Monday, 31 December 1990

The Valkyrie Chronicles - The Jurassic Incident Chapter 2

Sutek walked into the control room, and seated himself at the computer.
    “Computer.” he said. “How many animals are there currently on Jurassica?”
    “There are currently two hundred and sixty five.”
    “How many creatures contain DNA molecules normally found in humans?”
    There was a slight pause.
    “One hundred and fourteen.”
    “Please show them on the viewer.”
    The screen showed the whereabouts of the “new” dinosaurs.
    “Interesting. Seventy nine per cent of the evolved creatures seemed to be in the northern hemisphere of the planet.”
    Sutek sat, deep in thought, for a few minutes. He then left the computer room. He then met up with Watt.
    “Captain, I would like permission to return to the Valkyrie. The ship’s sensors are far more powerful than those here, and they are able to cover a far greater distance.”
    “Go.” said Watt. “Inform Commander Pendragon of the situation, and ask him to contact Starfleet Command.”

    A few minutes later, Sutek was back aboard the Valkyrie. Lt. Amarus sat at the security console. Magus stood behind him.
    “I’ve never had to design a containment system for a thirty foot beast with average humanoid intelligence before.” said Amarus. “But from what you tell me, this system will only hold them for a few more days at least.”
    “Agreed.” said Magus. “Their rate of evolution seems to be speeding up.”
    Magus then approached the Ferengi, Dalok.
    “I want all the information on your government’s terra-forming program.” said Magus.
    “That is classified.” the Ferengi sneered. “Only Hammond and myself here have the access code.”
    Magus placed his hand on the Ferengi’s head. It remained there only for a second.
    “Thank you.” said Magus. “It was a simple code, anyway.”

    Two hours passed. Magus and Sutek analysed the information on the Valkyrie. They then returned to Jurassica. Watt met them.
    “I would like to call a conference, Captain.” said Magus. “Are Hammond and Dalok here?”
    “Yes.” Watt replied. “And not in a happy mood!”
    “They’ll be even less happier when I am finished.” said Magus.

    The meeting was called. All of the inspection party, as well as Hammond and Dalok.
    “I may have found the reason the dinosaurs are evolving.” said Sutek. “Dalok, I believe you were personally responsible for the Ferengi Genesis.”
    “I was.” Dalok said. “But what does that have to do with anything?”
    “Quite a bit.” said Sutek. “My analysis has uncovered some interesting evidence. Some of the plant life on this planet contain minute traces of Ferengi DNA. It will, however, not effect it.”
    “But it’s the dinosaurs that are most effected.” said Magus. “There was also minute DNA samples from humans in the plants. We also found it in soil samples, and the atmosphere. There were more human DNA than Ferengi.”
    “What are you saying?” asked Watt.
    “I’m sating that human DNA somehow got mixed in with the proto-matter on the Genesis missile.” said Magus. “Almost all life on this planet has been ‘infected’ with this. It is most likely that some of the dinosaurs were infected by eating some of the plant life. Quite how some of the meat eaters became infected, I don’t know.”
    “I do.” said Amarus. “The security system log here shows that there was a momentary malfunction of the force fields in the northern sector some two days before we arrived. Two dinosaurs were killed by a T-Rex before the fault was corrected.”
    “That would go along with my conclusion.” said Sutek. “Most of the affected animals are in the northern sector.”
    “But if these dinosaurs are intelligent, how can we tell how intelligent they are?” asked Watt.
    “I have an idea.” said Sutek. “But it could be risky.”

    A few hours later, Magus, Watt, Sutek, Amarus and Dalok flew in a shuttle craft above the northern sector of the planet. Magus peered through the transparent bottom of the craft. Various meat eating dinosaurs roamed around.
    “It would be too dangerous on these.” said Magus. “They are too aggressive. Where are the brontosaurus kept?”
    “Five miles south of here.” said Dalok.
    “Then we shall go there.” said Magus.
    Minutes later, they were above the sector. Magus again peered through the floor of the craft. He quickly saw what he was looking for.
    “Land near the trees.” said Magus. “We don’t want to startle him.”
    “Are you mad?” said Dalok. “Those are dangerous creatures!”
    “Not as dangerous as the T-Rex.” said Magus. “But all the same, we must tranquilize one of them.”
    Amarus entered a few digits into the shuttle’s computer, and the force field dropped for a few seconds to that the shuttle craft could land. The four Valkyrie crew members exited the craft. Dalok stood on the ramp, looking very apprehensive. Watt turned round.
    “Are you not coming, Dalok?” he asked.
    “Someone must stay here and…guard the shuttle!” he stuttered. “I will do it!”
    Before Watt could say anything else, Dalok shut the shuttle craft door. The party began their journey. Sutek held his tri-corder in front of him as they made their way through the vast undergrowth. Then, Sutek stopped.
    “I’m picking up a life sign, five hundred metres ahead.” he said. “It is what we are looking for.”
    A few minutes later, they were in the open again. Watt and Amarus were awestruck by the sight that greeted them. A huge brontosaurus stood less than a hundred metres ahead of them. Magus stood beside Watt, and smiled.
    “I felt the same way when I saw my first one!” he said. “They are indeed mighty creatures!”
    “I’ve travelled to many star systems, and seen many creatures.” said Watt. “But nothing like this. It’s incredible!”
    “Let us not forget our task.” said Magus.
    “Right.” said Watt. “Mr. Amarus, set your phaser on setting one.”
    “No.” said Sutek. “The creature must not be stunned in any way. Dr. Magus, can you levitate me to the creature’s head?”
    “Certainly.” Magus said. “If you could approach him.”
    Sutek slowly walked over to the brontosaurus. When he was near, Magus raised his hand, and Sutek began to float toward the creature’s head.
    “A little bit closer please, Doctor.” said Sutek.
    Sutek was now less than a foot away from the creature’s massive head. Sutek touched the creature’s head. The huge eye fixed itself on Sutek. He then placed the first two fingers from his right hand on the cheek of the creature. Sutek closed his eyes.
    “He has made contact.” said Magus. “Their minds are now one.”
    “Why couldn’t you do this, Magus?” asked Watt.
    “I would have only been able to pick up useless, fragmented thoughts.” Magus replied. “The Vulcan mind meld is able to pick up long dormant memories, and emotions.”
    Sutek’s eyes were still closed. Then, he winced.
    “Sutek!” cried Watt. “Bring him down Magus.”
    “It would be too dangerous.” said Magus.
    Sutek then spoke.
    “Pain!” he cried. “Great pain! Men, come to get me, take me from my home!”
    “Remarkable!” said Magus. “This proves that this brontosaurus’ IQ has increased!”
    “Blades of light.” Sutek continued. “Hit with blades of light from the men. They hit me so I move. They hurt others because they don’t move! Many die!”
    “The records show that there are the same number here as were on the Time.” said Amarus.
    “They have obviously bred.” said Magus.
    “Taken to dark, cold place.” said Sutek. “Very dark, very cold. Very frightening.”
    A tear appeared on Sutek’s cheek.
    “I am not home.” he said. “This is not my home. This is a place where many die!”
    Sutek removed his hand from the creature’s head. Magus lowered him to the ground.
    “I think you could tell everything from that.” said Sutek.
    “Yes.” said Magus. “I think we had better have a word with Mr. Hammond!”
    Suddenly, the loud wail of sirens could be heard.
    “Security field failure.” boomed a loud voice. “Evacuate all areas.”
    “Back to the shuttle craft, quickly!” said Watt.
    The four made their way to the clearing. As they arrived, they saw the shuttle taking off.
    “Typical Ferengi.” said Amarus.
    “We’ll have to find another way out of here.” said Watt.
    “Be careful.” said Sutek. “This is the raptor sector.”
    “We’ll move forward then.” said Watt. “Set your phasers on stun.”
    Two scaly heads suddenly popped up.
    “I think we could possibly be too late.”
    Swiftly Magus raised a force shield around them, as two velociraptors burst from the undergrowth and leapt to the attack. They could not break through the shield.
    “Get us away from here.” cried Amarus.
    “Fascinating.” said Sutek. “They have developed hair.”
    “I think we should go, however.” said Magus. “But I intend to take one of these fellows with us.”
    They teleported away, taking the velociraptor nearest to them with them.

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