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The Valkyrie Chronicles - The Theophilus War Chapter 6

Captain Watt sat at the head of the table in the conference room. Pendragon and Addams sat either side of him. Winthorn and Magus were also at the table.
    “I’m having grave misgivings about our mission, gentlemen.” said Watt. “We seemed to be far superior to the Istarian vessel.”
    “It was obviously one of their older designs.” said Addams. “We will probably face much stiffer opposition once we reach the Time.”
    “I have doubts about that.” said Magus. “The nearer we reach the Time, my doubts seem to grow.”
    Then, Dr. Singh entered.
    “Have you made any progress, Doctor?” asked Watt.
    “I still can’t locate the medical files.” Singh replied. “Without those the treatment would result in death. It’s too dangerous.”
    “Can’t you do something, Magus?” asked Watt.
“At the moment, all I seem to be able to do is simple conjury.” he replied. “My memory is affected as much as yours.”
    “Then we will have to try Dr. Singh’s treatment.” said Addams. “I volunteer.”
    “Are you kidding.” said Singh. “You could die!”
    “It’s a chance I’m willing to take.” said Addams.
    About an hour later, Addams lay on the bed in sick bay. Singh moved a large instrument near the bed.
    “Are you sure about this, Commander?” asked Singh. “Without your medical records, I’ll have no idea on what setting to use.”
    “We have no choice, Doctor.” said Addams. “You must treat us, so we can continue with our mission.”
    “Very well, then.” said Singh.
    Singh placed a device on Addams’ forehead. He then walked over to the machine, and switched it on. There was a slight hum.
    “Readings normal.” said Singh. “I’ll move up to the next setting.”
    Singh moved the machine up to the next setting. Then, Addams started to twitch about.
    “He’s going into convulsions.” said the nurse. “His heart rate has quadrupled.”
    “I’m stopping this now!” cried Singh.
    Singh rushed over to the machine and switched it off. Slowly, Addams sat up.
    “What happened?” he gasped.
    “The process was too much for your body to handle.” said Singh. “It’s like I said. I can’t do anything without your medical records.”
    “A pity.” said Addams.
    Singh walked over to the computer panel to check his readings. As he did this, Addams got to his feet. A slight smiled appeared on his face.
    On the bridge, Sutek and Lom continued in their attempt to access the computer.
    “Fascinating.” remarked Sutek. “It’s as if the Istarians knew what records to wipe out. There are no crew files, no personal logs, no medical files, nothing. That weapon must have been very powerful.”
    “At leazzt the warp enginezz are back on line.” said Lom. “We now have full warp capability, Captain.”
    “Thank you. Mr. Lom.” said Watt. “Ahead full warp, Mr. Tompkins.”
    “Aye, sir.” said Tompkins.
    Soon, they approached the sector where the Time was located. Again, Watt got the feeling that all was not right.
    “It is strange that we have not met any form of resistance.” he said.
    “They are probably engaging our other ships.” said Addams. “That is their part of the mission. Ours is the main objective.”
    “Slow to impulse power.” ordered Watt.

    Later, Addams sat in his quarters. He was studying the mission briefing, when Amarus entered.
    “You wanted to see me, sir?” said Amarus.
    “Yes, Lieutenant.” said Addams. “Please, take a seat.”
    “I’d rather stand.” said Amarus.
    “Very well.” said Addams. “I’m very worried about our mission.”
    “How so.” asked Amarus.
    “Captain Watt seems to have doubts about our mission.” said Addams. “He is obviously a very capable diplomat, and Commander Pendragon a loyal executive officer, but you and I are both warriors. We were both born for battle. If the need arises, I will have to take command of this ship, to make sure we complete our mission.”
    “How do I fit in, sir?” asked Amarus.
    “I need to know that I can count on you.” said Addams. “I need to know that you will not wilt under pressure.”
    Amarus paused for a moment.
    “I am a loyal officer.” he said. “I am loyal to my commander officer.”
    Addams smiled.
    “Good.” said Addams. “You’ll go far on this ship, Mr. Amarus.”

    A short while later, the Valkyrie neared the Time.
    “Make a full range scan, Mr. Amarus.” said Watt.
    The scan began. The results soon appeared.   
    “Unbelievable.” remarked Amarus. “I’m detecting no cities of any size, no energy sources as detailed in our mission briefing.”
    “What are you detecting?” asked Pendragon.
    “Forests, mountains, rivers, seas, villages.” said Amarus.
    “What about Istarix?” asked Watt.
    “Scanning now, sir.” said Amarus. “It seems nothing more than an icy waste, with a huge citadel-like fortress in the middle.”
    “Where are all these mighty starships?” said Pendragon.
    “Incoming message from the surface.” said Amarus.
    “On screen.” said Watt.
    An image appeared on the viewer. It was from the Citadel of Istarix. The old man on the screen was Gandalf.
    “Greetings, Captain Watt.” he said. “It is good to see you again. Is Dr. Magus with you?”
    Watt ordered communications mute.
    “That is Gandalf.” said Addams. “He is the dictator of the Time. He rules with the iron hand.”
    “Restore sound.” said Watt.
    “Why the hesitation, Captain?” asked Gandalf. “Have you not found your stolen ship yet?”
    “Don’t play those games with me, Gandalf.” said Watt. “You know why we are here.”
    “We want this war stopped!” shouted Addams.
    Gandalf was confused.
    “Of which war do you speak, Captain?” asked Gandalf. “There has been no war on the Time for centuries.”
    “Cut communications.” ordered Addams.
    The screen went blank.
    “He know why we are here.” said Addams. “We must act quickly, and take the Eye of the Serpent.”
    “But why would our mortal enemy’s technology be over a thousand years behind us?” asked Pendragon.
    “Assemble your away team, Commander Pendragon.” said Watt. “I think you know what to do.”
    Pendragon paused for a moment.
    “Aye sir.” he said. “Ambassador Magus, report to transporter room three.”
    Pendragon left the bridge, followed by Amarus and Greenleaf.
    “The orders were for me to take an away team to Istarix.” snapped Addams. “There is no way we can get in without attacking them with our phasers first.”
    “Bear with me, Commander.” said Watt.
    Five minutes later, Pendragon, Magus, Amarus and Greenleaf beamed down to Istarix. The icy cold hit them straight away.
    “This all seems strangely familiar.” said Magus. “Like it is my home.”
    “We’ll go to the Citadel.” said Pendragon.
    Shortly, they were inside the Citadel of Istarix. They were surprised that they met with no resistance. They were soon inside the great central chamber. They were greeted by Gandalf. He walked over to Magus.
    “Greetings, Magus.” he said. “I sense something is disturbing you.”
    Magus gazed at Gandalf’s face for a few moments.
    “You seem familiar to me.” he said. “I am told that you are my enemy, yet I do not sense ill will against me or my comrades.”
    “You speak in riddles.” said Gandalf. “I sense that your mind has been affected in some way.”
    Gandalf placed his hand on Magus’ forehead. Pendragon drew his phaser, and aimed it at Gandalf.
    “There is no need for that, Commander.” said Magus. “I sense only good intentions.”

    Half an hour passed. On the Valkyrie, Addams was getting impatient.
    “They are taking too long!” he cursed. “We should have struck to the correct attack plan.”
    Watt sat in his chair, deep in thought.
    “Ever since that attack, I’ve had reservations about this mission.” said Watt. “Something is definitely not right.”
    “Arm phasers.” ordered Addams. “Target the Citadel of Istarix.”
    Winthorn, who was not at tactical, did as he was ordered.
    “Delay that order, Commander Winthorn. “I’m not firing while our officers are down there!”
    “Captain Watt, I’m having serious doubts about your command prowess.” said Addams. “As of now, I’m relieving you of command. Fire phasers, Mr. Winthorn!”
    Winthorn hesitated.
    “Now!” shouted Addams.
    Winthorn powered down the phaser banks.
    “You are also relieved of duties, Commander.” said Addams.
    Addams marched over to the tactical station. He switched on the phaser banks, and targeted the Citadel of Istarix. Before Addams could fire, Watt drew his phaser and fired at Addams. The blast sent him reeling, but the effects wore off after a few seconds. Then, Winthorn fired his phaser at Addams. He was again sent reeling. Just then, Magus and Pendragon entered the bridge from the turbo-lift. Magus held out his hand, and Addams began to float in mid-air. Slowly, he Starfleet uniform began to disappear. It was then replaced by the Monstron uniform. Slowly, he began to fall to the ground. His Monstron uniform was completely visible. He then lost consciousness. Magus walked over to the fallen Addams. As he looked at the Monstron Gandalf entered the bridge. Watt looked slightly confused.
    “Fear not, Captain.” said Magus. “All will be revealed soon.”

    Later, Watt, Pendragon, Winthorn, Singh and Magus sat in the conference room. Gandalf had joined them.
    “We shall soon finish the treatment of your crew, Captain.” said Gandalf. “It is a pity that we can find no trace of Dr. Theophilus.”
    “It was an ingenious plan though. Getting us to steal the Eye of the Serpent.” said Magus. “If he managed to gain that crystal, then all would be lost.”
    “And Addams?” asked Pendragon.
    “He will be returned to Earth when we rendezvous with the Lohengrin.” said Watt. “The Monstron High Command de-commissioned him two days before he arrived on Earth. In that time he was recruited by Armand Theophilus.”
    “Now we will have to be on our guard.” said Magus. “We now know what his target is; the Eye of the Serpent!”

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