Saturday, 24 September 2016

Sorry for the lack of updates.....

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been recently, haven’t you?

Well, it’s actually been quite a busy time for me. If you’re one of my many social media followers you’ll know that this past July I finally got a job as a Sunday Sales Assistant at QD Stores here in Cromer. This was followed, six weeks later, with a second job as a sales assistant at the Claws ‘N’ Paws pet shop in Sheringham. This, along with my voluntary position at the RNLI Henry Blogg Museum meant that I was working in a variety of roles, which meant that this blog had to go on the back burner a little.

It had originally been my intention to keep all of those roles going, but sadly it wasn’t meant to be, mainly due to tiredness. A couple of weeks after starting at the pet shop I decided to give up my Saturday session at the museum, and a few weeks later, the pet shop offered me more hours, which meant that my three days a week there turned into four days a week.

This led to another change of circumstances. My increased hours at the pet shop meant that I wouldn’t be available to take on extra work at QD during the busy Christmas and new period should the need arise, so last Sunday I handed in my week’s notice, with this coming Sunday my final day.

So as you can see the past few weeks or so have been quite hectic, with my work situation constantly changing. It’s something I never thought would happen during those times when I struggled to find work. Those times seem like a distant memory now.

In closing I would like to say a big THANK YOU to those at the Henry Blogg Museum, at QD and at Claws ‘N’ Paws for all the support they’ve shown.

And who knows, maybe I’ll get around to watching Summerslam and C.M. Punk’s UFC debut sometime soon!

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