Saturday, 2 April 2016

What does it take to get a job at Morrisons?

Once again Morrisons in Cromer were advertising for people. My adviser at the job centre said I should give it a go, even though I'd been rejected lord knows how many times over the years.

So I filled out the form and took it back to the job centre on Wednesday. This morning I got yet another rejection letter from their personel manager.

It makes me wonder just what it takes to get a job with these people. I have extensive retail and customer service experience, qualfications and excellent references.

Yet I've lost count of the times I've been turned down by them now. It's even more vexing considering the poor customer service I've seen there over the years.

There was the time when one of their staff grumbled under his breath because I was getting something off the shelf he was trying to fill.

Then there's the woman who was telling a group of her colleagues about her boozy night out, the group blocking the aisle as she effed this and effed that about what had happened to her, using the kind of language that would make the Pope blush.

Then there's the countless members of staff who push past customers either on their way to starting their shifts of having just finished them, often forgetting that the people they've just pushed past are helping to pay their wages.

Then there's the managers, who think it's okay to berate their staff in front of customers when they've done something wrong instead of doing it behind the scenes.

I could probably list numerous other incidents I've seen over the years, but is there really any point?

My adviser at the job centre thinks that given my skills and experience that I'd be perfect for a company like Morrisons. Maybe someone should tell that to their personnel manager, because I doubt if he's ever bothered to even read my CV.

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