation. The other sport, music and move channels saved it.

A competitor soon arrived. But from what I hear British Satellite Broadcasting wasn't much better. It seemed the only way to save both companies, which were losing millions, was to merge. This happened.

And this is when things began to change. Within the next couple of years, it began to get much better. New channels catering for a whole range of specialist tastes began to emerge. It seemed that everything was catered for, and the American shows that the BBC and ITV shunned began to appear. Satellite TV began to make a profit. Deals were struck with almost every major Hollywood film studio for the top films, and top sporting events, such as the Premier League, and England's overseas cricket tours soon followed. The subscription fee was introduced so that this high standard could be maintained, and even though the fee has risen over the past few years, the standard has not fallen.

New channels are arriving all the time. Nearly ten more should be on air before 1997. Sport, music, films, home shopping, cult and vintage TV where you can remember the good old days, channels for women, and the odd science fiction fan! You can enjoy old episodes of Coronation Street and Eastenders! There's so much to choose from, I haven't got enough time to mention everything.

Satellite television ahs got the big two re-thinking their plans. This competition is good, and has raised the standards. There is nothing wrong with satellite television! Go on! give it a try! You don't know what you're missing!