Sunday, 16 January 1994

The Empire Saga Chapter Fourteen

It was a wild and stormy night in Wiltshire. Stonehenge stood, as it had done for centuries without number, stark and empty. Around the edge of the stone circle stood Anglo-Force, watching intently. Within stood the Council of the Five, the Istari. Within the circle these five made stood Vader and his man, and Grand Moff Tarkin, bound and gagged. Each of the five wizards communicated mind to mind. Vader could sense something was happened but he did not know what.

"To prevent them returning we should erase their memories." said Ringulrun, looking at Gandalf.
Gandalf turned to Magus.
"No. Leave them the memory but remove the knowledge of how they came to Earth."
"A wise choice. Let it be done. Now let us commence the spell."
Magus bade them wait a few minutes. He walked over to Vader.
"You will soon be gone from here."
"I thank you for your help, wizard." said Vader. "You have been, and will be, a worthy foe. I do not think I will meet you again, but be warned, you will meet me."
Magus left the circle. The wizards began to chant until all around Stonehenge began to glow. As the chant fell so too did the light dim. When it was gone so too were Vader and his forces, and four of the five wizards. Magus joined his allies.
"It is done. They have returned to the twenty-fourth century."
"Vader is going to catch it from Tarkin when they return." remarked Watt. "After all, he disobeyed a direct order."
Magus smiled as his pipe, already lit, appeared from nowhere. He took a few puffs.
"Not al all, dear boy. You see, I took the liberty of altering the Grand Moff's memory as well. As far as he, and indeed, all the troopers know there was no difference between him and Vader."
Then he turned to Red Sun, smiling.
"Come my dear. I believe we have a wedding to arrange."

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