Sunday, 31 January 2016

RIP Sir Terry

A few years ago when I was on Seetec's work programme my advisor was a lady called Maggie-May Francis. She was by far the best advisor I'd ever had, a genuinely lovely lady who made the effort to get to know me as a person rather than as a job seeker. We became good friends, and I was genuinely sad when she left Seetec to move on to pastures new.

Our conversations would often stray into non-job seeking discussions, and she often spoke of her work as a singer (she's very good by the way). One of her gigs way back when saw her working as a backing singer for Terry Wogan on Children in Need.

So like a red rag to a bull I found the video on Youtube. She had a massive smile on her face when I told her I'd found the clip, before proceeding to ask me if I liked her make-up and her outfit, something which, as a man, I couldn't possibnly comment on.

She told me that Sir Terry was a brilliant man to work with, a true gent, which is something I'm sure that you'll see and hear countless times over during the next few days.

So in tribute, here's the great man singing a somewhat souped-up version of the Floral Dance on Children in need, with my friend Maggie on backing vocals.

RIP Sir Terry.