Monday, 31 December 1990

The Valkyrie Chronicles - The Jurassic Incident Chapter 3

Alex Burns sat in front of the large containment field which held the velociraptor. It was as if he was totally awestruck. Then, Watt and Sutek entered. Burns leapt to his feet.
    “Captain.” he said. “I would like permission to beam the raptor to the Valkyrie. Mr. Sutek tells me that your equipment there is more advanced than that here.”
    “Are you serious?” Watt snapped. “The velociraptor is one of the most dangerous dinosaurs. Imagine what would happen if the containment field failed. Imagine the danger one of those could cause. There are over a thousand people on board my ship. I will not put any of them in any danger!”
    “No buts, Doctors. The raptor stays here. You will have to make do with this equipment.”
    Then, Magus entered. Just as he did, he noticed that the raptor was about to leap at the containment field, directly at Burns. As the raptor leapt, Magus raised his hand, and Burns was pulled out of the way. The raptor crashed into the containment field. It let out a huge cry of pain as it hit the ground. Then, it got up again, and charged at another point in the containment field. It let out another huge cry of pain. It did it again, and again. The four men stood and watched.
    “It’s trying to find a weak spot in the field.” said Magus. “It’s trying to escape. We knew that raptors were intelligent for dinosaurs, but now, it’s IQ could have doubled.”
    Magus walked over to the containment field. The raptor gazed at him. Magu8s looked it in the eye. It was as if they were taking to one another. Then, Watt got a call on his communicator.
    “Pendragon to Watt.”
    “Go ahead, number one.”
    “Urgent message coming in from Starfleet Command, on a secure channel. They will speak only to you.”
    “I’m on my way, number one. Watt out.”
    Seconds later, Watt beamed aboard the Valkyrie. Magus continued to observe the raptor. The raptor continued to stare back at him.
    “Mr. Sutek, will you please lower the containment field?” Magus asked.
    “I do not think that would be wise, Doctor.” said Sutek. “You would be placing yourself, and everyone else in this building in mortal danger.”
    “That is why I am going to create a mystic force field, sealing this room off. Now, please lower the field, and then, both of you, leave.”
    Sutek did as he was asked. He lowered the field, and then he and Burns quickly left the room. After they did, Magus created his force field. The room was now sealed off. The raptor stared at Magus. And then, something remarkable happened. The raptor spoke.
    “Name? You name?”
    “I am Magus.” said the wizard. “I am a friend.”
    “No.” replied the reptile. “You no friend. Things like you bring us here, keep us not free. You no friend.”
    It tapped the large claw on it’s foot menacingly.
    “Think, to your home. Think to those who took you there. Can you remember?”
    “We have story of white beard who were friends.”
    “Intriguing.” thought Magus. “Even whilst in their primitive state these creatures had a form of primitive culture.”
    “I am of the white beards.” smiled Magus.
    The velociraptor moved closer, peering at the diminutive figure before it.
    “You smell like he of the brown robes, Ra-da-gast.”
    Magus nodded.
    “He is of my kin. I am your friend.”
    Slowly the reptile began to nod it’s head.
    “What of others…bad things.”
    “They are not friends…but they will leave you now, I promise.”
    A few minutes later, Magus left the room accompanied by the velociraptor.
    “Are you mad, magus?” cried Burns. “That is a velociraptor.”
    “This, dear boy, is the first stage of a new life form.”
    As they were speaking, Watt beamed back down to the planet. But this time, he was not alone. With him were Commander Pendragon and a security contingent.
    “Where is Hammond?” asked Watt.
    He then noticed the raptor.
    “Do not be alarmed, Captain.” said Magus. “All is in hand, this creature is quite harmless.”
    “I hope so.” said Watt. “Where is Hammond?”
    “I have not seen him for ages.” said Burns.
    Watt activated his communicator.
    “Watt to Amarus. Meet Commander Pendragon at Hammond’s office. If you meet Dalok on the way, take him there too. Take them there, and then let me know.”
    Commander Pendragon and the security team went to Hammond’s office. Watt then turned to Magus.
    “I’ve just had a message from Starfleet Command. Hammond and Dalok are to be taken into custody. They are to be tried for theft, the theft of the dinosaurs from the Time.”
    “And what of Jurassica?” asked Magus.
    “The science vessel Traviata is on it’s way here as we speak. They are to evaluate the situation, and then decide if the dinosaurs are to be taken back to the Time.”
    “That is impossible.” said Magus. “They are far too evolved. To move them now would be disastrous. They must stay here.”
    The raptor then pushed past Magus.
    “We stay here. We no go in dark space. This home.”
    Watt could not believe his ears.
    “It may take them some time to say so.” said Magus. “But I believe every dinosaur on this planet would say the same thing.”
    “That may be the case.” said Watt. “But the final decision is not ours.”
    “But I can make a recommendation.” said Magus. “Starfleet Command values my opinion, and that of Dr. Burns. I’m sure with our input, and that of one of Starfleet’s most respected captains and his science officer, they would let them stay here.”
    As they spoke, the security team walked down the corridor. They had found Hammond. He was almost being dragged along.
    “You can’t do this to me.” he screamed. “I am not connected to Starfleet!”
    “You are a citizen of a Federation planet, namely Earth.” said Pendragon. “Any citizen of a Federation planet is bound by the Prime Directive.”
    As they approached Watt and the others, the raptor heard the voice of Hammond. It stood to it’s full height, and it saw Hammond being dragged down the corridor. It’s eyes opened wide. It was as if it was preparing itself for an attack.
    It was. As it leapt forwards, before Magus or anyone else could act, it’s old instincts took over. It saw Hammond, it’s tormentor, and moved to the attack. It was all over before anyone could do anything. The raptor looked up from Hammond’s body, sensing that it had done something wrong as the security team moved forwards to stop it. Then a voice boomed out.
    “No. This creature was defending itself.” cried Magus. “If anyone seeks to harm it they will have to get past me.”
    He moved to stand between the reptile and the security team. Burns joined him. Then, so did Watt.
    “He is right.” said Watt. “We cannot harm these creatures.”

    In the days and weeks that passed, Magus used his influence to have Jurassica declared off limits to all except science personnel. The same edict was applied to the Time, to prevent a re-occurrence.  Alex Burns stayed begins on Jurassica to lead the study of the new civilization.
    “Francis would have been proud of you.” smiled Magus as he bade him goodbye. “Maybe one day I will bring him to see you.”
    Then, as Magus moved to board the shuttle, the velociraptor he had first spoken to moved forwards.
    “Return soon.” it said.
    “I will.” promised Magus.

    The end.

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