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Anglo-Force: The Return of Gary Seven Chapter 1

The bolt of pure energy shot through space at speeds far greater than the speed of light. It passed through countless galaxies in an instant, passing through thousands of light years in the blink of an eye. Within two minute of leaving it’s departure point it had reached the galaxy it’s inhabitants knew as the Milky Way. Just one second after entering the galaxy it reached it’s destination, the planet Earth. The energy beam shot toward the city of London. As soon as it had entered Earth’s atmosphere the beam became invisible. It weaved it’s way through the streets of London until it found it’s final destination, a building near the Telecom Tower. The beam hit the building. The occupants inside had no idea that any sort of energy had hit their building.

    In an office on the fourth floor of the building a huge metal safe-like door began to open. When it had opened fully a strange sort of mist could be seen inside. Then, from out of the mist stepped a man dressed in a dark suit. In his arms he held a black cat with a diamond collar. The man exited the safe, and the door closed behind him, and shut itself. The man walked over to the desk, and the cat leapt from his arms. The cat looked around, and then looked at his master. She let out a small chirp.
    “I know Isis. I also hoped that we never would have had to return to Earth, but ours is not to question. There are things that must be done, one man we must locate. We must find Phineas Magus. If we fail then it could have ramifications for years to come.”
    The man walked over to the window and looked out to the bustling street below.
    “They haven’t learned, have they Isis? It’s just the same as twenty-five years ago, the same as when I left. If they are not careful they will cause their own destruction. Perhaps this is why we were sent back here. Perhaps I, and Phineas Magus, are the only ones who can save them.”
    Gary Seven has returned!

    January 5th, the year 2000. The reporters form the various news organisations gathered outside number ten Downing Street. The reporters had gathered there after the Prime Minister Simon Harkes had been seen entering Buckingham Palace. A few minutes after Harkes had arrived back at Downing Street the word had been given that Harkes would speak to the gathering press. About ten minutes after that announcement Harkes walked out to speak to the press.
    “Half an hour ago I had an audience with the King. I was given permission to dissolve parliament, and I have set the date for the General Election. Ladies and gentlemen, the election will be on February the eighth.”

    At the Anglo-Force mansion in Surrey Lewis Anderson and Steven Solo, AKA Chameleon and Star Man, watched the announcement live on television. Solo turned to Anderson.
    “Well, that’s your backside out of the fire for a few more weeks. With the House of Commons dissolved that means your hearing at the select committee on the 27th is postponed.”
    Anderson stared at Solo.
    “All I can suggest is now we try to find new members.” said Solo. “Or try to get the old ones back.”
    “Meaning James Watt?”
    “Look at it this way Lew. The government like him, and the authorities like him. Without him we could be up dirt creek without a shovel!”
    Anderson sprang to his feet. He stormed toward the door.
    “There is no way that James Watt is going to get back into Anglo-Force, not while I’m the commander.”
    Anderson slammed the door behind him.
    “Then maybe it’s time to get a new leader!” mused Solo.

    Just a few miles away two others had been watching the broadcast from Downing Street. In a house on the outskirts of London the young native American, Chris Norris, rushed through the house to the hallway. He was intending to stop his guardian, Simon Kennedy, from leaving.
    “You can’t be serious about this can you?” said Norris. “You’re two weeks out of the re-hab clinic, in a wheelchair, and now you want to stand in the General Election?”
    Kennedy swung his wheelchair round so he was facing his young charge.
    “I’m very serious.” he said. “I’m fed up with just sitting around and doing nothing. A few months ago I was the leader of the foremost crime-fighting organisation in Europe, and as Mr. X I was respected throughout the country. Now, thanks to a hunk of machine I’m nothing more than a cripple. I’ve got to do this. I’ve got to prove it to myself. I must do this. It’s probably the only way I can stop Anglo-Force from disintegrating.”

    Gary Seven sat behind the desk in his office. His car, Isis, was curled up on the sofa. Seven reached down over to the front of his desk where a pen holder was situation. He pulled down one of the pens and the huge bookcase to his right began to swing around, revealing a large computer behind it. The computer switched itself on.
    “Computer, recognise Gary Seven, access code 437 point 29.”
    “Access code recognised. It has been a long time Mr. Seven.”
    “Computer, give me the current location of Lewis Anderson, Steven Solo and Arthur Pendragon.”
    “Lewis Anderson and Steven Solo are currently situated at the Anglo-Force headquarters in Surrey. Arthur Pendragon is at the Old Bailey in London.”
    “Give current location of Simon Kennedy and James Watt.”
    “Simon Kennedy is in a car moving towards south-west London. Whereabouts of James Watt unknown.”
    “Understandable with James Watt, considering the current situation. I might as well try this. Give current location of Phineas Magus.”
    “Current location of Phineas Magus unknown.”
    Seven paused for a moment.
    “We will start with Arthur Pendragon first. He is the most rational of the current Anglo-Force members. Computer, if the location of either James Watt or Phineas Magus is discovered then contact me straight away.”
    Seven reached over to the front of his desk again, and the computer was gone. The giant metal door then opened again, and Seven walked toward it. He then turned toward the sofa.
    “Are you coming Isis? We have a lot of work to do.”
    The black cat leapt into Seven’s arms. The strange mist appeared again, and Seven walked into it. A few minutes later Seven stood outside the Old Bailey. He went inside, and soon found what he was looking for. The proceedings in number two court had just been adjourned for the day, and the court began to clear. Out of the court walked Arthur Pendragon, garbed in the traditional dress of a solicitor. He was talking to one of his colleagues when Seven approached him.
    “Mr. Pendragon, may I speak with you?”
    Pendragon was surprised to see a cat in Seven’s arms.
    “Animals are not allowed in the Old Bailey mister…?”
    “Seven, Gary Seven. Let me show you my identification.”
    Seven reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. He showed it to Pendragon.
    “MI5.” said Pendragon. “We’d better go to my chambers. We can talk in private there.”

    The Russian Supreme Court building was alive with activity. Today the trial of Katrina Velichev, AKA Red Sun, was taking place. She was charged with treason. Security was very tight. The public gallery inside the courtroom was full of reporters. Then, Velichev was brought in, her hands bound by cuffs. She was placed in a special cage that had been constructed for the trial. The judge called the court to order. He sat in his seat and noticed that only the prosecuting solicitor was present.
    “Where is the counsel for the defence?” he asked.
    Then, the door to the courtroom swung open. Velichev was surprised to see who walked in. The short, bespectacled old man walked up to where the judge was sitting.
    “Phineas Magus, appearing for the defence.”
    “You are not Russian.” said the judge. “Where are your credentials?”
    Magus reached into his inside pocket and pulled out some papers. He handed them to the judge.
    “This is impossible!” he said. “These papers state that you gained your licence in 1896!”
    “I was granted a licence to practice law here in Russia by the tsar himself.” said Magus. “I have checked, and it is still valid today.”
    The prosecutor, Igor Blokhin, stood up.
    “I object. I was not informed of this counsel change.”
    “I was asked to take the case by Andrei Sergeyev at the last minute, due to illness. I am well versed with the case.”
    “Very well.” said the judge. “I will have to check your credentials, Mr. Magus. This court is now in recess. I adjourn for one hour.”
    “Thank you, your honour. And it’s Doctor Magus.”
    A few minutes later Velichev sat in her cell. Magus was soon let in.
    “It’s good to see you, Doctor. Did James ask you to come here?”
    “James knows nothing of this. He has enough problems of his own at the moment, and I must take the blame for a few of them.”
    “Well what hope is there for me?”
    “The only evidence they have is circumstantial, and there is one thing that may count in your favour, your unborn child!”

    Gary Seven sat in the chambers of Arthur Pendragon at the Old Bailey. Pendragon had just finished removing his robes and his wig.
    “Well, Mr. Seven, what is it you would like to talk to me about?”
    “You are the solicitor for Anglo-Force, are you not?”
    “I have been since they were officially funded by the government.”
    “MI5 are worried about their current crisis. This is only one of a long line of incidents. The Red Sun affair, the disappearance of Dr. Phineas Magus, the resignation of Captain James Watt, and the attack on London by Woodwose. My superiors believe that unless something is done soon Anglo-Force could pose a threat to national security.”
    “What are you trying to tell me, Mr. Seven?”
    “What I’m trying to tell you is that Anglo-Force could have a bad apple in the bunch. Ever since Chameleon took over as leader they seem to have gone from bad to worse. They have lost four team members within the past seven months, and they have done nothing to recruit replacements. And in recent weeks Chameleon as shown, how shall I put it, militant tendencies.”
    “Are you saying that Chameleon is a threat?”
    “He could be. There is one more thing you should know. You obviously know that there is an election in a month. I happen to know that the leader of the opposition is in favour of the Anglo-Force project, but will only continue with it on two conditions.”
    “Which are?”
    “That Chameleon is replaced as leader, and that Captain James Watt be reinstated as leader.”

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