Thursday, 22 January 2009

Shoot First...Ask Questions Later - Book Review

Some of you reading this may know the name of James Guttman. The creator of popular wrestling website World Wrestling Insanity has interviewed some of the top stars in the business, as well as Al Snow.

Following on from his first book, The Decline & Fall Of A Family Empire, Guttman has returned with a second offering, Shoot First…Ask Questions Later.

In the book Guttman tells us how he came to interview some of wrestling’s biggest stars, how he came upon their contact details, how he got in touch with them, and how some of the interviews were carried out.

Now hang on a minute? So this is a book about how he telephoned a few people then? I hear you ask! Well, it’s not as simple as that. This is the wrestling business we’re talking about.

Guttman makes what could be a boring subject for some very interesting. You see, although the wrestling business is full of people who’d show their backsides in Harrods’ window to get a bit of publicity, they don’t always seem very willing to do what’s necessary once they get that chance.

And that’s what makes this book interesting. While Guttman has spoken to absolute ton of great characters for his interviews, there are always some people who, having agreed to an interview, don’t really want to speak. The name of Ole Anderson comes to mind. If you ever meet him in a bar or restaurant, never mention The Four Horsemen!

Then there’s the eccentrics, those lovable, over-the-top characters who everyone likes to listen to. The name of the Iron Sheik comes to mind. You only need to read a short excerpt from his interview to realize just how crazy the guy is.

I could go on for hours here, but if I did there’d be no point in you buying the book now, would there? In short, Guttman has come up with a very good read here. It may not appeal to all tastes, but the story of one man’s quest to help those in the wrestling business air their views on a public forum is an interesting one, and definitely worth a look-see.

Who knows, now that I’ve given his book a good review, I’ll get a free pass to Club WWI!

With thanks to Turnaround UK for supplying a copy of this release. Shoot First…Ask Questions Later is published by ECW Press, and is available wherever books are sold.

You can also hear James Guttman’s latest interviews at, and his archived interviews at